Marital Separation And Lethal Domestic Violence

Author: Desmond Ellis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317522125
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This book is the first to investigate the effects of participation in separation or divorce proceedings on femicide (murder of a female), femicide-suicide, homicide, and suicide.

Love Marriage And Family Ties In The Later Middle Ages

Author: Isabel Davis
Publisher: Brepols Publishers
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Still, these known traces of non-lethal domestic violence are few and far between.
... For more on separation a mensa et thoro due to cruelty, consult R. H. Helmholz
, Marriage Litigation in Medieval England (Cambridge: Cambridge University ...

Domestic Violence

Author: Michael D. A. Freeman
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Company
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Number 3, Fall 2004 separation than they are while sharing their households
with violent men.40 An understanding of ... These findings suggest that
termination of a relationship poses an increased risk of intimate partner violence
for both ... risk of being murdered by their husbands after marital separation, but
husbands are not similarly at risk); Merle H. Weiner, ... As to lethal post-
separation violence, see DeKeseredy et al., supra note 39 (reporting Canadian
research indicating that ...

West S California Juvenile Laws And Court Rules

Author: California
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Legal separation, generally, ante Solemnization, Prerequisite to married status,
Fam 300 Spouse beating, crimes and offenses, Pen ... Pen 273.6 Fines and
penalties, Domestic Violence Prevention Act, protective orders, violation, Pen
273.6 MARRIAGE, FAMILY AND ... Ammunition, less lethal weapons, Pen 12600,
12601 Concealed Weapons Law, applicability, Pen 12027 Deputies and
assistants, ...

Philosophical Perspectives On Power And Domination

Author: Laurence F. Bove
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042002715
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Advocating forgiveness in the context of ongoing domestic violence is, instead, ...
Discussions of forgiveness in our culture, therefore, cannot be separated from
gender politics. ... injury to women in this country.1 More than 80 percent of the
victims of family sexual abuse, spousal abuse, and elder abuse are women.4 An
estimated one in every three ... even in cases of sexual abuse of boyS. is in the
great majority of cases a heterosexual male.8 Lethal assaults, like sexual abuse,
are far ...

Questions And Answers In Lethal And Non Lethal Violence

Author: Homicide Research Working Group. Workshop
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... of in- 'Q Djyofced “Q South Asian c'd°m' 50 Separated (legal or informal) MO
West Asian-Arab ___ years or "BO Unborn fetus ,0 Widowed ... History of
domestic violence (spousal abuse or child-parent battering) involving victim and
accused in a family relationship? ... drug offences °5O Poisoning or lethal
injection '0 No family *0 Criminal record involving other CC or Fed Stat “Q Smoke
inhalation-burns ...

Domestic Violence

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He rationalizes that her "betrayal" justifies his lethal retaliation. Separation
Violence. When a batterer ... Between 75% and 90% of all hostage takings in the
US are related to domestic violence situations. Depression. ... Partner or spousal
homicide almost always occurs in a context of historical violence. Prior calls to
the ...

Conflict Resolution Quarterly

Author: CRQ (Conflict Resolution Quarterly)
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
ISBN: 9780787988234
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O'Leary, K. D., Neidig, P. H., and Heyman, R. E. "Assessment and Treatment of
Partner Abuse: A Synopsis for the Legal Profession." Albany ... Riggs, D. S.,
Caulfield, M. B., and Street, A. E. "Risk for Domestic Violence: Factors Associated
with Perpetration and Victimization." Journal ... Weis, R. S. Marital Separation. ...
Wilson, M., Johnson, H., and Daly, M. "Lethal and Non-Lethal Violence Against

Why Women Kill

Author: Vickie Jensen
Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers
ISBN: 9781588260277
Size: 71.49 MB
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Traditional homicide indicators are based on male violence - and do little to predict when, or whom, women will kill. Vickie Jensen shows that gender equality plays an important role in predicting female homicide patterns.

California Juvenile Laws And Rules

Author: California
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MARRIAGE— Cont'd Legal separation — Cont'd Injunction, visitation or custody,
mediators authority, Fam 3183 ... Domestic violence, fees, Welf & I 18305 Fees,
domestic violence, Welf & 1 18305 Prerequisite to marriage, Fam 300 Mail and ...