Making Witches

Author: Barbara Rieti
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773533605
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There is a little-known tradition of witch lore in Newfoundland culture. Those believed to have the power to influence the fortunes of others are not mythological characters but neighbours, relations, or even friends.

Netty S Tale

Author: Mark Pettifer
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781523855551
Size: 41.21 MB
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Full of witches, magic and a very large dragon, Netty's Tale is the story of The Travellers' Rest's favourite barmaid as she leaves behind her familiar surroundings to study witchcraft at Screewort City College.

Making Great Decisions In Business And Life

Author: David R. Henderson
Publisher: Chicago Park Press
ISBN: 0976854104
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Witch-Hunts. and. Probabilities. Witch-hunts are investigations and probes that
are designed to root out “bad” people, whether witches, drug dealers, or terrorists
, with the ultimate purpose of protecting innocent people. The problem is that
witch-hunts normally snag more innocent than guilty people. And worse, due to
the laws of mathematics, witch-hunts snag mainly the innocent. Consider a witch-
hunt that is implemented via a test given to everyone in a region populated with ...

Reclaim The Power Of The Witch

Author: Monte Plaisance
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781578631957
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Making Magic Make Sense Monte Plaisance. HEKATE. AND. THE. WITCHES. OF
. THESSALY. Perhaps no area of the ancient world generated more awe and fear
than the region of Greece known as Thessaly. Thessaly is, according to the
Greeks, the birthplace of witchcraft. Thessaly, also home to Mount Olympus, was
known primarily for its witches. ... In fact, the modern witchcraft practice of
Drawing Down the Moon is said to have originated with the Greek witches of

The Making Of Salem

Author: Robin DeRosa
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786454490
Size: 74.38 MB
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The slogan references the fact that people today really need no introduction to
Salem: it is known nationally—and even internationally—as the site of the famous
seventeenth-century witch hysteria and the current epicenter for all things witch-
related. Indeed, in recent years, it's hard to toss a brochure in Salem without
hitting some kind of a witch; some of Salem's witches are animatronic and spooky
, others are more sober mannequins accompanied by didactic panels; still others
are ...

Records Of Salem Witchcraft Copied From The Original Documents

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... be no ways concerned for any thing about it but only to stop the mouthes of
peeple that they might not say thus of her, shee told us that shee did not thinke
that there were any witches, wee told her we were fully satisfied about the first
three that they were such persons they were accused for, shee said if they were
wee could not blame the devill for making witches of them, for they were idle
iloathfull persons and minded nothing that was good. but we had no reason to
thinke so of her, ...

The Witch Cult In Western Europe

Author: Margaret Murray
ISBN: 130409913X
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IN common with many other religions of the Lower Culture, the witchcult of
Western Europe observed certain rites for rain−making and for causing or
blasting fertility. This fact was recognized in the papal Bulls formulated against
the witches who were denounced, not for moral offences, but for the destruction
of fertility. The celebrated Decree of Innocent VIII, which in 1488 let loose the full
force of the Church against the witches, says that 'they blight the marriage bed,
destroy the births of ...

Witchcraft In Salem Village In 1692

Author: Winfield S. Nevins
Publisher: Salem, Mass. : North Shore Publishing Company ; Boston : Lee and Shepard
Size: 58.49 MB
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of their call was by them, and the court subsequently, deemed conclusive
evidence of her being a witch. Undoubtedly she had heard that her name was
being " taken " by the afflicted. So, too, she may have known that the children
commonly told what sort of clothes the spectral visitors wore when making their
visits. The conversation was protracted, Putnam and Cheever from their own
account, endeavoring by every means in their power to get some statement from
Martha Corey which ...

Climatic Variability In Sixteenth Century Europe And Its Social Dimension

Author: Christian Pfister
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401592594
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The Wiesensteig witch-hunt served as an example of thorough eradication of “the
evil,” and between 1562 and 1565 an interesting debate on the possibilities of
weather-making emerged. In the small Imperial city of Esslingen, mainstream
evangelical preacher Thomas Naogeorg (1508-1563) supported the popular
demands for witch-hunts and urged the magistrate to extend the persecutions
already in process to include a kind of regulation of the weather (Jerouschek,