Prehistoric Culture Change On The Colorado Plateau

Author: Shirley Powell
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 0816532877
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A collection of writings by participants in the Black Mesa Archaeological Project offers a synthesis of Kayenta-area archaeology, examining the ancestral Puebloan and Navajo occupation of the Four Corners region, and analysing faunal, ...

Native America From Prehistory To First Contact

Author: Rodney P. Carlisle
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1851098291
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They lived in the Colorado Plateau country of southern Utah, southwestern
Colorado, northwestern New Mexico, and northern Arizona sometime after 1 C.E
. to about 1300. “Anasazi” is a ... Archaeologists have defined several prehistoric
cultures in the American Southwest. ... Over time, these changes in daily focus
led to a cultural change that reflected more the needs of a permanent rather than
a mobile or wandering existence, and signs of a settled environment begin to

Evolving Complexity And Environmental Risk In The Prehistoric Southwest

Author: Workshop "Resource Stress, Economic Uncertainty, and Human Response in the Prehistoric Southwest"
Publisher: Westview Press
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Paper presented at the 24th Annual Chacmool Conference: "Culture and
Environment: A Fragile Coexistence." The University of Calgary, 7-10 November
1991. 1995a Kayenta Anasazi Settlement Transformations in Northeastern
Arizona: A.D. 1150-1350. In Pueblo Cultures in Transition, edited by Michael A.
Adler. The University of Arizona Press, Tucson. 1995b Late Pueblo II-Pueblo III in
Kayenta Branch Prehistory. In Prehistoric Culture Change on the Colorado
Plateau: Ten ...

Environmental Change And Human Adaptation In The Ancient American Southwest

Author: Julio L. Betancourt
Publisher: Univ of Utah Pr
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In Reconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo Societies, edited by William A. Longacre, pp
. 140-174. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque. 1988a
Dendrochronology and Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction on the Colorado
Plateaus. In TheAnasazi in a Changing Environment, edited by George J.
Gumerman, pp. 119-167. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 1988b A
Model of Anasazi Behavioral Adaptation. In TheAnasazi in a Changing
Environment, edited by George J.

The Way The Wind Blows

Author: Roderick J. McIntosh
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231505787
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Climate Change, History, and Human Action Roderick J. McIntosh, Joseph A.
Tainter, Susan Keech McIntosh. Plog, S. and J. L. Hantman. 1990. Chronology
construction and the study of prehistoric culture change. Journal of Field
Archaeology 17:439–456. Reid, J.J. 1989. A Grasshopper perspective on the ...
Dendroclimatic Reconstruction for the Southeastern Colorado Plateau.
Manuscript on file at the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona,
Tucson. Sayles, E. B. ...

The Coronado Project

Author: David H. Greenwald
Publisher: Swca Inc
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... argued that prehistoric cultural changes on the Colorado Plateau occurred
contemporaneously with environmental changes. The most important line of
evidence is the tree-ring chronologies prepared by the Southwest Paleoclimate
Project of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. Variations in the annual growth
rings of trees from archaeological contexts are datable in comparison with
chronologies of tree-rings prepared from living trees. This chronologically
sensitive variation is a ...

Changing River

Author: Helen C. Fairley
Publisher: Statistical Research
ISBN: 9781879442795
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Time, Culture and the Transformation of Landscape in the Grand Canyon : a
Regional Research Design for the Study of Cultural Resources Along the
Colorado River in Lower Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Helen C. Fairley. 1969 Grand Canyon ... Four Corners Geological Society,
Durango, Colorado. ... In Prehistoric Culture Change on the Colorado Plateau:
Ten Thousand Years on Black Mesa, edited by Shirley Powell and Francis E.
Smiley, pp. 37-65.

Excavation On Black Mesa 1977

Author: Joseph K. Anderson
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If additional data collection continues to support the changes in Figures 6 and 7,
this would suggest that the completely environmental explanation of the
prehistoric abandonment of Black Mesa offered by Gumerman and Euler (l976) is
not valid.. The above discussion has indicated that information on procurement
systems is important in testing previously formulated explanations of culture
change on Black Mesa and the Colorado Plateau. A significant amount of
information on ...

Cataract Canyon

Author: Robert H. Webb
Publisher: Univ of Utah Pr
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This spelling comes from the official web site of the Hopi Nation: The term
illustrates a problem with transliteration, since another spelling by a Hopi writer is
Hitsotsi- nom; see Leigh Kuwanwisiwma, "Hopit Navotiat, Hopi Knowledge of
History," in Prehistoric Culture Change on the Colorado Plateau, Ten Thousand
Years on Black Mesa, ed. Shirley Powell and RE. Smiley (Tucson: University of
Arizona Press, 2002), 162. 14. Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire: A Season in the
Wilderness ...

Generative Social Science Studies In Agent Based Computational Modeling

Author: Joshua M. Epstein
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400842875
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These people were prehistoric precursors of the modern Pueblo cultures of the
Colorado Plateau. A rich paleoenvironmental record, based on alluvial
geomorphology, palynology, and dendroclimatology, permits the accurate
quantitative reconstruction of annual fluctuations in potential agricultural
production (kg maize/hectare). The archaeological record of Anasazi farming
groups from A.D. 200 to 1300 provides information on a millennium of
sociocultural stasis, variability, change, ...