Secrets Vol 2 Infused Passion

Author: MS. Dorothy A. Dukes
ISBN: 131259067X
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MS. Dorothy A. Dukes. SECRETS – BOOK 2 Infused Passion SECRETS – BOOK
2 Infused Passion by Ms. Dorothy A SECRETS by Ms. Dorothy A Dukes 2

Secret Memoirs And Manners Of Several Persons Of Quality Of Both Sexes From The New Atalantis An Island In The Mediterranean

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At last, she determined to send an Agent in secret Services, who without any
Credentials from under her Hand, should discreetly make the first Discovery of
her Passion to the lovely Youth that had raised it. Iagello, who had in vain waited
an Oportunity to see Ismena, would have said and done all Things to have
procured that Happiness: They had had a long and lucky. Intercourse of Letters,
in which he had fruitlesly endeavoured to infuse Courage enough into her, to
make her ...

The Collected Works Of St John Of The Cross Volume Ii The Dark Night Of The Soul Spiritual Canticle Of The Soul And The Bridegroom Christ The Liv

Author: Saint John of the Cross
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1602064342
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At other times, and on other occasions, this help must be had recourse to, namely
, meditation on the life and passion of Christ, which is the best means of
purification and of patience and of security on the road, and an admirable aid to
the highest contemplation. Contemplation is nothing else but a secret, peaceful,
and loving infusion of God, which, if admitted, will set the soul on fire with the
spirit of love, as I shall show in the explanation of the following verse. CHAPTER

A New English Dictionary Of The English Language

Author: Charles Richardson
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Civil Wars, vol. ii. p. 445. Hatred being too active and mercurial a passion to lie
still, never takes up with the bare theory of mischief, with sluggish thoughts and
secret grudges, but, as opportunity serves, will certainly be doing; and till such
opportunity falls in with it (which frequently it does not) it must needs afflict, and
grate, and feed upon the man himself, and make him as miserable, as he wishes
others.-South, vol. v. Ser. 10. Indeed the affection of hatred is of to unpleasant a
nature, ...

The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Vol Ii

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As a man, I have sinned; as a sinner, even in this life, I have been severely
punished: but these servants (and he pointed to his ministers), who have abused
my confidence and inflamed my passions, will appear with me before the tribunal
of ... received the diadem on his knees; and Justin, who in his abdication
appeared most worthy to reign, addressed the new monarch in the following
words: — "If you consent, I live; if you command, I die: may the God of heaven
and earth infuse into ...

Bishop Burnet S History Of His Own Time

Author: Gilbert Burnet
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From the Restoration of King Charles II to the Conclusion of the Treaty of Peace
at Utrecht, in the Reign of Queen Anne. ... had taken more care to possess him
with the Calvinistical notions of absolute decrees, than to guard him against the ill
effects of those opinions in practice : for in Holland the main thing the ministers
infuse into their people, is an abhorrence of the Arminian doctrine ; which
spreads so much ... The depression of France was the governing passion of his
whole life.

The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Volume 2

Author: Edward Gibbon
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 9780679601494
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KEICN OF MAURICE • A.D. 5 8 2 - 6 0 2 but from the hand of God. Honour them,
and from them you will derive honour. Respect the empress your mother; you are
now her son; before, you were her servant. Delight not in blood, abstain from
revenge, avoid those actions by which I have incurred the public hatred, and
consult the experience rather than the example of your predecessor. As a man, I
have sinned; as a sinner, even in this life, I have been severely punished; but
these ...

Catholic Weekly Instructor Vol 2

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He hears the most secret desires of those that fear and love him, and does their
will: if he sometimes seems deaf to their cries, it is to grant their main desire by
doing what is most expedient for them, as St. AuBtin frequently observes.
February Uth. ... to gain a greater mastery over his passions, and to give himself
up to divine contemplation. God bestowed on him an ex t moid i nary spirit of
compunction, with an infused knowledge of spiritual things in an eminent degree.
He died in great ...

The Christian Mystery

Author: Rudolf Steiner
Publisher: SteinerBooks
ISBN: 9780880104197
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In this major collection, Rudolf Steiner affirms the reality of esoteric Christianity and unveils many of its secret teachings.

History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire

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They dreaded the mysterious power of spells and incantations, of potent herbs,
and execrable rites, which could extinguish or recall life, inflame the passions of
the soul, blast the works of creation, and extort from the reluctant daemons the
secrets of futurity. They believed, with the wildest inconsistency, that this
praeternatural dominion of the air, of earth, and of hell, was exercised, from the
vilest motives of malice or gain, by some wrinkled hags, and itinerant sorcerers,
who passed ...