American Public School Law

Author: Kern Alexander
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Modern labor statutes have largely carried forth the anti-injunction theory,
allowing injunctions only if union activities violate ... The private and public
sectors are substantially different and the application of private labor relations to
the public ...

The State And Labor In Modern Japan

Author: Sheldon Garon
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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Impressed by the depth of Japanese sentiment for a trade union law, SCAP stood
aside while the Labor Legislation ... Among its liberal features, the law
guaranteed the rights of unions in both the private and public sectors (except for
the ...

Modern Labor Economics

Author: Ronald G. Ehrenberg
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
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theory and public policy Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Robert Stewart Smith ... a 1959
law in Wisconsin; prior to that date collective bargaining was effectively
prohibited in the state and local sector. ... the SLG sector, SLG employees'
earnings also started to rise relative to the earnings of private sector employees (
see Table 13.3).

Women Work And Welfare In The Middle East And North Africa

Author: Nadereh Chamlou
Publisher: World Scientific
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Modern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy. (4th edition). New York, NY:
Harper Collins. Gunderson, M. 1979. 'Earning Differentials between the Public
and Private Sectors,' Canadian Journal of Economics 12(2): 228–242. Heckman

Between Marriage And The Market

Author: Homa Hoodfar
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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In Egypt, both traditional and modern views of the sexual division of labor
designate men as the breadwinners: hence their primary role and ... and tertiary
services with substantial capital; in short, it covers all economic activities where
employees are protected by labor law. ... Theoretically, employment in the formal
sector includes those in the government and public sectors and larger private

The A To Z Of The Gulf Arab States

Author: Malcolm C. Peck
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
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Because of its more than half a century of modern economic development,
Bahrain has a sophisticated native labor force, and it is there that ... Following the
failure of Bahrain's parliamentary experiment in 1975, a general labor law was
promulgated that provided for arbitration of ... It permits workers in both the
private and public sectors to form and join labor unions, but with very significant

Worker Rights And Labor Standards In Asia S Four New Tigers

Author: Marvin J. Levine
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Moreover, labor laws require that women be given equal pay for work of equal
value. ... Public sector employment accounts for over a quarter of all salaried
employment, and about 6% of the labor force as a whole. ... The government is
now facing a brain drain as many of the best-trained civil servants leave for the
private sector. ... prestige associated with civil service jobs is waning in the face
of more lucrative employment opportunities created by a rapidly growing modern