Populist Saints

Author: Howard A. Snyder
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
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"Populist Saints" warmly tells the story of B. T. and Ellen Roberts, recounting this remarkable couples critique of powerful elites and illuminating the crisis of Methodism that gave rise to the Free Methodist Church.

Fire Among The Stubble Church Renewal In The Wesleyan Tradition

Author: William Kirchhofer
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Evangelicalism And Fundamentalism In The United Kingdom During The Twentieth Century

Author: David W. Bebbington
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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Since sanctification was, in Wesley's teaching, a gift of grace to be received by
faith, the gift could be received entirely and instantaneously. Yet entire
sanctification consisted of perfect love for God and for one's fellow human beings
and needed to be maintained constantly and so could never be a static state.
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Grand Rapids, ...

Anticipating Heaven Below

Author: Henry H. Knight
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Politics Strangely Warmed

Author: Gregory R. Coates
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The other biographies of B. t. roberts by his son Benson roberts (published in
1900) and by clarence Zahniser (published in 1957) each offer only passing
references to roberts' connection to populism (snyder, Populist Saints, 751–52 n.
29). 21. realizing the control they exerted over new york's farmers, the railroad
industry engaged in price-fixing to maximize their profit. during the 1870s and
80s it was more expensive to ship crops to new york city from rochester, ny, than
it was to ship ...

The Cambridge Companion To American Methodism

Author: Jason E. Vickers
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107433924
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Author: Andrew C. Koehl
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
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See Snyder, Populist Saints, 559. 53. Pamphlets Weld wrote or coauthored, such
as The Bible Against Slavery (1837) and Slavery as It Is (1839), along with his
gifts for organization and oratory and his loathing for any kind of hypocrisy make
him “the greatest of the Evangelical abolitionists and reformers” (Dayton,
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Populist Religion And Left Wing Politics In France 1830 1852

Author: Edward Berenson
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400853273
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When the archbishop of Sens (Yonne) and the curé of Béziers (Hérault) insisted
that the epidemic represented God's punishment for popular atheism and
immorality, their respective parishioners turned to fervent saint worship.” With
medicine powerless to stop the epidemic and organized religion unwilling to
intervene, the task of combatting cholera devolved to the healing saints. In many
rural regions peasants sought saintly cures from self-appointed healers, most of
whom were ...

The Gothic Enterprise

Author: Robert A. Scott
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520949560
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In addition, there is considerable evidence of nepotism and favoritism operating
in the process.61 Even though the Church had monopolized control over the
canonization process, the phenomenon of populist saints did not die out. If
anything, it flourished. Most people seemed to prefer venerating individuals who
were closer to them in space and time than the saints recognized by the Church
of Rome, and the number of local saints continued to increase. Ultimately, a
compromise was ...

Divine Healing The Formative Years 1830 1890

Author: James Robinson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1621895866
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5 Early Reformed Contribution THE PERFECTIONIST MESSAGE DID not remain.