On The Wing

Author: Gunilla Norris
ISBN: 9781449478117
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This book can be anything you want it to be--a place to record a special moment in your own words, a journal of memories, a perpetual record of birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones of family and friends, or even simply a book of ...

Ballads And Other Poems Chiefly Lyrical

Author: William Nixon (Irish writer of verse.)
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Oft, as the airy moments bring The dark-eyed night on raven-wing, Thou tun'st thy
little warbling throat To many a sweet and shrilly note; And through thy numbers
seem'st to say, ' Behold, 'tis night! be gay — be gay.' Then come, sweet bird, we'll
mimic thee, And tune our souls to minstrelsy. Before thy blazing shrine we'll sit,
With crackling faggots, sparkling wit; And leave the boist'rous #rowd, that howl
Like hollow winds around their bowl, — While, near thy little bower, we join Our ...

Princeton Encyclopedia Of Poetry And Poetics

Author: Alex Preminger
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400872936
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Between 1812 and 1822 he wrote five Inni sacri intended as lyrical glorifications
of the principal feast days of the Church: the Resurrection, the Name of Mary,
Christmas, the Crucifixion, and Pentecost. Each hymn consists of 12 or more ...
Manzoni's lyrism also takes wing in his two historical tragedies, Il Conte di
Carmagnola and Adelchi, written in the years ... One of Leopardi's loftiest lyrical
moments is his short idyll, L'Infinito, in which the poet finds a temporary solution
to the problem ...

The Secret Life Of Salvador Dal

Author: Salvador Dali
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486319849
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“Well, then we will come back to it another day. But anyway, save me a chicken
wing for later on, for just before we leave. ... The pianist played with a divine
incontinence, and in the high lyrical moments, during his accompaniments
composed of expectations, one could hear the sound of his panting rise above
the noises; and the saxophone player, having blown out all the blood of his
passion, collapsed with exhaustion never to rise again. It was our discovery of
jazz, and I must say in ...

Cmj New Music Monthly

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NON-PROPHETS. Hope Lex In the precious "Keep Smiling," Clearlake singer
Jason Pegg nutshells the U.K. quartet's credo in a single lyric, "As soon as you
raise your voice/ You know you've lost the argument." Cedars, Clearlake's
second full-length, crystallizes the moment just before collapse — a tire's squeal,
a lover's glare — and harnesses its pre-impact potential, turning uncertain
tension into song. The fantastic opener, "Almost The Same," juxtaposes a
drawling melody with a ...

The Dangers Of Ritual

Author: Philippe Buc
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691144427
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Sociological monism came into its own with the (possibly Herderian) idea of a “
national soul,” a political faith standing above and beyond individual reason and
conserving a government that de Maistre could, in his more lyrical moments,
assimilate to a religion, cult and all.” In polemics against the Reformers, Catholics
had insisted that ... Even left-wing historians leaned in the direction of a monist
identification of religion and society. If we trust Owen Chadwick, the young Jules
Michelet ...

A New Introduction To Chaucer

Author: D. S. Brewer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317895371
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He is young - say 16 (the same age as Edward the Black Prince when he
commanded the right wing at Crecy) and after Hector the bravest warrior in Troy.
Troilus still practises an adolescent mockery of those who are in love, until ... A
song of lament is attrib uted to him, one of the many lyrical moments of the poem,
like an aria in an opera and (as Chaucer's audience could not know) based on a
sonnet of Petrarch's. The poet imputes to Troilus all a young man's sensibility in
heightened ...

Too Good To Be True

Author: Mark Royden Winchell
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 9780826262776
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The authors of the Kinsey Report believed in their dubious statistics no more
firmly than Fiedler did in his fraudulent vision of American literature.13 The truth
of the matter is that right-wing critics did not need the issue of homosexuality—
innocent or otherwise—to find fault with Fiedler's controversial essay. They were
sufficiently offended by ... (Theirpure anti-marriage can exist only on the raft in
those lyrical moments when reality can be held at bay.) That is perhaps why
Twain himself ...

American Playwright John Howard Lawson And The Politics Of The Avant Garde

Author: Stanley Rubio Jackson
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modernist revolt, left-wing drama, and popular culture in the 1920s Stanley Rubio
Jackson. 'em(43). The scene concludes when he exits with Phillpots declaring "
Come with me, I'll convince you, show you the tent colonies, show you where
they live in pigsties an' barns"(47). Here Psinski's lyrical vision of the nation is
both materialistic and idealistic. For Lawson, the "mystic foreigners" ... only as a
rebellious jazz and strike, but tentatively in these lyrical moments. Nevertheless,
Psinski's ...

Research Report

Author: Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim. Rashut le-meḥḳar ule-fituaḥ
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REALITY IN THE NOVELS OF ANDRE MALRAUX ?. 1 ia:io') riim<'.(<r>n !o p. M
41'idt M;iv, b-itiij > ... novelist himself and of his main characters. Starting from the
detailed analysis of one page of "Madame Bovary, "this study aij^s,. s^<^wing,the
^repetjition, of a^giv^n pattern, or lyrical images in the major novels of Flaubert,
and at interpreting the significance of such poetic interludes within the framework
of realistic ...