Mrs Dred Scott

Author: Lea VanderVelde
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Charlotte Taylor Blow Charless's letters to her grandchildren outline the family
history, noting the Etheldred name, though giving no mention of Dred Scott or the
lawsuit (Charless, A Biographical Sketch of the Life and Character of Joseph
Charless). In my article with Sandhya Subramanian, we reproduced the page of
the Wisconsin territorial census to allow the readers to consider whether this
entry was as it seems to be written, “Dred Scott” (VanderVelde and Subramanian,
Mrs. Dred ...

Der Gerichtsfall Dred Scott Vs Sandford Und Der Status Von Sklaven In Den Usa

Author: Andreas Georg Hilzensauer
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von Dred Scott führen sollte. Während Emerson nach Florida gerufen wurde,
blieben Dred Scott und seine Familie in den Diensten Ms. Sanfords, jetzige Mrs.
Emerson, auf deren Landsitz. Nach dem Tode ihres Mannes, kamen Dred Scott
und seine Familie schließlich in die Dienste von Mr. Bainbridge, dem Schwager
von Mrs. Emerson, wo er bis 1846 verblieb. Danach kehrte er nach St. Louis
zurück, wo er und seine Familie von Mrs. Emerson an einen gewissen Samuel
Russel ...

Redemption Songs

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Thanks to VanderVelde's thorough and original research, we can hear for the first time the vivid stories of a seemingly powerless group who chose to use a legal system that was so often arrayed against them in their fight for freedom from ...

Oh Do I Remember

Author: Anna Victoria Wilson
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Lucy was that type of person who could comprehend the problems bemoaned by
Mrs. Emerson 143 years earlier. DRED SCOTT: SEEKING THE RIGHT TO BE
FREE A reserved lady, Mrs. Emerson was the wife of Dr. John Emerson, a United
States Army surgeon. Not long before the Civil War, in 1843, Dr. Emerson died,
and Mrs. Emerson found herself confused by her new responsibilities and
freedoms. At the same time, she couldn't understand why her husband's slave,
Dred Scott, ...

The Dred Scott Case

Author: David Thomas Konig
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Despite what VanderVelde writes of her conversation with Kenneth Kaufman, the
first grave marker seems to have been unveiled September 17, 1957, the ninety-
ninth anniversary of Dred Scott's death. Yet the marker flush with the ground may
have been placed in the 1920s, as she suggests: Ehrlich, They Have No Rights,
184; VanderVelde, "Mrs. Dred Scott," 1043^3. 57. Nathan B. Young Jr., "Speech
for the Forty-One Fellows of the Danforth Foundation," January 30, 1979, 7. 58.

The Dred Scott Case

Author: Don Edward Fehrenbacher
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Henry T. Blow also testified that his father, Peter Blow, had sold Dred to Dr.
Emerson, but this was not to the point. None of the testimony proved what
everyone knew to be true — that Mrs. Emerson now owned Dred Scott. With this
defect in mind, the jury returned a verdict for the defendant.13 The decision
produced the absurd effect of allowing Mrs. Emerson to keep her slaves simply
because no one had proved that they were her slaves. Clearly, justice bad been
thwarted by a ...

Lincoln S Greatest Case The River The Bridge And The Making Of America

Author: Brian McGinty
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11 CWL 3:512. 12 HI, 362. 13 Donald, Lincoln, 45. 14 CWL 1:510. 15 Burlingame
, Abraham Lincoln: A Life 1:71. 16 See discussion in chapter 2. 17 VanderVelde,
Mrs. Dred Scott, 74–75. Fehrenbacher, The Dred Scott Case, 244, says that the
slave built a cabin for Dr. Emerson on the opposite side of the river (now Iowa).
VanderVelde, 75, 345n50, says it is more likely that the cabin was built by a hired
man who was also a friend of Dr. Emerson and who stayed there after Emerson

The Dred Scott Case

Author: Jennifer Fleischner
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In his suit, Dred Scott charged Mrs. Emerson with assault and false imprisonment:
She had "beat, bruised, and ill-treated him" then imprisoned him for twelve hours.
He also declared that he was a "free person" held in slavery, and sought $10 in
damages. In this way, Dred Scott began two distinct suits against Mrs. Emerson.
Harriet's suits against Mrs. Emerson were the same. After many delays, the case
was finally argued in June 1847, in the still uncompleted courthouse in St. Louis,

Encyclopedia Of Race Ethnicity And Society

Author: Richard T. Schaefer
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For example, the individual known as Dred Scott, born around 1800, did not
acquire that name until 1833. Before that, he was known simply as Sam, one of
five slaves purchased by Peter Blow in 1819. In 1820, the Blow family settled in
Huntsville, Alabama. While there, Sam was hired out to work on the river as a
dockhand. After the death of Mrs. Blow in 1831, Peter Blow migrated to what was
then the promising frontier town of St. Louis, Missouri. One year later, Blow died.
Sam was ...

The Dred Scott Decision

Author: Bonnie L. Lukes
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The Dred Scott Decision his brother-in-law's will, and there seems to be no
connection between Emerson's will and John Sanford's later involvement in the
Dred Scott trial. The Long Fight for Freedom Begins After John Emerson died, it
appears that Mrs. Emerson loaned Dred Scott to her brother-in-law, Captain
Bainbridge, for a period of two years. At least, Scott was known to be in
Bainbridge 's service at a military post in Texas in February 1846, when the
captain sent him back to St.