Othello Charles Fechter S Acting Edition Second Edition

Author: William Shakespeare
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No, Iago: I'll see, before I doubt; when I doubt : Prove! And, on the proof—there is
no more but this : Away at once with love and jealousy! (with a deep sigh of
forced content.) I am glad of it, for now I shall have reason To show the love and
duty that I bear you With franker spirit. Therefore, as I am bound, Receive it from
me: [looking around him with caution] (I speak not yet of proof )— Look to your
wife! observe her well with Cassio; [drawing him aside] Wear your eye thus—not
jealous, ...

A Retrospective Glance At Mr Fechter S Iago And Acting Edition Of Othello

Author: Wilmot
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... hypothesis of the jealous nature of Othello. The Moor's sentiment is but this :
that he will not suspect without a cause, — will not be causelessly jealous,— "
following still the changes of the moon with fresh suspicions." He will not go mad
jealous for nothing : — " 'Tis not to make me jealous, To say, my wife is fair, loves
company, Is free of speech, sings, plays, and dances well : Where virtue is, these
are more virtuous.'' Even jealousy itself would scarcely own it wished no proof :—
" No, ...

Bersetzung Translation Traduction 1 Teilband

Author: Harald Kittel
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110194082
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... knowledge which a translation researcher who wants to do a good job does
not have but must obtain at almost any cost: the precise version of the text to be
translated, variants and all, in whatever form at hand – manuscript, galley proof,
acting version, newspaper, anthology, popular paperback, definitive edition,
critical edition including apparatus, etc.; the aids to translating on the translator's
desk or shelves – dictionaries, grammars, manuals of style, encyclopedias,
special studies, ...

French S Acting Edition Of Plays Dramas Extravaganzas Farces

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Mountains of proof on proof–if proof were needed— But had disproof come with
them, and not proof, 'Tis all too late— BERT. How P FRAN. I have drugged their
wine— They will sleep sound to-night ! (she retires up) BERT. (aside) Choose
woman's hands You that would have grim work nimbly despatched Here's
Malatesta! Looking black as night. So, Lord, I hope you liked your waking news!
Now—now—to gloat over his agony | Enter MALATESTA, L. MALA, (not seeing
the Duchess) ...

Stress Proof Your Life 2nd Edition

Author: Elisabeth Wilson
Publisher: Infinite Ideas
ISBN: 1905940068
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Stop. acting. on. impulse. Focus, concentration, sticking to what you've started.
That will cut your stress levels instantly. Yes,. yes,. yes,. But. how? Some days I
run around like a frantic hen. Charging to work, rushing home early to spend time
with the kids, doing chores, doing research, ... It will build your self-esteem by
fostering your sense of yourself as a person who follows through on their word. (2
) It will clear Here's an idea for you... your life of a ton. 181. 41. 41. Stop acting on

Lacy S Acting Edition Of Plays Dramas Farces And Extravagances Etc Etc

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Here's a pictur' for a civilized community to afford ; yonder, a poor ignorant
savage, and round him a circle of hearts, white with revenge and hate, thirsting
for his blood ; you call yourselves judges — you ain't — you're a jury of
executioners. It is such scenes as these that bring disgrace upon our Western life.
M'Closky. Evidence ! Evidence ! give us evidence, we've had talk enough ; now
for proof. Omnes. Yes, yes ! Proof, proof. Scud. Where am I to get it ? the proof is
here, in my heart!

The Compleat Works Of Willm Shkspr Abridged Acting Edition

Author: Adam Long
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 147684433X
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Sad hours seem long. A/BEN: What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours? D/
ROMEO: Not having that which, having, makes them short. A/BEN: In love? D/
ROMEO: Out. A/BEN: Out of love? D/ROMEO: Out of her favor where I am in love.
A/BEN: Alas that love, so gentle in his view, Should be so rough and tyrannous in
proof. D/ROMEO: Alas that love, whose view is muffl'd still, Should without eyes
see pathways to his will. BOTH: [As the dance concludes with a sudden wistful
tableau.] ...

Coriolanus Printed From The Acting Edition With Remarks To Which Are Added A Description Of The Costume And The Whole Of The Stage Business As Now Performed At The Theatres Royal London

Author: William Shakespeare
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Since, Coriolanus, thou dost still retain, In spite of all thy mother now has pleaded
, Thy dreadful purpose ; ah, how much in vain Were it for me to join my
supplications l The voice of thy Virgilia, once so pleasing, How shall it hope to
touch the husband's heart, When proof against the tears of such a parent! But i
must weep. O, permit me, To shed my gushing tears upon thy hand. And take my
last farewell ! Cor. Leave me. ,Vir. I obey. How bitter thus to part, Upon such terms
to part.

Measure For Measure Printed From The Acting Edition With Remarks To Which Are Added A Description Of The Costume Cast Of The Characters And The Whole Of The Stage Business As Now Performed At The Theatres Royal London Etc

Author: William Shakespeare
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... manner to do so. Prov. His friends still wrought reprieves for him: and, indeed,
this fact, till now, in the government 'o Lord Angelo, came not to an undoubtful
proof. ' " Doha. Is.it now apparent'! ' ' ' Prov. Most manifest, and not denied by
himself'. ':4. w.' ., 'I 5?? $2259“: we, . vim Duke. Hath ,he home himself D v 59ml! L
] MsASURs non 'masons. 41 ...

Literature And Authenticity 1780 1900

Author: Michael Davies
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317104501
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for Lyceum audiences.12 In his preface to the acting edition, Irving wrote of 'the
play being necessarily reduced to suit the exigencies of the present time, all
superfluous horrors have been omitted'.13 In Alan Hughes's calculation, Irving
cut 1,507 lines out of 3,275, a staggering 46 percent.14 Further insight into the
process is provided by the annotated copy in the British Library,15 which, though
catalogued as a promptbook, in fact amounts to a proof of the acting edition with
a further ...