The Indian Journal Of Medical Research

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In paper entitled ' Nutritional Requirements of Ps. pyocyanea ' by N. G. Pandalai
and K. Ramanuja Rao, Ind. Jour. Med. Res., 30, 3, July, ... The pH optimum for
growth and pigment production in these media was investigated. For growth only
it ...

Indian Science Abstracts

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... Raddy H N 22918 Raddy H P 22903 Raddy P K 22354 Raddy P H 22427
Raddv P P 22914 Raddy P V 22576 Raddy S It 22244 Raddy ... 22932 Rao K N
22998 Rao K V R 22298 Rao H 22514 Rao 11 H 22427 22548,22549,22932
Rao H V C 22353 Rao N G 2261 0 Rao ... Sanchati K H 22687 Sandhu J S 221 1
0 Sandhu S S 22390 Sana B 22733 Sana S 22438 Sangar R B S 22933
Sangeata 22716 ...

Indian Journal Of Soil Conservation

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Phenotypic path analysis of yield and its component traits (after deleting
undesirable variable) DF DM PH NG NT EL BY HI Days to ... Indian Soc. Agron.
CSSIR.. Dewey, D.R. and Lu, K.H. 1959. A correlation and path coefficient
analysis of components of ... Rama Krishna P.S., Purohit A.N., Saxena, K.G. and
Rao K.S. 1994.

Diseases Of Oilseed Crops

Author: G. S. Saharan
Publisher: Indus Publishing
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Prashanthi, S.K., Srikant Kulkami, Anahosur, K.H. and Kulkarni, S. 2000. ...
Ravinder, T., Rao, N.G. and Sastry, K.S. 1992. Effect of homoeopathic drugs in
cucumber mosaic virus infection in safflower. Indian /. Virology 8: ... I. Philippines

Indian Pakistan Year Book Who S Who

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Assistant Architect, N. G. Mistry. ... Indian Council ol Agricultural Research, ' P'
Block, Raiiina Road, New Delhi President, The Hon'ble Shri K. M. Munshi. ...
Assistant Agricultural Commissioner, Dr. Sham Singh, Ph.D. Asstt. Animal
Husbandry Commissioner, M. R. Mahajan. ... Senior Marketing Officers, K. H.
Advanl, B.Ag. (Bom.) ... Vigilance Inspector ; E. Parthan, Vigilance Inspector ;
Y. R. Nara- yana Rao,, Inspector ; H. Krishnamurthy, L.Ag., Inspector ; E.
Gopalan, Inspector ; K. R. ...

All India Civil List A Complete Directory Of The Indian Civil And Administrative Services And Other Higher Services Under The Union And The State Governments

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Sudhendra Singh Kh. Tomba Singh Th. Tombi Singh Kh. Shivana M.
COOPERATIVE Registrar Assit Registrars Copal Singh Y. Mahabir Singh RK.
Ibobi Singh Th. Palmei M. Indrakumar Singh Th. Kumarjit Singh Ng.
DEVELOPMENT David WM Duncan, Addl Dy ... Raghumani Singh A Rajkumar
Singh P. Rajendra Singh L. Rao Narasinha, K. Rao Venugopal. ... Bhagya Singh
Y. Bhorôt Roy, L- Bijoykumar Singh, Kh Chandrahas Singh Ph. Chaobi Devi S.
Choudhury, A Hai. Das Mr. De ...

Customary Strangers

Author: Joseph C. Berland
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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New Perspectives on Peripatetic Peoples in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia
Joseph C. Berland, Aparna Rao ... Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern
Asia 3 (orig. ... Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Social Anthropology, Cambridge
University. ... In K.H. Wolff (ed. and trans.) ... Wong Poh Kam and Ng Chee Yuen.

Vietnam Travel Map Eighth Edition

Author: Periplus Editors,
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462916015
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Bn Häi Rive r R à o N a v R iver C ä River C o n R iv er ñäy Bay L åch GhÈv VÎnh
Din Châu KhÄu Bay NhÜ®ng Bay Sót Bay Gianh ... Thanh ChÄÿng Tân Kê C¥u
Giát Y¡n Thành Cμm Xuy¡n ±Çc Tho HÄÿng Kh¡ Ph Châu KêAnh NghiXuân
Thåch Ha ±ng L¡ TÇ Hå Cam ... MÄÿng Lam Na Ca ± Kh¡ K G÷ Ngc MÏ PhÄÿng ±
in PhÄng Giai Kim Quang Rào Qua Vng Liu Y¡n Du Ca Xeng BnThûy Phúc Sÿn
Hung ...

Indian Journal Of Chemistry

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References 1 Asgedom G, Sreedhara A, Kivikoski J, Kolehmainen E & Rao C P,
Inorg Chem, 35 (1996) 5674. ... on addition of calf-thymus DNA solution (citrate
buffered 0.30 mg/mL, pH 8.6) indicated that complex bind with DNA
electrostatically. ... for these complexes were found many fold lower than that of
standard compound AZT (azido thymidine) (IC50, 500 ng/mL). ... 6 Mishra L,
Sinha R, Itokawa H, Bastow K F, Tachibana Y, Nakanishi N, Kilgore N & Lee K H,
J Bio-organic and ...

Organic Reaction Mechanisms 1991

Author: A. C. Knipe
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470066865
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Rao, M. P., Sethuram, B., and Rao, T. N., Proc. Indian Natl. Sci. Acad, 55A, 858 (
1989); Chem. Abs, 114, 5616 (1991). Kao ... Espeel, P. H., Tielen, M. C., and
Jacobs ... Chjo, K. H., Choi, Y. K., Ham, H. S., Kim, S. B., and Seo, S. S., Taehan
Hwahakoe Chi, 34, 569 (1990); Chem. Abs, 115, 182360 (1991). Ariko, N. G.,