Scrape Off The Black

Author: Tunde Ikoli
Publisher: Oberon Books
ISBN: 1849438927
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not yet even past the stage where a touring theatre will refuse a show because '
we've already had a black show this year', or the answer may be, 'We had a black
show last year. It didn't work', with no acknowledgement that that particular show
just may have been a bad one, and/or that the marketing techniques may have
been inappropriate and therefore ineffective. To suddenly do just one black show
among a year ofwhite work without a great deal of extra and different marketing is

Black Plays 3

Author: Yvonne Brewster
Publisher: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama
ISBN: 9780413691309
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This is a wide-ranging selection by theatre director Yvonne Brewster Boy with Beer by Paul Boakye is a funny and sexy story of a Guardian-reading gay photographer who finds his fantasy "African Prince" - "Boakye's writing is brash and ...

Alternatives Within The Mainstream

Author: Dimple Godiwala
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443802867
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Woddis, Carole (15-21 March 1985), 'The New Hardware Store', City Limits.
Wright, Charles (22 March 1985), 'Symbolic clash in Trinidad', Ham and High.
Scrape off the Black Anon. (13 January 1985), 'Scrape off the Black', Sunday
Times. Asquith, Ros (13 January 1985), 'Black brothers', Observer. Bryce, Mary (
15 February 1985), 'Scrape off the Black', Tribune. Connor, John (18-24 January
1985), 'Scrape off the Black', City Limits. Hoyle, Martin (15 January1985), 'Scrape
off the ...

Art Recreations

Author: L. B. Urbino
ISBN: 1435755901
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\Vhen all is scraped off, you can commence coating it over again. This time add a
little Prussian blue with your black varnish: it makes a more brilliant black. (The
proportions are, to one pint of spirit varnish add one and a half ounces of
lampblack and half an ounce of Prussian blue.) Coat it three or four times over if it
requires it; then scrape off the black from the pearl again. If it seems pretty level,
we will proceed with the next process; (if not, coat again as before, and scrape.)
Get some ...

At The Back Of The Black Man S Mind

Author: Richard Edward Dennett
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780714616537
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The next month, the first in the AHISHUKU season, the Bini are busy cutting down
woods and forests for the purpose of making their farms. This action they call 1
FIE. I FA is literally that which is scraped off and is also the name of the palm nut
god of the Yoruba. The verb FA is to clean or scrape off. The letters F, H, and Y,
are interchangeable thus, HA is to scrape, UHE the Bini for IFE, and the Bina
palm tree river spirit, taking the place of the Yoruba IFA is OVIA. O is a royal title
short for ...

Blue Bayou Days The Summer Of 61

Author: G. Artie Whitlow
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595138128
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He laughed again and then turned around and headed off to work. I got on Ole
Betsy and rode home, hoping no one would notice me. When I got home, I
crawled back into bed and slept till noon, when I was awakened by the sounds
and smells of Momma frying chicken. Momma claims that she can't cook, but to
tell you the truth, she makes the best southern fried chicken I have ever eaten. It
didn't bother me that when she made toast in the oven; we always had to scrape
off the black ...

Black World Negro Digest

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only its odor and a hard, sweet sludge, impossible to scrape off." The effect of
reading this novel is abso- ( Continued from page Si) lutely impossible to scrape
off. But then, I don't believe you'll want to. — RUTH RAMBO McCLAiN The novel
is the white boy's own bloated plaster armless goddess. He invented it the way
Yakub allegedly invented him, out of the head. Out of the pen, really. The novel
was the first literary form made wholly for the eye. Black writers trying to master it
sound ...

The Power Of Human Imagination

Author: Jerome L. Singer
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461339413
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As in all this work, a matter-of-fact tone in the present tense—“You scrape off all
the black"—is pretty good proof against objections to carrying forth simple
imaginings. In fact, it's difficult not to picture what another is speaking of. When
the colors emerge, compound colors may be separated into primaries and the
several colors given shapes by asking, “What shape is the red now?" or, “If the
color were a thing, what would it be? Look and tell me.” Then, balls may be rolled
or thrown, ...

Kingston 14

Author: Roy Williams
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1472588274
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... Scrape off the Black, for his performances in these two plays Brian won Drama
magazine's most Promising Actor Award (Riverside/National Theatre platform)
and Up in the Hide (Gate Theatre). Film credits include: Get Santa (Scott Free),
Love Actually (Actually Films Ltd), All or Nothing (Thin Man Films), Hotel Mike (
Hotel Productions), AKA (Third Rock Films), Sorted (Jovy Junior Enterprises), The
Stephen Lawrence Story (Granada), Wrangle (Independent), Lord of Misrule (Hat
Trick) ...

A Black Physician S Struggle For Civil Rights

Author: Florence Ridlon
Publisher: UNM Press
ISBN: 9780826333391
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One day I worked from five in the morning 'til midnight and I made twelve dollars
and something. When school was out we didn't have anybody to wait tables for or
make bread for, so we had to find another job. Dean Archer called Mr. Carson,
the superintendent of buildings and grounds, and said, "You find work for these
boys." We went over and the project was to paint every dormitory at Spelman
College. In those days, we had to scrape off the old paint. We would get a brush
and ...