Choreographing The Global In European Cinema And Theater

Author: K. Sieg
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230615457
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... centering on working girls and women in search of companionate relationships
with men, One, Two, Three insists on linking women with the domestic sphere.
While one might regard this linkage as mirroring and affirming the conservative
gender policies of liberal democracies in the postwar era, I propose a more
critical reading: the film constructs woman as a sign of privatized labor in the
home (Mrs. McNamara and her cleaning woman) as well as in the realm of pink-
collar wage ...

Institutional Abuse

Author: Jill Manthorpe
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134662599
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Garrett, T. (1992) Summary of Findings of a National Survey of Clinical
Psychologists with Reference to Sexual Contact with Patients, report available
from POPAN, London. Hall, M. ... Hall, S. (1986) 'I've seen pink and white fairies
dancing on bushes', in P. McNeill, M.McShea and P.Parmar (eds) Through The
Break, London: Sheba Press. Iddamalgoda, K. ... McNamara, J. and Radclyffe, K.
(1998) 'Turning tricks for tea bags', Women and Mental Health Forum Newsletter
4, May: 8–9.

Ms Magazine

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chrnan, Queens College u Be Women (as opposed to Women Who Are Women'?
). This antiferninist group from Fort Worth, Texas, would descend on the state
capitol all dressed in pink in attempts to rescind the state ERA. I once escorted
national NOW president Ellie Smeal on interviews. She was wearing a fme
salmon-colored suit, and a woman reporter asked her how could she wear pink
when that color was identified with “the opposition"? Ellie replied that they don't
have a ...

The Reporter

Author: Max Ascoli
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Is there something wrong with that?" As McNamara prepared to read a statement
for the television cameras, she scurried around the group; "Boo when he talks,"
she instructed. ... What was wrong with Communism on the Map? one lady
wanted to know. The Department had a better film prepared on the subject with
Edward R. Murrow, McNamara replied. Had she seen it? "Edward R. Murrow, he
couldn't put out a good film," said the lady. "He's a Pink." Later in the day it turned
out that ...

Critical And Creative Research Methodologies In Social Work

Author: Lia Bryant
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131715763X
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Thinness, eating disorders and sexual trauma. In: S. McNamara, ed., 2014. (Re)
Possessing beauty: Politics, poetics, change. Oxford, UK: Inter-disciplinary Press.
pp. 67–92. Holquist, M., 2004. Dialogism. 2nd edition. London: Routledge.
Kearney, K.S., and Hyle, A.E., 2004. Drawing out emotions: the use of participant-
produced drawings in qualitative inquiry. Qualitative Research, 4(3), pp. 361–82.
Kress, G. and van Leeuwen, T., 1996. Reading images: the grammar of visual

The Fairy Bell Sisters 2 Rosy And The Secret Friend

Author: Margaret McNamara
Publisher: Harper Collins
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Margaret McNamara tells the stories of Tinker Bell’s little sisters in her charming chapter-book series, the Fairy Bell Sisters. Readers of the Disney Fairies and Rainbow Fairies series will adore these magical fairy tales.

Code 211 Blue

Author: Joseph D. McNamara
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Joseph D. McNamara. “I don't know about all that. Remember, you flopped
McKay from Narcotics to me after the memo. All I'm saying is he cares about
victims and makes good cases. The D.A.'s office asks for him on the tough rapes.”
“And dropping a memo like that outside the ... A policewoman by the name of
Terry Fisher is going to be assigned to your unit, and you are going to assign her
to work with McKay and O'Neil on the ski mask case. And, since her predecessor
complained ...


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Hospital and Clinic Women's Auxiliary POTTSVILLE HOSPITAL AND WARNE
CLINIC Auxiliary Punxsutawney: ADRIAN HOSPITAL Auxiliary Reading:
Women's Board Rldgwiy:ELK COUNTY GENERAL HOSPITAL Women's Auxiliary
MEDICAL CENTER Auxiliary ...

Die Asche Meiner Mutter

Author: Frank McCourt
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Schlimmer als die normale unglückliche Kindheit ist die unglückliche irische Kindheit, und noch schlimmer ist die unglückliche irische katholische Kindheit.« Frank McCourts Erinnerungen an seine Jugend in den 30er und 40er Jahren ...