Milk Production From Pasture

Author: Colin William Holmes
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Dairy husbandry practices Chapters 1-11 Chapter 1 Introduction to dairy
production in New Zealand 1.1 Dairy farming and food production 12. The New
Zealand dairy industry . 1 General description .2 History .3 Dairy cattle population
.4 The N.Z. dairy farm .5 Costs and returns References Further reading Chapter 2
Dairy farming in New Zealand 2.1 Components of productivity 2.2. Calendar of
events . 1 Climate and pasture growth .2 Reproductive and lactational cycles .3 ...

Experiments With Annual Crops And Permanent Pastures To Provide Grazing For Dairy Cows In The Sandhill Region Of The Southeast

Author: E.W. Faires
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should prove to be the case at the Sandhill station, it would seem desirable in
raising feed for the herd at this station, on typical Sandhill soil, to ensile those
annual crops that can be produced at the least cost and that produce the most
desirable nutrients for milk production. There is evidence that a grazing system
which affords green feed throughout much of the year will result in better health in
the animals as well as enabling them to produce milk of higher nutritive value,
particularly ...

Dairy Production And Processing

Author: John R. Campbell
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In striving to maximize these measures, managers should attempt to increase
pounds of milk produced per personhour, per employee, per acre, per farm, and
per dollar invested. Of course, complete and meaningful records are essential
components of these important goals. Major differences in management exist
among dairies on which production is pasture-based, pasture-optimized, or drylot
. Constraints imposed by availability and quality of pasture, as well as abilities of
cows to ...

Producing Beef Profitably From Pasture

Author: David Hamilton
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following year, the average dailymilk production was 5 kg in early October, 3.8 kg
in late January, and 0.5 kg in mid February when the pasture didnotdryoff until
February. In another experiment at Hamilton withHereford cows calving in early
winter,the average daily milk production was 2.7 kg inJuly, 2.8 kgin September,
3.7 kg inearly November, 2.5kg in December, and 0.7kginMarch inayear whenthe
pasturedried off inFebruary. Inthat experiment, asimilar patternof response was ...

Feeding Concentrates

Author: Roy Kellaway
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This book presents strategies for feeding energy and protein supplements to pasture-fed dairy cows and examines the potential economic benefits. Effective supplementary feeding of concentrates is critical to the success of all dairy farms.

Environmental Impacts Of Pasture Based Farming

Author: Richard W. McDowell
Publisher: CABI
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However, production of meat per hectare has declined significantly since 1993.
Production in the EU15 has decreased by 89% compared to 1990 (Table 4.3),
largely in response to the extensive reform of the Common Agricultural Policy in
1993, which was aimed at decreasing surplus production and dumping of
agricultural product in the world market, brought about by a European budget
crisis (Garzon, 2005). The EU15 is also the highest producer of milk on a per unit
area of pasture ...

Alkanes Advances In Research And Application 2012 Edition

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With suckler cows, milk production and changes in daily liveweight and body
condition were calculated from net energy balance. The net energy intake of
dairy cows and their body reserves at turnout to pasture were used to simulate
milk production at pasture, daily liveweight and body condition changes, taking
into account cow energy requirements and intake capacity. Heifer growth was
determined from heifer net energy intake and liveweight. Net energy intake was
used to assess ...