Mutual Feelings

Author: Billy Taylor (Fiction writer)
ISBN: 9781541036772
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He wants something more than a physical relationship, but she's been hurt before and doesn't want to open herself up again. Can Will convince her to give him a chance and let their feelings become mutual?

A Mutual Feeling

Author: C. D. Watson
ISBN: 9781943465293
Size: 40.91 MB
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Killed every day for a crime she didn't commit, and reborn again the next.

Just Friends

Author: Billy Taylor
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530511518
Size: 24.69 MB
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Strangers In The House

Author: William R. Beer
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412835194
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The birth of a mutual child is associated with better marital relations between
remarried parents, but it is not clear which causes the other. Better relations
between stepsiblings often accompany the birth of a half-sibling, but such
amelioration may be due more to shared jealousy and a common focus of
affection than to warmer mutual feelings. The age interval between older
stepsiblings and the mutual child could be important in that younger children
could feel rivalry, whereas older ...

Hope S Happy Home And Other Poems Second Edition

Author: Kenneth M'Lachlan
Size: 59.39 MB
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MUTUAL FEELING. Love in our nature, like the electric stream, From heart to
heart attracted fleetly flies ; All are not cold and frigid as they seem ; Some innate
spark of feeling never dies, And kindles e'en to raptures by the beam Of
swimming tenderness in woman's eyes, And glows deep where the secret
passions lull, That make this earth, our home, more beautiful. He whose love
feelings in the bosom burn, And woos affection for the golden tie, Yet reaps no
hope of passion in return, ...

Instructor S Manual For Human Behavior In The Social Environment

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Size: 77.67 MB
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They move — however slowly and tentatively — to examine their feelings and
thoughts about the issue, and to share those feelings and thoughts with the class
in a mutual aid process that expands everyone's learning. In my own experience,
physically challenged students, gay and lesbian students, and students of color
frequently spark these valuable mutual aid processes by asking a pointed
question, raising an issue of rights, or recalling a reading or a hurtful experience.
I believe it ...

Plural Action

Author: Hans Bernhard Schmid
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9048124379
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Note that in contrast to the straightforward sense, it is part and parcel of the very
concept of fellow feeling, or affective attunement, that the feelings of the
participating individuals are numerically different facts. Talk of “attunement”
makes sense only if there are at least two relata that can be in (or out of) tune.
There never was (and never will be) one token feeling with many parts and
participants in these cases, but only individual feelings, perhaps with mutual
cognitive and affective ...

The Mutual Recognition And Exalted Felicity Of Glorified Saints

Author: Robert Meek
Size: 44.43 MB
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Their circumstances may awaken feelings of compassion, but that compassion
will not then, as now, be connected with pain; but such as angels feel on
beholding the misery of fallen mankind; so allied with complete resignation to the
divine will, as necessarily to exclude and annihilate all feelings of dissatisfaction
and pain. Our individual feelings will then be completely and for ever absorbed in
the supreme will and good pleasure of that God who doeth all things well. May it
be your ...