Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Whose Birthday Is It

Author: Sheila Sweeny Higginson
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After finding clues at the Clubhouse that it is someone's birthday, Mickey Mouse goes shopping and buys a gift for each of his friends, only to return home and find a surprise.

The New Yorker

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Early in 1989, the Disney channel decided to revive the "Mickey Mouse Club"
show, which was so popular in the nineteen-fifties. Big Mouse- keteer ears like
the ones worn by former clubhouse regulars did not appeal to today's children,
however, and it was also decided that the old, slow-moving Mouseketeer song —
if you remember, at the end of "Full Metal Jacket" the troops in Vietnam sing it as
they return to battle — had to go. Its replacement is a rap number: "Mickey Mickey

Los Angeles Magazine

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The key is to anticipate the trend and get there before the Hollywood celebrities,
whose arrivals tend to max out prices and draw battalions of pretenders in their
wake. ... And when Walt slipped into this part of the story I think he became the
stork— because I saw his mouth moving and his arms and ILLUSTRATION BY
EDWIN FOTHERINGHAM FantaSea Yachts & Yacht Club i \- L 5 5"._5» j ... I
became Mickey Mouse's official portrait painter on his 25th birthday in November