Paulus And Stalingrad

Author: Walter Görlitz
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1787200159
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Görlitz used the Paulus’ notes, correspondence and documents provided by the Paulus family after the Field Marshall died to provide a deep in-depth look at the life of Paulus.

The Medical Works Of Paulus Aegineta The Greek Physician

Author: Paulus (Aegineta.)
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PAULUS .EGINETA. BOOK FIRST. I. — On the Complaints of Pregnant Women
and their Diet. Of the complaints which befal women in a pregnant state, since the
most troublesome are a redundance of crudities, continued vomiting, salivation,
pain at the cardiac orifice of the stomach, and loathing of food ; it will not be
improper to give directions regarding them. The most suitable remedies are,
exercise on foot, food not too sweet, wines which are yellow, fragrant, and about
five years ...

Paulus Of Tarsus

Author: Verling Chako Priest Phd
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1466920912
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He is known as the 13'h Apostle—Paulus. Know if you had 13 friends and you sat
in a circle and you said to them give me a paragraph on my teachings, you would
find that each Apostle would have a different perspective. Some of the Apostles
did not have an education. Therefore, their perspective would come from the
wisdom, we would say, of a fisherman. And he was correct in the way he
interpreted my words because they were meant for that particular strata of people
. It would be ...

Paulus And The Pagan Soldier

Author: Charles L. Convis
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1480909165
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I asked. “I seem to remember that from my schooling in Syria.” “They do,” Paulus
said. “And our Old Teachings agree that it was the first city inhabited after the
great flood.” “Then they'll have a longer history of living with people of different be
- liefs. Perhaps they'll be more tolerant.” Paulus smiled. “My friend, your
admiration for pagan history is not shared by all. But you may be right. Our Lord
knows that we have sometimes made mistakes.” When we left the next day, some
of the leaders ...

Paulus Onder De Heidenen Of Euangelidienst Predikatsi N En Reyzen In Judea Syri Asi Uit De Handelingen Der Apostelen

Author: Arnold MOONEN
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Dan het oproer/ tegens Paulus gerezen/ vinden wp in onzen voogeleezenen text/
den tipt/ de beroerte zelve/ en de bewegende oizzaek. Dan den tpt fpzeekt de
heilige historisch-pver dus: En als dceze dingen vollbraght waren, nam Paulus
voor in den geet, Makedonié en Achaie doorgegaen hebbende, nacr Jerusalem
tercizen, zeggende, Na dat ik aldaer zal gewect zyn, moetik ook Rome zien, &c.
Bp na die geheele jaeren pzedikte Paulus te Efeze geruft; als die ten einde
liepen/ em ...

Paulus Ein Epos In Sechs Ges Ngen

Author: Carl SCHRAMM (of Langensalza.)
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Den er durch Allmaü'jtswortxvomTod erweckt." -- -Da Saul von Anferfiehung hat
gefprochen. Da wird von ihrem Spott er unterbrochen. Doch hängen ihm der
Männer manche an. Und weiter fchreitet er auf feiner Bahn. ., 1332 Fafi hat fein
Stab den heil'gen Hain durchmeffen. Vom Freien trennt nur wenig Raum ihn
noch. Da hört aus einer Bruft den Ruf er preffen: ,.Saul! Vater! Paulus! ei. fo höre
doch!"... Er wendet fich. daß er den Rnfer fehe. Wer ift's? - Timotheus ift's aus
Beröe! „, .33.

The Medical Works Of Paulus Gineta Translated Into English With A Copious Commentary By F Adams

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P A U L U S AEG IN ETA. THE AUTHOR'S PREFACE. It is not because the more
ancient Writers had omitted anything relative to the Art that I have composed this
Work, but for the purpose of giving a compendious course of instruction. For, on
the contrary, every thing is handled by them in a proper manner, and without any
omissions, whereas the moderns have not only in the first place neglected the
study of them, but have also blamed them for prolixity. Wherefore, I have
undertaken ...