Author: F. S. Michaels
Publisher: Red Clover Press
ISBN: 098685381X
Size: 10.86 MB
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In Monoculture, F.S. Michaels draws on extensive research and makes surprising connections among disciplines to take a big-picture look at how one story is changing everything.

The Emerging Monoculture

Author: Eric Mark Kramer
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275973124
Size: 14.21 MB
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This fascination with such a growing monoculture is not unique to Asian
Americans but in many ways is geared toward them. As Du Bois so profoundly
articulated in 1903, the goal of hyphenated identity is not to overpower one
culture with another. Rather, it is the recognition of difference as a natural, normal
process of society that best serves the larger race matrix in the United States.
NOTES 1. The term Asian Indian is utilized by the U.S. Census Bureau to refer to
immigrants from ...

Monoculture Farming

Author: Tapan Kumar Nath
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers
ISBN: 9781634851664
Size: 62.81 MB
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This book, drawing examples from several tropical and sub-tropical countries, documents some of the most prevailing monoculture practices and their socio-economic and environmental influences.

Bangus Fry Resource Assessment In The Philippines

Publisher: WorldFish
ISBN: 9832346037
Size: 45.16 MB
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Region Area (ha)1 Farming Management Culture Practice %of system system
system operation2 I 11 910.00 Pond Extensive Monoculture Modular 15.0 11
910.00 Pond Extensive Polyculture Modular 10.0 11 910.00 Pond Semi-intensive
Monoculture Modular 20.0 11 910.00 Pond Semi-intensive Polyculture Modular
10.0 11 910.00 Pond Intensive Polyculture Modular 44.0 II 1 235.42 Pond
Extensive Monoculture Straight 12.0 1 235.42 Pond Extensive Polyculture
Straight 10.0 1 ...

Monocultures Of The Mind

Author: Vandana Shiva
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9781856492188
Size: 76.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In this new volume, she brings together her thinking on the protection of biodiversity, the implications of biotechnology, and the consequences for agriculture of the global pre-eminence of Western-style scientific knowledge.

Issues In Ecological Research And Application 2011 Edition

Publisher: ScholarlyEditions
ISBN: 1464964084
Size: 43.29 MB
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“Managed field margins offer a means of reducing the impact of agricultural
monocultures within intensively managed environments. By providing refuge for
wild plants and the pollinators associated with them, field margins can also
contribute to enhancing the pollination services within the monoculture,”
investigators in Bristol, the United Kingdom report. “However, the effects of the
monoculture on pollinator behaviour need to be carefully considered. It is known
that pollinators may ...

A Situational Analysis Of Agricultural Production And Marketing And Natural Resources Management Systems In Northwest Vietnam

Author: International Livestock Research Institute
Publisher: ILRI (aka ILCA and ILRAD)
ISBN: 9291463566
Size: 21.22 MB
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Farming systems in the study villages, by elevation Elevation Topography Site
Major ethnic group Dominant farming systems Under 800 masl Flat land Chieng
Ly, Thuan Chau, Son La Province Thai • Maize monoculture • Paddy rice (two
crops and a vegetable crop in winter) • Upland rice monoculture • Taro
monoculture (Khoai so Cu Cang) • Cassava monoculture • Beans intercropped
with maize and cassava • Coffee monoculture and coffee intercropped in home
garden • Home fruit ...

Strategies And Options For Increasing And Sustaining Fisheries And Aquaculture Production To Benefit Poorer Households In Asia

Publisher: WorldFish
ISBN: 9832346665
Size: 19.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Country Culture system Management system Bangladesh Mono/mixed in
ricefields; polders Extensive China Monoculture in brackishwater ponds
Monoculture in marine cages Semi-intensive, intensive Semi-intensive, intensive
India Monoculture in marine cages/ tanks Extensive Indonesia Polyculture in
ricefields Monoculture and polyculture in brackishwater ponds Monoculture in
cages Polyculture in cages Intensive, semi-intensive, extensive Semi-intensive
and extensive Intensive, ...