Prairie Heat

Author: Tessa Layne
Publisher: Shady Layne Media
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Will an Alpha cowboy find true love on the range in this sexy, small town western? “You won’t want to miss this fast-paced, sexy ride.” - NYT & USA Today Bestseller, Cora Seton A captivating contemporary western romance series that ...

Prairie Heat

Author: Madeline Baker
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Mail-order bride, Matilda Thornton, is a prim and proper lady from Boston on her way to Arizona in order to meet her new husband for the first time.

Creating The Prairie Xeriscape

Author: Sara Williams
Publisher: Coteau Books
ISBN: 1550505424
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New breeding developments have assured better heat tolerance in sweet
alyssum (L. maritima) as well as a greater range of colours. QIS mix (75–90 cm/
30–36 in.) is available in dark blue, pale blue, rose, white and yellow. CARE:
Heat- and salt-tolerant, sea lavender does well in a fertile but well-drained sandy
or loamy soil in full sun. USE: Attractive massed in the border, they are excellent
as dried or fresh-cut flowers and are a nectar plant for butterflies. Sweet alyssum (
Lobularia ...

Prairie Farmer

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Before commencing his descriptions, Mr. Meehan expresses his views upon the
heat-producing powers of evergreens, and other trees in the following terms: “We
all know that a stove throws out heat by reason of the fuel it consumes, and that,
in like manner, the food taken by an animal, is as so much fuel to a stove—the
source from which animal heat is derived, and which is given off to the
surrounding atmosphere, precisely as heat is given off by the stove; but it is not
so well known ...

The New Normal

Author: University of Regina. Canadian Plains Research Center
Publisher: University of Regina Press
ISBN: 9780889772311
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Heat stress, for example, is likely to be Exacerbated due to the “heat island effect”
(e.g. Arnfield, 2003): concrete structures absorb and radiate heat, resulting in
further increases in temperatures. Historically, prairie summers have been mild
relative to other regions across Canada. This mild climate has also meant
relatively low rates of adaptation to heat stress, such as residential air
conditioning and city shelters. Extreme heat days, in other words, may be rare but
significant events for ...

Northern Heat

Author: Mark Elliott
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412049083
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Yes, that right there.” “Deputy Andrews, wake up.” I knew that voice. Sara Ward.
Sara is a registered nurse with Lake Prairie Community Hospital. She worked the
afternoon-early evening shift at the hospital, and volunteered with the ambulance
service when she was off duty. She had moved north from White Bear Lake two
years ago. She had been engaged to a young farm boy she had met at the
University. He was studying business and agriculture, intent on buying the family

From Prairie To Palestine

Author: Lyla Ann May
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469197898
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In the hot Southern California summers when my mother, sister and I came to visit
, the heat would hover over the garden and the buzzing of the bees was the only
sound in the silent afternoons as the fragrant scent rose on heat waves and our
little family of women napped in the dark bedrooms. In the summer, even the
streets outside were wonderful, because the heat would soften the black tar in
between the cracks in the asphalt so that we could squish it with our toes, and we
would ...

The Prairie Farmer

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Another is leaving, them so exposed that a hot sun dries them up just as they
begin to germinate ; still another cause is putting seeds that have been frozen,
into a strong heat, such as the heat of a hot bed. I have found it best in raising
seeds, even of plants that require a good heat to grow them, to put the seeds in a
cool soil and a cool place for a day or two before putting them in a strong heat. It
is better to begin at 40 degrees of the thermometer and gradually increase than
to place ...

The Medicine Line

Author: Beth LaDow
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135296081
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In the dust of trader Jean-Louis Légaré's thirty-seven wagons and screeching
Red River carts, he rode his pony through the fly-thick Canadian prairie heat,
south across the Canada-Montana border, preparing to submit to the United
States Army he and his Sioux followers had eluded in 1877, evading capture
after their victory at the Battle of the Little Big Horn the year before. In eight days
he would become the last Northern Plains Indian to surrender his rifle to a United
States soldier.

The Morrigan

Author: Annette Maxberry
Publisher: ICENI BOOKS
ISBN: 9781587365591
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They would have a long ride west, and the impractical fineries of city life would
just gather dust and end up rotting in the prairie heat. Better to leave the fancy
things behind than to have them around as useless nagging reminders of the
gaiety and hope that went with them. But Aunt Martha had forgotten that to a girl
of twelve the only necessities in posh Boston society or the barren American
frontier are the sentimental treasures of the heart, and these are impossible to
part with — even ...