Marital Separation And Lethal Domestic Violence

Author: Desmond Ellis
Publisher: Routledge
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This book is the first to investigate the effects of participation in separation or divorce proceedings on femicide (murder of a female), femicide-suicide, homicide, and suicide.

Love Marriage And Family Ties In The Later Middle Ages

Author: Isabel Davis
Publisher: Brepols Publishers
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... courts of canon law sometimes accepted cruelty as cause for separation." Still,
these known traces of non-lethal domestic violence are few and far between. As
such, we have, up until now, been hampered in our desire to understand spousal
assault not leading to death. What of the second form of domestic violence
identified by Goody, violence perpetrated by parents against children? On this
issue, like spousal assault, much of what is known comes from the most severe

Domestic Violence

Author: Michael D. A. Freeman
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Company
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Number 3, Fall 2004 separation than they are while sharing their households
with violent men.40 An understanding of abusive relationships makes the reason
clear. Abusers often seek, above all, to have ... women are at increased risk of
being murdered by their husbands after marital separation, but husbands are not
similarly at risk); Merle H. Weiner, International Child Abduction and the Escape
from Domestic Violence, 69 FORDHAM L. Rev. 593. 637 note 231 (2000) [
hereafter ...

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Tanf

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance
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Introduction The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)
appreciates this opportunity to submit testimony addressing welfare reform,
marriage and family formation issues. NNEDV endorses public policies and
programs that avoid discriminating against families - and the children in those
families - based on family structure, that support couples who wish to marry or
stay married, and that do not pressure women to enter or remain in abusive or
unhealthy relationships.

West S California Juvenile Laws And Court Rules

Author: California
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Legal separation, generally, ante Separate property, Const. Art 1, § 21 Dwellings,
temporary exclusion of par ties, stays pending appeal, CCP 917.7 Support
payments, proportions, Fam MARRIAGE— Cont'd Validity, Fam 300 et seq.
Visitation, Children and minors, ante Void or voidable marriages, Crimes and
offenses, protective orders, violation, Pen 273.6 Fines and penalties, Domestic
Violence Prevention Act, protective orders, violation, Pen 273.6 MARRIAGE,

Domestic Violence

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Where a batterer possesses weapons and has used them or has threatened to
use them in the past in his assaults on the battered woman, the children or
himself, his access to those weapons increases his potential for lethal assault. ...
or who has isolated himself from all other community, may retaliate against a
partner who decides to end the relationship. He rationalizes that her "betrayal"
justifies his lethal retaliation. Separation Violence. When a batterer believes that
he is about to ...

Conflict Resolution Quarterly

Author: CRQ (Conflict Resolution Quarterly)
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
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Weisz, A. N., Tolman, R. M., and Saunders, D. G. "Assessing the Risk of Severe
Domestic Violence." Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2000, 15, 75-90. Wilson,
M., and Daly, M. "Spousal Homicide." Jurisrat, 1994, 21, 1-14. Wilson, M.,
Johnson, H., and Daly, M. "Lethal and Non-Lethal Violence Against Wives."
Canadian Journal of Criminology, 1995,37, 331-362. Wuest, J., and Merritt-Gray,
M. "Not Going Back: Sustaining the Separation in the Process of Leaving Abusive

The Hastings Law Journal

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Some states incorporate a presumption against joint custody where there is
evidence of domestic violence, in recognition of the problems inherent in
requiring a domestic violence victim to have ongoing contact with her batterer for
the ... when she seeks a marital separation or divorce. ... This phenomenon of
escalating violence, which is often lethal, has been referred to by Professor
Martha Mahoney as “separation assault,” id., and has been documented by many
researchers. See ...

Questions And Answers In Lethal And Non Lethal Violence

Author: Homicide Research Working Group. Workshop
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Marital status of victim 7. Ethnic origin of victim (') A- Y M ° 'O Single (never
married) MO European L_i_l__l_1_LJ - =0 Married (legal) 020 Black 'PO East-
South East Asian enter estimated age at time of in- 'Q Djyofced “Q South Asian c'
d°m' 50 Separated (legal or informal) MO West Asian-Arab ___ years or "BO
Unborn fetus ,0 Widowed “O Lam American mo ... History of domestic violence (
spousal abuse or child-parent battering) involving victim and accused in a family

The First Annual American Bar Association Domestic Violence Commission And Journal Of Gender Social Policy The Law Domestic Violence Dedicated Section

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Separation Assault Separation assault has often been absent from discussions
about sex differences in domestic violence. The studies cited to claim sex
symmetry in domestic violence often exclude violence and abuse by former
partners, which is a serious limitation. Research has consistently found
significant sex differences in the risk of lethal violence by ex-spouses and
partners. Between 1976 and 2005, former spouses perpetrated 1.4% of domestic
homicides of women and 0.2% ...