Le Marteau Sans Ma Tre

Author: René Char
Publisher: Gallimard Education
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"Ce recueil, publié en 1934 puis 1945, témoigne de la proximité de Char avec le mouvement surréaliste, auquel il n'a appartenu que quelques années, par amitié pour Eluard.

French Music Since Berlioz

Author: Caroline Potter
Publisher: Routledge
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Immediately prior to the first performance of Le marteau sans maître, the long-
awaited first performance of another Boulez ... the numerous unused sketches for
'Séquence' were used as the basis for the first version of a new orchestral piece.

Encyclopedia Of Literary Translation Into English A L

Author: O. Classe
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French poet Chateaubriand 1768-1848 French novelist, memorialist, political
journalist and diplomat ... 1-6 Chapman, George, George Chapman's Minor
Translations: A Critical Edition of His Renderings of Musaeus, Hesiod and ...
Notable titles are Le Marteau sans mahre (The Hammer with No Master), 1934; (
Seuls demeurent [Only These Remain], 1945; ... CAWS'S translations of the
earlier poems, such as those taken from Le Marteau sans maitre (1934; rendered
as The Hammer ...

City Gorged With Dreams

Author: Ian Walker
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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36 In Le Marteau sans maitre, it is 'Arsenal': XVIII, p. 36. 37 'Maison' (as in 'maison
close') is, in French, a brothel. It can also be a firm or business, where it would
usually be followed by the family name of the firm's owner (here, 'La Maison ...

Surrealist Poetry In France

Author: J. H. Matthews
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"La Montagne, la Mer et la belle Baigneuse," A Toute Epreuve (Editions
surrealistes, 1930). 9. Les Mains libres, poems ... Le Marteau sans Maitre was
published by the Editions surrealistes chez Jose Corn", in 1934. Corti published
a second ...

Modern French Poets

Author: Jean-François Leroux
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Moulin premier (First Mill), published in December of 1936 by Editions G.L.M., the
small press run by poet and typographer ... The 1945Jos£ Corti edition of Le
Marteau sans maitre includes Moulin premier, and the Gallimard edition of Char's

Pierre Boulez Studies

Author: Edward Campbell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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... his output, a two-faced Janus: the first book of Structures for two pianos (1951–
2) and Le Marteau sans maître (1952–5). ... the first French edition of Penser la
musique aujourd'hui, 1964, as being 'in print' to be published by Editions Heugel.

French Music And Jazz In Conversation

Author: Deborah Mawer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Where Boulez's Le Marteau sans maître (1953–4) is concerned, the use of a
xylorimba, coupled by the high profile of percussion ... 109 Paul Griffiths, Modern
Music and After, third edition (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010), 92.

A History Of Modern French Literature

Author: Christopher Prendergast
Publisher: Princeton University Press
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Char (from Le marteau sans maître [The Hammer with No Master]): Artine gardait
en dépit des animaux et des cyclones une intarissable fraîcheur.A la promenade,
c'était la transparence absolue. (In spite of animals and cyclones, Artine ...