Old Man S Playing Ground

Author: Gabriel M. Yanicki
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press
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is well known to all the Indians, and named by them the “Old Man's playing
ground” [Dawson 1886:80]. Other published references to the site are rare.
Anecdotally, historian James MacGregor (1966: 76) noted, “Many old-time
ranchers were familiar with the Old Man's Bowling Green. Unfortunately, a few
years ago, high water in the Old Man River swept it away.” Yet despite the paucity
of historic observations, a detailed list of conclusions can be drawn about the
playing ground's ...

50 Roadside Panoramas In The Canadian Rockies

Author: Dave Birrell
Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780921102656
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A visit to Livingstone Gap, 18 km west of the Oldman bridge on Highway 519,
entails a very scenic drive to an area with much geographic and historic
significance. The spectacular, narrow canyon through which the Oldman River
flows was said to have been the playground of Napi, the trickster God of the
Blackfoot people. Peter Fidler ... He learned from the Indians that this area was
called the Old Man's Playing Ground and that the Oldman River derived its name
from the location.


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Suddenly, a child leaves the play ground and tosses a beach ball toward the old
man. The ball rolls and lightly touches the old man's leg. The old man puts down
his newspaper, picks up the ball, and begins tossing the ball back and forth with
the child. They both laugh and play with delight. Now let's take the same scenario
. Except this time, someone comes along with a sledge hammer and forcefully
strikes the old man's left foot with it. The old man is now in excruciating pain.

The Playground

Author: Carmichael Wolfe
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1608447669
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8 Ten Years Later NOW A GROWN ASS MAN at the age of twenty six and no
longer the sixteen year old Gangster that beat OG He-man's ass in the front yard
of his house prior to OG He-man being killed by the Armstrong Brothers since
Lady B put a hit out on him for attacking her son; and still kicking it with Brenda,
who's as fine in 1996 as she was in 1986, Lucifer is standing across the street
from the house that Old Man Gray is held up in and he's disguised as a transient
that's ...

The Old Man S Rambles

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THE OLD MAN'S RAMBLES. No. II. A little way from Mary D.'s cottage, and at the
back of the common is a steep hill, a very favorite play-ground for the village
children. On the summit of the hill is a small cluster of cottages, amongst which
stands the school-house, a pretty looking building, neatly whitewashed, and with
honeysuckles creeping up the walls. Many a summer's evening have I stood on
the brow of this hill, watching the merry urchins just let loose from school,
tumbling down ...

31 Horrifying Tales From The Dead Volume Ii

Author: Drac Von Stoller
Publisher: Drac Von Stoller
ISBN: 1478398426
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Legend has it that a group of young teenagers had been drinking heavily and
decided to play a prank on the old man. The teenagers didn't like the old ... One
day when the group of teenagers came by the old man's property after dark they
decided it was time to teach the old man a lesson. One of the teenagers went
back to his car to get a gas can. When he returned back to the group, he told
them he was going to burn the old man's cabin to the ground. After about two
more six packs ...

Never Play Another Man S Game

Author: Mike Knowles
Publisher: ECW Press
ISBN: 1770902090
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The old man tossed his bocce ball underhandandit skipped overthe frozen
ground and landed within feet of the jack. The old man's ball was white and itwas
closest tothe marker,leaving D.B.'s two black balls behind itand therefore
worthless. “Good toss, Herb. Good toss,” D.B. said. “Thanks,D.B.” Herb
clappedthe bigman on the shoulder and slowly walked his bent body overto his
friends on the bench. The oldman was completely at ease with the giant biker. “
Well, folks, Herbis inside ...

The Killer In The Back Seat Urban Legend

Author: Drac Von Stoller
Publisher: Drac Von Stoller
ISBN: 1476373353
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If you ever find yourself driving down Old Hollow Road after midnight, whatever
you do, don't say these words "The old man's on fire," three times or your will end
up like all the rest. That's exactly what happened to Johnny ... Legend has it that a
group of young teenagers had been drinking heavily and decided to play a prank
on the old man. The teenagers didn't like the old man ... The teens stood and
watched the old man's cabin burn to the ground. They heard the old man
screaming ...

The United States Democratic Review

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the. appearance,. the. very. same. month. with. its. publication,. of. Durand's. Old.
Man's. Dream, in the Exhibition of the Academy. of. Design. The. poem. was. all.
there—the. quaint old man by the way side, the school house, the orchard, the
play ground, the very hoary pilgrim's retrospect ... It was summer, and we went to
school, Dapper country lads, and little maidens, Taught the motto of the ' Dunce's
Siool,' Its grave import still my fancy ladens, ' Hunt's A roor. !' It was summer, and
we ...

Sentiment Not Principle Or An Old Man S Legacy By M De Havilland

Author: M. De Havilland
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the whole of the ground, excepting a few acres round the house, which, until
lately, I cultivated myself, with a little assistance. These few last years 1 have
been troubled with the gout, winch has kept me much within doors. My solitude,
however, was not heavy; though occasionally it would cross my mind, how
enviable those were, who had children and grandchildren to perform many a kind
office to their old parent, even to the banding a cup of barley-water. How
delightful also must it ...