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An owner who follows the book's guidance can save a small fortune on maintenance costs and end up with a safer, more reliable aircraft.

One World

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the approach to permanent peace on earth and general happiness of mankind : a
popular manifesto with scholarly annotations John C. K. Kiang ... It also means
the maintenance of the world's respect for them, the maintenance of their
economic interests, everything, in a word, which goes to make up the grandeur,
the life itself, of the nation." (Jules ... Spiegel, The Economics of Total War, New
York, 1942; and Basil H. Liddell Hart, The Revolution in Warfare, New Haven,
1947, chap. II.

Military Review

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General Franchet d'Esperey had a great strategical plan in mind but its execution
was impractical. ... After deducting trains required for sick and wounded, repair
and maintenance material, replacements, etc., this would leave only four trains ...
War on the Balkan front: General Franchet d'Esperey's Orient Army was the
captive of its own communications through Serbia; the Army of the Central
Powers being concentrated along the Danube was the captive of the
revolutionary elements of ...

Keesing S Contemporary Archives

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The main reason for this retreat was not so much the fear of revolution as the fact
that the non-aggressor countries had abandoned the policy of collective security
and had taken up a position of "neutrality." "In actual fact," M. ... The National
Council of Labour issued a statement on March 7 showing that refusal by the
Labour Movement to co-operate in the National Voluntary Service scheme would
seriously prejudice the maintenance of the voluntary system. "In the present state
of the ...