Optical Media

Author: Friedrich Kittler
Publisher: Polity
ISBN: 0745640915
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The central question, however, is the impact of film on the ancient monopoly of writing, as it not only provoked new forms of competition for novelists but also fundamentally altered the status of books.

Light Propagation In Linear Optical Media

Author: Glen D. Gillen
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1482210959
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The phenomena of reflection and refraction take place when light traveling in one
medium falls on a surface separating that medium from another one with different
optical properties. Suppose a beam of light traveling as a plane wave with wave
vector ki in one homogeneous and isotropic medium is incident upon an interface
with another homogeneous and isotropic medium. The electric and magnetic
fields of the incident light beam can be expressed as ̃Ei (r,t) = Eoei(ki·r−ωt)ˆei, (
4.1) ...

Laser Beam Propagation In Nonlinear Optical Media

Author: Shekhar Guha
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439866392
Size: 76.81 MB
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If someone makes their living by designing lasers, optical parametric oscillators
or other devices employing nonlinear crystals, or designing experiments
incorporating laser beam propagation through linear or nonlinear media, then
this book will be a welcome addition to their bookshelf.” —Richard Sutherland,
Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Ohio, USA Laser Beam Propagation in
Nonlinear Optical Media provides a collection of expressions, equations,
formulas, and derivations ...

Ghostly Apparitions

Author: Stefan Andriopoulos
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 1935408356
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Stefan Andriopoulos examines the relationships between new media technologies and distinct cultural realms, tracing connections between Kant's philosophy and the magic lantern's phantasmagoria, the Gothic novel and print culture, and ...

Certain Optical Disk Controller Chips And Chipsets And Products Containing Same Including Dvd Players And Pc Optical Storage Devices Inv 337 Ta 506

Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1457818256
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First, respondents “request that they be pennitted to argue in briefing to the
Commission that claim 3 of the '527 patent should be limited to a controller for CD
-ROM (optical) media that encodes data in compliance with the Yellow Book,”
and therefore the claim “must be limited to a controller that must first perfonn error
correction followed by error detection.” Respondents' August 1, 2005, letter at 2.
Respondents' argument on this issue relies on Oak Tech., Inc. v. United States Int'

Optical Properties Of Nanostructured Random Media

Author: Vladimir M. Shalaev
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540449485
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For example, the arrival of advanced optical media has heralded companion
advances in photonics and in laser and detector technology. In this contribution,
we demonstrate that nanostructured materials fabricated in our laboratory exhibit
dramatically superior optical performance characteristics, foreshadowing great
promise for both fundamental and applied studies. 1 Introduction Since the
advent of the laser nearly 40 years ago, its unique characteristics have been
used to ...