A Grandfather S Gift

Author: James E. Smith, Sr.
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1491863285
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Since the bus was coming to the top of the hill to pick up Mr. Goza's kids, it was
only a few hundred yards on down the road to Ruthie and Julia's house, and they
wanted to go to an eight-month school. So, Ruthie's mama got the bus to come to
her house and get her kids. That was where I first saw Ruthie. She was such a
cute little girl, just eleven years old. For some reason, I liked to pick on her. There
was no love involved, but bus riding gets rather boring, and once the kids my age

Annie S Adventures

Author: Iris Rodak
Publisher: PageFree Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781589612945
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Goodbye Ruthie Annie, Mary Ann, and Ruthie were the best of friends. They
played together at every recess. They ate together in the lunchroom if Annie ate
at school instead of running home for lunch. Mary Ann was a fast runner and
could play jacks better than anyone except for Sharon Jacobs who was in
another class. Ruthie was funny and loud and made Annie laugh a lot. Annie was
quiet and shy so Ruthie' s gift of gab and silliness brought out the best in Annie!
Annie felt that ...

Right As Rain

Author: Bev Marshall
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she would take J. P.'s gift out to him this morning. He could wear the gold
monogrammed cuff links at the graduation later today. "Annie Ruth, time to eat,"
she yelled into the den over the sound of the Saturday-morning cartoons. Annie
Ruth, wearing a green satin dressing gown that Ruthie had discarded, sauntered
into the kitchen, fanned the full skirt around her chair, and reached for her spoon.
"Can we go ...

A Cowboy S Gift

Author: Anne McAllister
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 9780373763290
Size: 77.53 MB
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This is not... regular biology. It's the high-tech stuff. I'm not the mother. I'm the
surrogate. I'm just... carrying their child." He stared at her, looking a little dazed, a
lot disbelieving and still considerably confused. "Ruthie and Jeff have been
married a dozen years. They have been trying to have a baby for almost as long.
Ruthie' s had seven miscarriages. She can get pregnant, but she can't carry a
baby to term. Something to do with her uterus." Ruthie could explain in precise
medical terms ...

The Mystery Of The Christmas Dollhouse

Author: James F. Bixby
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1440171424
Size: 12.97 MB
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beamed Ruth Wassel. "So we've finally come to one of my favorite parts of
Christmas, wrapping the gifts," said Ruth happily. "Let me see first what you have
for Melanie from the store; I'm so excited." "This is no ordinary gift. I thought and
thought about what to give her. I liked our idea of a doll the best, and so I put this
one together from parts lying around the toy shop," explained Emil. "It's unlike any
other doll you've ever seen in my toy store. We have to be careful, though, in case
she ...

The Gift Of Story

Author: Marion Halligan
Publisher: Univ of Queensland Pr
Size: 38.83 MB
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a photograph of her at the beach with Ruthie when Ruthie was small. And in the
bedroom, in the middle of the dressing table, framed in an ornate silver frame,
was a photograph of Bluma when she was sixteen. It was Moishe's favourite
photograph. You could see Bluma s quiet exuberance. It was a characteristic
Ruthie had inherited, thought Moishe. Neither Bluma nor Ruthie had found it
easy to express outright joy. And Moishe could understand why. They were Jews.
And Jews knew ...

Love S Tender Gift

Author: Elizabeth Murphy
ISBN: 9781557487018
Size: 73.22 MB
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I think you'd enjoy my family — all seven kids, a couple of spouses and a
splattering of grandchildren — not forgetting Ruthie, my foster sister." Val was
overwhelmed by the sheer size of his family. "All those children. . and your mom
takes in a foster child as well?" "That's Millie Bennigan for you," said Joel with
obvious pride and affection. "Now that the youngest Bennigan is a teenager, she
decided she needed someone else to mother. Ruthie 's ten years old and was
born severely ...

Keeping Your Family Together

Author: Kevin Leman
Publisher: Dell Books
ISBN: 9780440505167
Size: 29.24 MB
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There usually isn't enough time to get down to see Aunt Ruthie, who lives at least
thirty miles out of Buffalo, but I still try to connect with her whenever I can. A few
years ago, when I surprised my mother with a trip to Norway, I included as part of
the gift an opportunity to take her little sister Ruthie along. What I always
remember about Aunt Ruthie is the Christmas wrapping she would use on all her
gifts. Every year Aunt Ruthie 's presents were covered with little snowmen, and I
knew that ...

Miranda S Muse

Author: Arlene Spector
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1403346089
Size: 46.14 MB
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To this day, there are strong and wise women among us who call on "The
Goddess", as She is now known, to guide and sustain them. The Storysmith
When Miranda and Joseph had first taken over the cafe, Miranda usually put in a
seven-day workweek. After it became clear that the cafe was well on the way to
becoming profitable, she allowed herself a day off every week. Ruthie was a "gift"
from the previous owner and proved to be not only competent, but flexible as well
. She took ...