Mein Kampf

Author: Adolf Hitler
Publisher: Archive Media Publishing Limited
ISBN: 9781908538697
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At head of title: The Third Reich from original sources.

Mein Kampf

Author: Adolf Hitler
ISBN: 9781911417682
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Als glUckliche Bestimmung gilt es mir heute, da das Schicksal mir zum Geburtsort gerade Braunau am Inn zuwies.

Adolf Hitler

Author: Volker Ullrich
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104028125
Size: 73.74 MB
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Die neue große Hitler-Biographie für unsere Zeit Wer war Hitler wirklich? Eindrucksvoll zeichnet der Historiker und Publizist Volker Ullrich ein neues, überraschendes Porträt des Menschen hinter der öffentlichen Figur des »Führers«.

Hitler And Nazi Germany

Author: Stephen J. Lee
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135691444
Size: 79.84 MB
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The main primary sources are: Hitler, Mein Kampf (1925); Hitler, Zweites Buch (
1928); and Hitler's Table Talk (1953). By far the most ... More recent publications
include: I. Kershaw, Hitler 1889–1936: Hubris (London, 1998); I. Kershaw, Hitler
1936–1945: Nemesis (London, 2000); R.J. Evans, The Coining of the Third Reich
(London, 2003); R.J. Evans, The Third Reich in Power 1933–1939 (London,
2005); and M. Burleigh, The Third Reich: A New History (London, 2000). The
Weimar ...

The Third Reich Sourcebook

Author: Anson Rabinbach
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520208676
Size: 78.16 MB
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After the mountain of books that have been published on Nazism, it can seem implausible that there is still more to learn. This brilliantly conceived collection of primary documents shows that there is indeed more – much more.

Catholic Citizens In The Third Reich

Author: Donald J. Dietrich
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412819183
Size: 32.68 MB
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Published Primary Sources Albrecht. Dieter. Der Notenwechsel zwischen ...
Dokumente aus dem Kampf der kai hoiischen Kirche im Bistum Berlin gegen den
Na- tionalsozialismus. Berlin: Morus-Verlag. 1946. Blet. ... 1934-1944. Mainz:
Matthias- Griinewald-Verlag. 1971. Boberach. Heinz (ed.). Xieldungen aus dem
Reich. Auswahl aus dem geheimen Lageberichten des Sicherheitsdienstes der
SS. 1939-1944. Neuwied: Luchterfand. 1965. Buchberger. Michael. Lexikon fur
Theologie ...

The Longman Companion To Nazi Germany

Author: Tim Kirk
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317898699
Size: 32.79 MB
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Printed Primary Sources J Noakes and G Pridham, Nazism 1919–1945: A
Documentary Reader (3 vols) isasuseful forthecommentary asfor the documents
themselves. There arethree volumes:1The Riseto Power (Exeter, 1983), 2 State,
Economy and Society 1933–1939 (Exeter, 1984) and3Foreign Policy, War and
Extermination (Exeter, 1988). This collection is a revised version of an earlier
collection in a singlevolume: J Noakes and G Pridham, Documents on Nazism(
London, 1974).

World War Ii In Literature For Youth

Author: Patricia Hachten Wee
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810853010
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A variety of topics (causes of the rise of Nazism, Germany's economic troubles,
Mein Kampf, education, sports as propaganda, and others) are explored by
different experts. This is exciting reading and highly recommended. Noakes ...
State, Economy and Society, 1933-1939. Exeter, UK: University of Exeter, 2001.
448 pp. (pbk. ... Primary sources reveal some surprising facts and behaviors of
various social groups of the Third Reich. Rees, Lawrence. The Nazis: A Warning
from History.

Der Totale Rausch

Author: Norman Ohler
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ISBN: 346231517X
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Entstanden ist ein erschütterndes, faktengenaues Buch. Der totale Rausch wurde von dem bedeutenden Historiker Hans Mommsen begleitet, der das Nachwort beisteuert. Sein Fazit: »Dieses Buch ändert das Gesamtbild.«