The Handbook Of Mentoring At Work

Author: Belle Rose Ragins
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Maintaining romantic relationships: Summary and analysis of one research
program. In D. J. Canary & M. Dainton (Eds.), Maintaining relationships through
communication: Relational, contextual, and cultural variables (pp. 51–77).
Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Stafford, L. (2005). Maintaining long-distance
and cross-residential relationships. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Stafford, L.,
& Canary, D.J. (1991). Maintenance strategies and romantic relationship type,
gender, and ...

Journal Of Marital And Family Therapy

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Stafford, L. (2005). Maintaining long-distance and cross residential relationships.
Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Stafford, L., & Merolla, A. J. (2007).
Idealization, reunions, and stability in long-distance dating relationships. Journal
of Social and Personal Relationships, 24, 37-54. Stafford, L., Merolla, A. J., &
Castle, J. D. (2006). When long-distance dating partners become geographically
close. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 23, 901-919. Starling, K. (
2000 ...

American Book Publishing Record

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808.0427 Maintaining long-distance and cross-residential relationships. 302 The
major nation-states of the European Union. 341.242209 Major theories of
personality disorder. 616.8581 Majority-minority relations. 305.80973 Make it and
pray it 242.74 Make money, be happy. 332.024 Make your own Jewish wedding.
296.444 Making a difference?. 362.408309 Making a market economy.
338.372709 Making change happen. 371.2012 Making friends with Hitler.
941.084092 Making ...

Residential Location Determinants Of The Older Population

Author: Gundars Rudzitis
Publisher: University of Chicago Department of Geography
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Introduction The preceding chapter has explored the relationship between
railway extension and the development of long-distance agricultural trade up to
the mid-1930s. It has left unanswered the ... Because of the lack of cross-section
time-series data on farm production, no direct analytical investigation of the
effects of railways on agricultural production is attempted. The formulation of the
first two ...

Residential Mobility Social Ties And Psychological Well Being

Author: Lynn Magdol
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The relationship of married women's kin dominance to mobility frequency in
bivariate analysis at wave 1 is apparently due to the fact that women with more
education, who have less kin-dominated networks, move less frequently than
other married women. The kin-dominant ... This consistent and robust finding
implies that modern urban dwellers have superseded the restrictions of location
at least in part, by maintaining distant social ties for some years following a long-
distance move.

The Evolution Of Long Distance Trading Relationships Across The Lba Iron Age Transition On The Northern Levantine Coast

Author: Carol Bell
Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Ltd
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Moreover, the importance of accurately recording contexts has increased further
as Post-Processual analyses of the archaeological record over the past 20 years
have expanded the interpretative scope for which the data are used (such as
assessing how material culture is used to negotiate relationships between vassal
and overlord and to assess the concept of value). Where pottery was concerned,
Schaeffer's focus seems to have been on the most impressive finds (principal
among ...

Urban Labour Markets

Author: Barry Moore
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Housing focused movement dominates at the intra- metropolitan level, while
employment focused movement tends to be a long distance phenomenon. ... The
job choice decision and the residential location decisions are therefore
intertwined, the model being more applicable to longer distance migration. ... Skill
level and residential mobility 3.32 The relationship between skill levels and
residential mobility was seen in the West Midlands conurbation in 1970-71 by
Corkindale (1980).

Journal Of Regulatory Economics

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Surprisingly, they conclude that neither electricity, natural gas or cable service
has a detectable cross subsidy arrangement to support universal service. ... In
electricity, for example, they examine the price ratio between commercial and
residential service (which did not reveal any cross subsidy relationship), but fail
to explore the cross subsidies that may exist between industrial and residential,
or between ... “The Political Economy of Deregulation: The Case of Intrastate
Long Distance.