Let S Get Ready For Kindergarten

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Publisher: Rigby
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\G* Redefining the Three Rs Relax, Refocus, Recharge For Teachers ISBN 0-
7398-7598-1 Spelling Puzzlers Reproducible Puzzles, Mazes, and Fun Activities
Grade 1 ISBN 0-7635-7343-4 Grade 2 ISBN 0-7635-7753-7 Grade 3 ISBN ... for
Establishing and Maintaining Effective Learning Environment ides K-3 ISBN 0-
7398-7595-7 e Complete Phonemic Awareness ndbook re than 300 Playful
Activities for Early iding Success ides K-2 ISBN 0-7635-7347-7 ;ative Writing
Prompts lding ...

Early Years

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Children learn to write simple sentences, advance to creative writing. H-SE104
Book 1 (Manuscript) . $6.25 H-SE105 Book 2 (Cursive) 6.25 H-SE133 Let's Drill (
Cursive) 6.25 GA65 PRIMARILY ME. An exciting collection of simple activities to
help develop positive self-concept Set of 40 duplicating masters encourages
practical skills, stimulates creativity Teacher's Guide (K-3) $9.95 MB7701
discrimination skills ...


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NEW. TITLES. Or. n Getting Ready lor Kindergarten K 1 Learning to Count (K-2)
Q Learning the Alphabet (K-2) f~| Learning Initial Consonants. .(K-3) n Learning
Short Vowels (1-3) B Sequencing (3-4) Suffixes (2-4) Q Basic Capitalization ...
Manuscript Writing (1-2). Cursive Writing (2-3). Advanced Cursive Writing (3-6).
Dictionary Skills (4-8) . Grammar Enrichment (4-8). Vocabulary Enrichment (4-8).
Using the Library (3-6). Library Skills (4-8). Health Activities (1-3). Human Body (4


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FRANK SCHAFFER'S NEW TITLES □ Getting Ready for Kindgln. IK) (4.50 □
Learning ... Basic Phonics: Book 1 IK-21.. Basic Phonics: Book 2 IK-2).. Basic
Phonics: Book 3 IK-2).. Basic Phonics: Book 4 IK-2).. Basic Phonics: Book 5 IK-2).
. □ Basic Phonics: Book a IK-31.. Basic Phonics: Book 7 11-3).. Basic Phonics:
Book 8 11-3).. Basic Phonics: ... Manuscript Writing Cursive Writing Advanced
Cursive Writing Dictionary Skills Grammar Enrichment Vocabulary Enrichment ...
Using the ...


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W100 $3.00 Set 2 Cursive in Full Color No. W200 $3.00 Hayes Phonetic
Alphabet $3.00 PHONICS DUPLICATING PHONICS Phonics IA $3.00 Phonics IB
$3.00 Phonics IC S3 00 Phonics MA $3.00 Phonics MB $3.00 Phonics MIA $3.00
Phonics 1MB $3.00 Phonics IVA $3.00 Phonics IVB $3.00 Phonics V $3.00
Phonics VI S3 00 Phonics and Reading $3.00 Phonetic Reader $3.00 Phonics
Readiness $2.50 Phonics Grade 1 $2.50 Phonics Grade 2 $2.50 Phonics Grade
3 $2.50 ...

Twice Exceptional

Author: Scott Barry Kaufman
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PREPS 2, 3, 4, AND 5 TRANSITION LEVELS These preps are comprised of
second, third, and fourth-grade-aged children. This group is called transitions as
the principles emphasized in Prep 1 continue with the goal of developing further
self-regulation and executive functioning, leading to a more independent student
in a departmentalized Upper School. Academics include skills in all areas
emphasizing exercises that increase fine motor control and promote success in

Subject Guide To Children S Books In Print 1989 1990

Author: R R Bowker Publishing
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7.95 (ISBN 0-916392-08-2, Pub. by Value Communications). Oak Tree Pubns. —
The Value of Patience: The Story of the Wright Brothers. Pileggi, Steve, illus. 64p.
(gr. k-6). Date not set. Incl. cassette, pap. 8.95 (ISBN 0-86679-066-7, Pub. by ...
Allington, Richard L. & Krull, Kathleen. Writing. Miyake, Yoshi, illus. LC 80-15334.
32p. (ps-2). 1980. PLB 14.65 (ISBN 0-8172-1321-X). Raintree Pubs. Ann Arbor
Publishers Editorial Staff. Cursive Writing One: Reusable Edition. 64p. (gr. 2-3).