Old Scratch And Owl Hoots

Author: Randi Weston
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781505517347
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Experience these stories and more in Old Scratch and Owl Hoots. All the stories in the anthology are written by authors with Utah connections. Some are veterans at the craft, while others are making their debut.

Corporate Cthulhu Lovecraftian Tales Of Bureaucratic Nightmare

Author: Edward Stasheff
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0998938939
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Justin Bailey holds a Master's degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill
University under the mentorship of novelist Tim Waggoner. He has previously
been published in Nightmare Magazine, Blood in the Rain 2, and Old Scratch
and Owl Hoots: A Collection of Utah Horror. John M. Campbell is an engineer
who spent thirty-five years in the aerospace industry. He has a master's degree ...

Apocalypse Utah

Author: Johnny Worthen
ISBN: 9780997197051
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Horrific tales of the end of the world from the tops of the Rocky Mountains. Brought to you by authors from Utah, about Utah.

Poet S Progress

Author: James Larkin Pearson
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0557537045
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... and their lonesome bellowing at night was the terror of my life. My cousin,
Mattie McNeil, used to come up from Wilkesboro to visit us along then, and she
used to say, ―Jimmie, the Old Scratch lives down there in the hollow with the
bullfrogs, and some of these days when you go to the spring by yourself he's
going to get you.‖ The lonesome bellowing of the frogs scared me bad enough,
but Mattie's bogery tales scared me still worse. And on certain nights when an old
hoot-owl ...

Routledge S Magazine For Boys

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Some said he had sold himself to Old Scratch, for teaching him to understand
what the birds talked about ; but I never believed that, because I don't think the
devil ever cared to listen to anything so innocent as the singing of birds, though
he might now and then stop to hear a raven croak or an owl hoot, but never to
listen to the songs of "those little angels of the 'trees," as the pretty birds are
called. But this I do know, for I have seen it many a time with my own eyes, and
heard it with my ...

Southern Folklore Quarterly

Author: Alton Chester Morris
Size: 37.42 MB
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OLD SCRATCH: // the Old Scratch gets ye tonight . . . he'll turn ye loose when
daylight comes. GS, p. 63. Field informants. Cf. Old Scratch, TW. Cf. Ugly as Old
Scratch, C. OPOSSUM: See POSSUM. OWL: Drunk as a biled owl. TH, p. 333.
NC, W-Ky, R, Cal. Cf Blind as an owl, meaning drunk, Kentucky Folklore Record,
II (1953), p. 3. Gordon Wilson suggests that the "maudlin screams of the Barred
Owl account for this rather odd simile." A place so wild the hoot owls holler in the

Got Luck

Author: Michael Darling
Publisher: Future House Publishing
ISBN: 1944452028
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Police-officer-turned-private-investigator Goethe "Got" Luck is known for rolling with the punches and never taking anything too seriously.

My Old People Say

Author: Catharine McClellan
Publisher: Canadian Mus of Civilization
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Teslin village and made the "old- time war cry. ... Boisterous children suddenly
become strangely silent and run to comforting arms if an adult pretends that the
owl is scratching at the door wanting to get in. ... who have been taken away by
owls. ln the reassuring safety of daylight, little boys sometimes boast about the
way in which they will cut up with their knives any owls who dare a*""* them, and
some of the older children even dare to taunt back at an owl hooting in broad

75 75 Best Short Stories

Author: Коллектив авторов
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 5457619265
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At length,it is said, justinthe brownhour of twilight,when the owls beganto hoot
and the bats to flit about, his attention was attractedbythe clamour of carrion
crows that were hovering about a cypresstree.He looked and beheld abundle
tied ... 'Let usgethold ofthe property,' said he,consolingly to himself, 'and we will
endeavour to dowithout the woman.' As he scrambled up thetree the vulture ... '
Egad,' said hetohimself, 'Old Scratch musthavehad a toughtime of it!' Tom
consoled himself for ...

The Hoot Owl

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What's lost, is lost, whether it's youth or a dollar-bill; and the hoot-owl knows
what's going to happen. I shouldn't wonder a bit but that a cyclone comes, and we
are all kilt before another day ! LOUISE (scratches at despatches short time, rises
with smile). Susan, do cheer up! Maybe it is just a young hoot-owl practicing for
its future wisdom. Anyway, I am going to be richer by $200 before many hours;
and then Miss Althea will have the time of her young life, whether your old hoot-
owl likes ...