Evliya Elebi S Book Of Travels Evliya Elebi In Diyarbekir

Author: Evli̇ya Çelebi̇
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"thick, strong; full; unripe" (Tietze 1958, 291-2). In Anatolian dialects ecer, acan,
aceri "new, fresh" are well attested; cf. also acarlan- mak (Gaziantep) "erneuert
werden", (Van) "neue Triebe schiessen (Baum)" (the last meaning probably is
derived from cacar "shoot"). This explains Evliya's translation error in line 205 v,
25. abldt "the [four] humours of the body". In an elaborate epithet for Hamrevat (
201 v, 3) and Tigris (207 v, 22); cf. note 104. cala'l-itlaq "absolutely, unrestrictedly
", etc.

Interpreting The Self

Author: Dwight Fletcher Reynolds
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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For an overview, see Cemal Kafadar, "Self and Others: The Diary of a Dervish in
Seventeenth-Century Istanbul and First-Person Narratives in Ottoman Literature,"
Studia Islamica (1989): 121-50. Kafadar identifies ... Robert Dankoff,
Seyahatname: The Intimate Life of an Ottoman Statesman, Melek Ahmad Pasha (
1588—1662) as Portrayed in Evliya Celebi's "Book of Travels" (Albany: SUNY
Press, 1991), gives an overview of the autobiographical elements in Evliya
Celebi's work. 13.

Many Ways Of Speaking About The Self

Author: Ralf Elger
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1 5 Suraiya Faroqhi, "An Ulama Grandee and his Household (upon the occasion
of a new book concerning the 'Edirne Vak'asi')" Osmanh Ara§tirmalan: The
Journal of Ottoman Studies 9 (1989), pp. 199-208. 16 Robert Dankoff, An
Ottoman Mentality: The World of Evliya Celebi, Leiden, 2004; Gottfried Hagen,
Das Fremde im Eigenen: Mehmed 'Asiq's Reisen iiber den osmanischen Balkan,
forthcoming; Evliya Celebi b Dervis Mehemmed Zilli, Evliya Celebi
Seyahatndmesi, vol.

Archivum Ottomanicum

Author: Michalis N. Michael
Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz
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Bidding goodbye first to the emperor and the grand vizier and then to their
entourage, Evliya gets permission from the Ottoman ambassador and sets out on
his journey with the viziers. We cannot prove if he actually received such a
papinta. Here Evliya begins to tell of his journey to Western Europe, a new
chapter with the following title: sene 1075 mdh-i zi'l-hiccesinirj on behind gun
bdzdrtesi Beg tahtindan Ungurus-i Alman diydrlarindan td Bahr-i Muhlt
kendrlarinda vildyet-i tşpanya ...

Orhan Pamuk Secularism And Blasphemy

Author: Erdag Goknar
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learn in The White Castle, Darvmoglu's archival research will not produce a new
historical form at all, but rather an updated literary form: a captive's tale that is an
allegorical account of his existence as homo secularis. The White Castle reveals
that Darvinoglu himself ... Thus, Pamuk takes Evliya as the basis for a model of
Turkish literary modernity that reclaims and redefines “story” as being Ottoman,
self-reflexive, multi-genre, and intertextual. (As a historical figure, Evliya is
alluded to ...

Women Patronage And Self Representation In Islamic Societies

Author: D. Fairchild Ruggles
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791444702
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Evliya C,e\ebi, Narrative of Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, trans. J. von
Hammer (London, 1834), 1:179-80. 15. On the identity of Gulfem, sometimes ...
Life in the Light of Ebussuud Efendi's Fetvas] (Istanbul: Enderun Kitabevi, 1983),
60. 19. For an account of Rose's career, see the fine article "Kosem Sultan" in the
Encyclopaedia of Islam, new ed., 5:272-73, an abridged translation of M. Cavid
Baysun's article of the same title in the Turkish Islam Ansiklopedisi (Istanbul,
1940-86). 20.

Affect Emotion And Subjectivity In Early Modern Muslim Empires New Studies In Ottoman Safavid And Mughal Art And Culture

Author: Kishwar Rizvi
Publisher: BRILL
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45), 140 Isfahan signatory marks and 28–29 self-representation in architecture 5,
6, 6 (nn. 13–14), 7 (n. 15) signatures in manuscripts in 48, 49, 55, 55 (n.34), 62-
63 130, ... (textile panel) 127, 128 Safi, Shah (I) 31 Saiful-Muluk 124, 140–41,
141 (n. 52), 144 Salim, Prince See Jahangir Samarqandi, Daulatshah A samā'
during the Leadership of Rumi's Successor, Husam al-Din [Savāqib-i manāqib-i-
ievliyā Allah] (Dede) 191, 192 Samoes, Gil 5 Savāqib-i manaqib-i-Í evliya Allah (
Dede) ...

Narrative Of Travels In Europe Asia And Africa In The Seventeenth Century

Author: Evliya Çelebi
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Evliya Çelebi, Joseph ¬von Hammer-Purgstall. " The servant proposes and God
disposes, and the tongues of the people are the pens of God." When Sultan
Ibrahim disclosed the secret of the expedition to Yussuf Pashd on his departure,
he said, " If thou returnest victorious I'll reward thee according to thy merits:" and
indeed it happened so, because the conquest of Canea, an enterprise so difficult,
was granted to Yussuf Pashd before the arrival of the enemy's fleet by a special
favour ...

An Ottoman Mentality

Author: Robert Dankoff
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004137157
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Seventeenth-Century Egypt, II,” Sudhoffs Archiv 72.l (1988), 49–68 Lewis,
Bernard, Istanbul and the Civilization of the Ottoman Empire (Norman, Oklahoma,
1963), 112–26 —— The Muslim Discovery of Europe (New York: Norton, 1982)
Livingston, J. W., “Evliya Çelebi on Surgical Operations in Vienna,” Al-Abhath 23
(1970), 223–45 MacKay, Pierre A., “The Manuscripts of the Seyahatname of
Evliya Çelebi, Part I: the Archetype,” Der Islam 52 (1975), 278–98 —— “A Turkish
Description ...

The Settlement Issue In Turkey And The Kurds

Author: Joost Jongerden
Publisher: BRILL
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From political struggle to self-sacrifice. Princeton: ... 1988a. 'The Ottoman
conquest of Diyarbakir and the administrive organization of the province in the
16th and 17th centuries', in Evliya Çelebi in Diyarbekir, M. van Bruinessen ...
Evliya Çelebi in Diyarbekir. Leiden, New York, Copenhagen, Koln: E.J. Brill.
Bulguç, Hülagü. 1976. Kırsal Kalkınmanın Mekân Organizasyonu Elemanı olarak
Köykent Sorununa Makro Yaklaım. MSc thesis. Ankara: Ankara Universtiy. Bulut,
Mustafa (2001).