Navigating Souths

Author: Michele Grisby Coffey
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820351083
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In doing so, this book project seeks to reframe the field of southern studies as it is currently being practiced by social science and humanities scholars and thus reshape historical and cultural conceptualizations of the region.

An Historical And Statistical Account Of New Souths Wales From The Founding Of The Colony In 1788 To The Present Day

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In my letter to Earl Grey I had stated that although Australia was remarkably
destitute of navigable rivers, and facilities for inland navigation, it was not so
absolutely; there being important exceptions to that general rule. For,
independently of the Murray River and its confluents, there is a considerable
extent of water available for inland navigation, both in lakes and rivers, in
Gippsland, at the south-eastern angle of the continent. From Sydney, also, to the
Tropic of Capricorn, that is for ten ...

The Elements Of Navigation

Author: John Robertson
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... to make high-water at that place; the sum shews the time of highwater on the
given day. The time of high water, on the full and change days, is found in the
right-hand column of the geographical table, art 137, against the name of the
place. - Ex. I. On the 14th of Offober, Ex. II. Required the time whini 1783, at what
time will it be high- will be high-water at Ushanton Marth water at London P 20th,
1784. Moon souths at zh. 24m. morn. (135)||Moon souths at Ioh. 2.4m. (13%) Lond.

Navigation Or The Art Of Sailing Upon The Sea

Author: John Nourse (Londres)
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The time of the moon's southing may be nearly conjećtured by observing the
quantity of her enlightened side." For so many 12th parts of her whole
hemisphere as is contained in her illuminated arch (on the right hand), so many
hours she souths after 12 o'clock: If on the left hand, 'tis before I2. - . . . . ; 3. o, 3
Example. On Aug. 27th, 1766, the moon is 21 days old ; then, - 21 . mult. . . 8 I6, 8
, So she souths about 16 hours and 3 quarters past - 12, that is, at 3 quarters after
4 in the morning, ...

The Elements Of Navigation Containing The Theory And Practice

Author: John Robertson
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Ex. I. On the 21st of March, 1753, at what time is it high water at London 2 The
moon souths at 1 h. 36 m.A.M." (652) At Lond. D bears oo N. E. or S. W. & 3 The
sum gives the time of high ...} 36 A. M. * A. M. signific: safers noon, or morning. w
Ex. II. Required the time when it is high water at Ushant March 20, 1760? The
moon souths at 2 h. 24 m. P. M. f. (652) At Ushant D bears N. E. by E. and X-3 45
past the Mer. S.W. by W. or is } - *H. water at Ushant 6 - og P. M. + P. M. finises
after noon ...

Navigation New Modelled Or A Treatise Of Geometrical Trigonometrical Arithmetical Instrumental And Practical Navigation

Author: Henry Wilson
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Example, I have found as above, that the Great Dog Souths .February the 12th, at
49 Minutes past 8 at Night ; and seeing the same Star upon the Meridian
February trre 20th, I desire to know the Hour of the Night ; now from February 12
to February 20, is 8 Days, and allowing 4 Minutes a Day, the amount is 32
Minutes, which subtracted from 8 Hours 49 Minutes, leaves the Time of the Great-
Dog's Southing February the 20th. This Allowance of 4 Minutes a Day may serve
for common ...

Bradshaw S Continental Afterw Monthly Continental Railway Steam Navigation Conveyance Guide June 1847 July Oct 1939

Author: George Bradshaw
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... inhabitants, twenry-fhre miles west ot Palermo. In the neighbourhood Is the site
of the ancient -Kgesta, where is a temple In good preservation. Л rr airona is a
small town with almut H00 inhabitants, six miles north-east of Girgenn. It is
remarkable fur its picturesque gallery und antiquities, the mountain. the present
eruption of .f.tna. near 1 >houlfl stop at the village of (тмкчте, south of Messina,
where they take mule*. Girirenti. . : Irregularly built andepis onthi» souths eat
coast, к situate ...

The Official Guide Of The Railways And Steam Navigation Lines Of The United States Puerto Rico Canada Mexico And Cuba

Author: William Frederick Allen
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B R I tT/T S/JL^e,l_ 8a*v#a(jfor««( « J 6EAT Boqui bf4Aaa Souths, fe-skssss&erf z
$*!fcr V 4k. illim'o'o VSklmon/ X^ OAnxuteid "" □anWlSI (•bury /£ '* . OOiUf* fuTta*
BUek BottA <-y [) \ | 'r'S? I nunnopolM ItSmgL.Jwum. Ms BETWEEH CHICAGO -
11^^ IglnSn Si.z ,-Ofla n8»ltLakTci5tl Soiled.-'""; U \ iioc*r w7*.« -"tT.PAt i SAN
FRANOSCO^^^S^ /^RmX •,M*' 3k_ tSJ^K1**1^^ ^V b0oMiUli yjTooopfth Jc, IAH.

Philippine Trade Agreements Protocols Treaties Of Friendship Commerce And Navigation

Author: A. B. Isip
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It has the Mediterranean Sea on the west, Lebanon and Syria on the North, -
Jordan on 'the east and Egyptian Sinai on the souths At the extremes southwest
is the Gaza Strip, a small coastal area administered by a governor and legislative
council under UN emergency force supervision. The exact frontiers nave not yet
been defined. Israel ?s area as defined by Armistice with the. Arab nations,
incluios all 'the land assigned to it under the 1947 partition resolution of the
United Nations ...