Science Is Beautiful

Author: Colin Salter
Publisher: Batsford
ISBN: 9781849941921
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The images are as beautiful as any art. This stunning collection of images can be enjoyed purely as a visual voyage but also as a way to understand more of the science behind the image.

Science Is Beautiful Disease And Medicine

Author: Colin Salter
Publisher: Batsford
ISBN: 9781849944410
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This collection of images, as beautiful as any artwork, can be enjoyed purely as a visual voyage but also as a way to understand more of the science behind the image, whether it's the work of a meningitis virus, our chromosomes in a cancer ...

Science And The Truthfulness Of Beauty

Author: Robert Gilbert
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317059018
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confused with these scientific thoughts'. And Feynman said, 'No, I see so much
more beauty, because there is beauty', they were talking about a flower, 'There is
beauty in the understanding of how a flower is constructed to attract pollinating
insects, there is beauty in the cellular structure of a flower, there's enormous
beauty in what we see in the night sky.' 'This is an age-old debate . . . Artists deal
with the great questions that mankind has always posed. Art and ideas have
always ...

Endless Forms Most Beautiful The New Science Of Evo Devo

Author: Sean B. Carroll
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393069716
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synthesis between what is often referred to as our “left” brain (reasoning) and “
right” brain (emotional/artistic) hemispheres. The greatest “eurekas” in science
combine both sensual aesthetics and conceptual insight. The physicist Victor
Weisskopf (also a pianist) noted, “What is beautiful in science is the same thing
that is beautiful in Beethoven. There's a fog of events and suddenly you see a
connection. It expresses a complex of human concerns that goes deeply to you,
that connects ...

The Science Of Beauty

Author: Annelie Ramsbrock
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137523158
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Historical analysis of the technical creation and social evaluation of beautified
bodies in modern Germany demonstrates that beauty ideals there represented
models of scientific and social order. Therefore, they must be conceived as a
special kind of social self-description. Precisely because ideas of beauty always
express patterns of social order, the still relevant contrasts and contradictions
mentioned in Vogue cannot be dismissed out of hand. On the contrary, they are
inherent to ...

The Canon

Author: Natalie Angier
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571250092
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New York Times science writer Natalie Angier argues that this neglected canon should be essential knowledge - like Shakespeare, Beethoven or Picasso - for any cultured person, and The Canon makes these scientific fundamentals both exciting ...

Mirror Of The Intellect

Author: Titus Burckhardt
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791498042
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Essays on Traditional Science and Sacred Art Titus Burckhardt. This judgement,
however, is one-Sided; it forgets that art, while dealing in fact with the outward
aspect of things, at the same time reveals an inward dimension of reality. The
essence of art is beauty, and beauty by its very nature is an outward as well as an
inward reality. According to a well-known saying of the Prophet: 'God is beautiful
and He loves beauty' (Alla'hu jamilunyuhibbu 'l-jamdl). Beauty is therefore a
Divine ...

On Aesthetics In Science

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780817633790
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What is beautiful in general and therefore beautiful in science is harmony, order,
simplicity, a quality of cleanness. There was certainly not enough discussion of
the subject to sort out two questions: Are we talking about beauty in nature or
beauty in scientific work and thought? But if we had done so, we probably would
have applied the same aesthetic criteria to both. The order of the scientific mind
reflects the order of nature. As time has gone by, the recognition of the
importance of ...


Author: Willie Cannon-Brown
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135862354
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For Maāt to be called the Beautiful, it communicates that she met the standards of
both maat and nefer. Maāt is the characterization of beauty for all human beings,
male and female. To be beautiful necessarily takes on a divine meaning that is
internal and external beauty. As a matter of fact, from an African point of view,
beauty has less to do with physical characteristics; it has more to do with spiritual
(the presence of the divine) characteristics. AESTHETICS/BEAUTY OF SCIENCE

How To Win The Nobel Prize

Author: J. Michael BISHOP
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674016255
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Creative science is achieved through courage. Most of the great discoveries in
science come from bold acts of the imagination, intellectual daring of the highest
order. In the words of Fats Waller (speaking of musical chords): "Dare to be
wrong, or you may never be right.” There is no fear in science greater than that of
being wrong. But the scientist who cannot act in the face of that fear stands little
chance of changing textbooks. Aesthetics permeate science. Scientists find
beauty in ...