Many Ways Of Speaking About The Self

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Primary Sources Evliya Celebi b. ... Mlr Muhammad TaqT, Zjkr-i Mir: The
autobiography of the eighteenth century Mughal poet Mir Muhammad Taqi "Mir" (
1723-1810), transl., annotated and introd. by Choudhary M. Naim, New Delhi,

Evliya Elebi S Book Of Travels Evliya Elebi In Diyarbekir

Author: Evli̇ya Çelebi̇
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WORD INDEX AND GLOSSARY This index lists the following words from Evliya's
text: — all words not included in the Redhouse ... In Anatolian dialects ecer, acan,
aceri "new, fresh" are well attested; cf. also acarlan- mak (Gaziantep) "erneuert
werden", ... Both adjectives have a wide range of meanings, i.a. "beside one's self
", "agitated", "insane", and the like (RhO 122, 187; St. 94). camdr "prosperous".

Interpreting The Self

Author: Dwight Fletcher Reynolds
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Fictional explorations preceded and irrevocably shaped western concepts of the
literary self. ... Robert Dankoff, Seyahatname: The Intimate Life of an Ottoman
Statesman, Melek Ahmad Pasha (1588—1662) as Portrayed in Evliya Celebi's "
Book of Travels" ... The Autobiography of the Eighteenth-Century Mughal Poet,
Mir Muhammad Taqi "Mir" (1J23—1810) (New Delhi: Oxford University Press,

Archivum Ottomanicum

Author: Michalis N. Michael
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A delighted Evliya kisses the document in front of the emperor and slides it into a
silk pouch. ... Here Evliya begins to tell of his journey to Western Europe, a new
chapter with the following title: sene 1075 mdh-i zi'l-hiccesinirj on behind gun ...

Affect Emotion And Subjectivity In Early Modern Muslim Empires New Studies In Ottoman Safavid And Mughal Art And Culture

Author: Kishwar Rizvi
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45), 140 Isfahan signatory marks and 28–29 self-representation in architecture 5,
6, 6 (nn. ... Leadership of Rumi's Successor, Husam al-Din [Savāqib-i manāqib-i-
ievliyā Allah] (Dede) 191, 192 Samoes, Gil 5 Savāqib-i manaqib-i-Í evliya Allah ...

Orhan Pamuk Secularism And Blasphemy

Author: Erdag Goknar
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learn in The White Castle, Darvmoglu's archival research will not produce a new
historical form at all, but rather an updated literary form: a captive's tale that is an
allegorical account of his existence as homo secularis. The White ... Thus, Pamuk
takes Evliya as the basis for a model of Turkish literary modernity that reclaims
and redefines “story” as being Ottoman, self-reflexive, multi-genre, and

An Ottoman Mentality

Author: Robert Dankoff
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The World of Evliya Çelebi Robert Dankoff ... 112–26 —— The Muslim Discovery
of Europe (New York: Norton, 1982) Livingston, J. W., “Evliya Çelebi on Surgical
Operations in Vienna,” ... Women, Patronage, and Self-Representation in Islamic
societies (State University of New York Press, 2000), 69–89 Ullmann, Manfred, ...

Literature Of Travel And Exploration

Author: Jennifer Speake
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References and Further Reading Evliya C ̧elebi, Seyahatnamesi [Book of
Travels], 10 vols., 1896–1938; in part as Narrative of Travels in Europe, ... in
Diyarbekir: The Relevant Section of the Seyahatname, with translation,
commentary and an introduction, Leiden and New York: E.J. Brill, 1988. ... While
the dream of the self-exiled English Puritans was to build “a city upon a hill” in
North America, many ...