Author: Andrew M. Davis
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1493405470
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"Andy Davis has spent years in revitalization work, and in this book he makes what he has learned accessible to others. I welcome this solid new contribution to the growing literature on helping churches 'come alive again.

Reclaimed Church

Author: Bill Henard
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 1462790720
Size: 77.96 MB
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Aubrey Malphurs and Gordon E. Penfold, Re:Vision, The Key to Transforming
Your Church (Grand Rapids: Baker ... Andrew M. Davis, Revitalize: Biblical Keys
to Helping Your Church Come Alive Again (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2017),

The Present Testimony And Original Christian Witness Revived

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So whilst at Thyatira, he says to the faithful, "What thou hast, hold fast, till I come;"
at Philadelphia, he says, " Behold, I come quickly. ... for his name's sake, He
reveals himself simply in his personal character, " He that died, and is alive again
," exactly the ... rinding a door whereby they may serve God rightly on true ground
, he reveals himself as having the key of David, opening ... Do we want power in
the church, amidst weakness, declension, and corruption, power to serve
acceptably ?

Toward 2015

Author: Richard Kew
Publisher: Cowley Pubns
ISBN: 9781561011377
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which does not engage in God's work of reconciliation is simply a disobedient
church. ... Worship is revitalized, the Bible comes alive, spirituality is enriched,
stewardship turns from "tipping God" to making a sacrifice, and the quality of
Christian ...

A Second Resurrection

Author: Bill Easum
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1426728263
Size: 32.61 MB
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The goal of this book is to guide the leaders of these churches through the painful, yet ultimately life-giving work of leading a church to new life in the Spirit. If you want to find new life for your church, read on . . .

Seeing Beyond Church Walls

Author: Steve Sjogren
Publisher: Group Publishing (Company)
ISBN: 9780764423437
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bless you beyond your wildest dreams and bring in a harvest beyond what you
can even imagine. ... will take to get from here to there; you just need to know
where God wants you to go and to commit to following the vision he's given you.
... How did a dying church sunk deep in debt become so revitalized and alive in
just seven years? The key to revitalization lies in becoming outward-focused. ...
The excitement of such endeavors is contagious, and the congregation came
back to life.

The Bible Echo Ed By W Kellaway

Author: W Kellaway
Size: 17.66 MB
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countries laments its influence, and sighs for the time •when they will he
delivered from its power. ... of these ages but at the risk of reviving their spirit and
ideas, and throwing back the progress of the world for long ages. ... They will
come with all their train. ... Anciently, the Church not only contained, but consisted
of the pardoned and the tared ; and its members were ... and a sense the
translators of the English Bible, if alive, would not permit to be put upon them with
their sanction.

The Christian

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I built one church ; and He lias given me two, more beautiful than the. one I gave
up to Him when with many tears I left Baldau* ... an annual gathering, and was
told I " must come to it" Accordingly I went, and certainly it was a heavenly
gathering, and. ... Mr. Pennefather was the personification of Christian love, and
those who assembled in his presence could not help ... that hveth, and was dead
; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen ; and nave the keys of hell and of
death " (Rev.

Frank Leslie S Sunday Magazine

Author: Charles Force Deems
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is a And whenever in your father's house you say, “ I wish my father would leave
the house : I am going to invite not cadcuhited to excite any devotional idea in the
Christian mind, but something to thc reverse, they are all in all to time, and we.
want the key of the cellar and the larder ;" or whenever you, my friends in the
Church, ... He has just come from inside of the house, and from saying, “This, my
son, who was dead, is alive again ; who was lost, is found,” and ...

The Churchman

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Just as when we go to the former home of some dear friend we recognize
everywhere, even in the most trivial objects — in book and chair and ... But, as
Dean Church has urged in his striking course of sermons at St. Paul's, London,
this last ... Christian character — the character of the man who in all his works
and ways is, as St. Paul puts, it " alive unto God," realizing his ... The Old
Testament manifestations of this are partial and broken ; but the Incarnation of
Christ is the key to them.