Arguments And Arguing

Author: Thomas A. Hollihan
Publisher: Waveland Press
ISBN: 1478632011
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The Products and Process of Human Decision Making, Third Edition Thomas A.
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Briefly Speaking

Author: Cal McLeod Logue
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 9780205129133
Size: 35.31 MB
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A Guide to Public Speaking in College and Career Cal McLeod Logue, Dwight L.
Freshley, Cahrles R. (CON) Gruner. 4. Prepare a four- to six-minute speech in
which you attempt to actuate an audience. 5. ... E. Gronbeck, Douglas Ehninger,
and Alan H. Monroe, Principles of Speech Communication, 10th Edition (
Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman), 1988. Used by permission. 10. This sample
student speech was delivered by Doris Cook in an honors speech
communication class, The ...

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Public Speaking 2nd Edition

Author: Laurie Rozakis
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0786542527
Size: 63.81 MB
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Or, it's like this: You have a chance to make a speech that could make a
significant difference to your career, reputation, and public profile. You don't
really have to make the speech, but it would be a shame to ... The last time you
gave a speech was in 10th grade English, in 19... oh, we're not going to get into
that. So what's your problem? Weren't you supposed to learn all about public
speaking in high school and college? Sure you were, but you had your bad days
and your good days.

Advanced Public Speaking

Author: Michael Hostetler
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317350545
Size: 32.61 MB
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As a result, teachers get the same training in public speaking as accountants,
engineers, or dentists. In addition, many teachers seem to separate classroom
lecturing from public speaking as if they were completely different activities.
Finally, there is a ... Frequently these speakers are people who have built
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Your Guide To College Success Strategies For Achieving Your Goals

Author: Jane Halonen
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111834334
Size: 35.55 MB
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Comprehensive stress management (12th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.
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