Remember That

Author: Allison Dolan
Publisher: Family Tree Books
ISBN: 1440316902
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Everyone wants to leave their mark and leave their imprint on history. Remember That? gives you a fun way to enjoy your family history while placing personal events and memories within the larger cultural picture.

The Sporting News

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After all, his father, Edwin, was a certified baseball nut, his own baseball
memories go back to the 1932 World Series and he hit .666 one year in high
school. Not only that but, shades of Judge Kenesaw Landis, he used to bet rather
substantially on the outcome of major league games. So he had as much right to
save the Giants as anybody. And besides, he had the money. "I remember that '
32 Series well," he said. "My dad had to go to Chicago on business and he took
me to see the ...

The Living Age

Author: Eliakim Littell
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TEST YOUR MEMORY! How many answers to these questions on last year's
events do you know? Cbtck □ When did Hitler enter Austria? □ What cities has
Japan conquered in China? □ When did the French Popular Front Government
Jail? ... New York City Please send me a copy of The World Over: 193S. □ I
enclose S4. □ Bill me. Nam Street City and State How often has it happened to
you? . . . Some date, some little fact, some figure . . . needed right then and there .
. . It's on the ...

Congressional Record

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On my desk is a letter written by my 'father on July 3, 1932, which summarizes his
tremendously important headline switch to Roosevelt. ... Most of my other
memories and impressions of FDR's subsequent 12 years and one month in the
White House are colored by my father's strong reactions to this strong President.
... The thing to remember, despite the controversies, is that drastic decisions had
to be made in those drastic times—and FDR made them, for the most part

Sight And Sound

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Where does this leave movie lives? Maybe the most important conclusion is that
people who aspire to be legendary and who play upon the fantasies of strangers
are uncommonly hard to pin down in fact. Not many of them leave documentary
memories - and old letters are so much more reliable than elderly memories.
When I did David Selznick's life, I had as a subject a madman who kept every
piece of paper. So I could visit the 80-year-olds left alive with an embarrassing
advantage: ...

Call Me Russell

Author: Russell Peters
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
ISBN: 038566964X
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This is a shockingly honest book filled with poignant memories of his family, his life and his career. Call Me Russell is a deeply inspirational story for aspiring artists of any culture about having hope, working hard and dreaming big.

Eastern World

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remember that the subject matter in the Five Canons covers the earliest period of
Chinese history, and that the Chinese script had undergone several major
changes before it began to assume its present form — two facts which gave rise
to sundry ... When some were dug out of double walls, or again committed to
writing from memory over one hundred years later, the original consecutive order
and many passages written on bamboo plates were lost forever and numerous
errors of ...

The Wiener Library Bulletin

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The President of the German Federal Republic was the first German head of
State to visit Britain within more than fifty years, since the almost legendary days
of Kaiser Wilhelm II. ... Now there was still no "natural sympathy" and the thought
of friendship was gravely overshadowed by memories of those crimes which
Professor Heuss has often acknowledged and denounced in no uncertain terms,
even during his visit to ... The News Chronicle criticised the visit on one specific