Public Workers

Author: Joseph E. Slater
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Studies have shown that the very structure of American federalism, with its myriad
layers and exceptionally strong courts, fundamentally affected labor and labor
law in the private sector. But no one has described how state structure played out
with an even greater vengeance in the public sector, although a few scholars
have noted that this void should be filled.15 Even modern labor historians who
emphasize the significance of the state ignore government workers. Melvyn
Dubofsky's ...

Modern Labor Economics

Author: Ronald G. Ehrenberg
Publisher: Routledge
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This law, which was designed to protect the rights of union members in relation to
their leaders, contained provisions that increased union democracy. As argued
later, such provisions may well have had the side effect of increasing the level of
strike activity in the economy. Government Unions The laws that have been
discussed to this point relate only to the private sector, where unionism in the
United States first flourished. Indeed, prior to the 1960s, public sector workers
were ...

Foundations Of Aviation Law

Author: Michael W. Pearson
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This demonstrates that both Congress and the President could take action to
force a resolution of a severe labor dispute if it threatened national security or
commerce. LAbOr pOLiCy in the GOvernMent seCtOr Labor policy in the public
sector is very different from that in the private sector. President Kennedy
established the federal government's modern labor policy in 1962 when he
issued Executive Order 10988. This order officially recognizes the right of
government employees to ...

American Public School Law

Author: Kern Alexander
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Modern labor statutes have largely carried forth the anti-injunction theory,
allowing injunctions only if union activities violate the law or place the national
health and safety in peril.2 Following the anti-injunction statute of 1932, the first
broad labor ... Sector. Bargaining. The private and public sectors are substantially
different and the application of private labor relations to the public schools has
proceeded slowly. Some contend, as did Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937, that “[t]he
process of ...

Arab League League Of Arab States Investment And Business Guide

Author: USA International Business Publications
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In April 2010, the SARG enacted Law 17, a new, modern and business-friendly
labor law that eases constraints on employers but also provides clearer
guidelines on the rights of employees. Law 17 provides guidelines and rules on
labor relations for the private, public-private and cooperative sectors. Law 17
gives the right for employers to fire their employees without any justification and
with a limited compensation. Government officials acknowledge that the economy
is not growing ...


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Monthly Earnings of Private and Public Sector Wage Workers 260 '(248 227 -All
Workers (2,259) -Private Sector (1,309) -Public Sector (950) Primary VOTECH
Secondary Highest Education Level/Type Completed Source: VLSS 1992-93.
Tertiary ... These cover a wide range of labor issues including labor contracts,
unions, collective bargaining, training, social insurance, and working conditions
and safety regulations (see World Bank 1 995b for a full description). Public
Sector Reform.

Country Reports On Human Rights Practices For 2008 Vol 1

Publisher: Government Printing Office
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The constitution provides the right to form and join unions and professional
associations, subject to regulating law. Labor Law 150 of 1987, enacted by the
Saddam government, did not technically remove that right. However, it declared
virtually all public sector workers to be government "executives," and therefore
legally ineligible to form or to join unions, a move that, in effect, eliminated unions
and the right of association from the public sector. In the private sector, the extant
1987 ...