Side By Side Chinese And English Grammar

Author: Feng-hsi Liu
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This innovative grammar guide includes: Clear and comprehensive introductions to the parts of speech, explaining their functions and answering common questions about them Quick Check sections that summarize main ideas Appendices that ...

Chinese Grammar And English Grammar

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There are three different adverbs t& 'on her stomach, ' ffl) 'on her back, ' andffiiJ '
on her side.' In English, we say the verbjSf 'swims' only once for the three adverbs
. In Chinese, we repeat the verb ifif 'swims' three times, once for each adverb.
LINKING VERBS A linking verb connects the subject with a subjective
complement which may be a noun, a pronoun, or an adjective. An adverb is used
as a subjective complement only occasionally. The most common Unking verbs
areji shr shi 'to ...

English Grammar For Students Of Chinese

Author: Matthew B. Christensen
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You can carry them with you, group them as you wish and add information as you
advance. Creating your own flashcards is an important first step in learning
vocabulary. 1. On one side, write the Chinese word in Chinese characters. Make
sure you focus on words, whether they are one or more characters. 2. On the
other side of the card, write the following: n the pinyin of the word so you have an
idea of how to pronounce it. Pinyin is a close approximation of Chinese

Teaching English Language Learners

Author: Shelley Hong Xu
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A text in which L1 and English appear side by side on a page makes it possible
for students to compare and contrast sentence by sentence. However, you do
need to remind students that a text in one language cannot ... Table 8.9 lists one
sentence from an EnglishChinese text and one from an English–Spanish text
and the differences in grammar structure between English and the two native
languages. Spanish bilingual texts are relatively easy to obtain through public
libraries and ...

Understanding English Grammar

Author: Hung Tony T.N.
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
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He, opened, the window, with a screwdriver English Chinese Grammatical: 1. 2. 3
. Ungrammatical: 1. 2. 3. Compare the grammatical and ungrammatical
combinations in English and Chinese in the above examples. Try to think about
them not as isolated examples, but as a group of data illustrating a particular
pattern (or patterns) in the two languages. [NB: A 'pattern' is a regular 'behaviour'
or way of doing things: e.g. in Hong Kong, you observe that all cars drive on the
left side of the ...

The Other Tongue

Author: Braj B. Kachru
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
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At the same time, there was also a great surge of nationalism; pidgin English was
occasionally disparaged as "coolie Esperanto" (Reinecke et al. 1975). Hall (1973
: 79) explains the decline of pidgin as follows: In the case of Chinese Pidgin
English a standoffish attitude characterized both sides, for the Chinese more than
matched the Europeans in their sense of national superiority. If only two
language groups are involved, the side that feels it suffers loss of status because
it speaks ...

Chinese For The English Speaking Student

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An Approach Through English Grammar Show-chih Rai Chu. 6. 7. 8. tou. Chen 9.
Chai 10. jyu 12. Д dzai jyâu. Dzaií*. wan it 6«! jen They swam a long way under
water. Their swim suits are all very pretty. They have swum for three or four hours.
Chen says, "Let us go boating . " Someone still wants to swim. Only Chen and
Williams go boating. Joan teaches Mitchell to swim on his side. She says, "This is
the way to swim on your side." You try. Try once more. You have swum very well.

Class Choreographies

Author: Jane Kenway
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Cathedral College began as a training ground for Chinese boys to become
bishops and clergymen. The students were taught English and Chinese
language and literature (four books and five classics of Confucianism). The
words on the school motto are in Chinese, not in Latin, as is the case with most
other schools founded on the British public school model in Britain's colonies. In
terms of languages, English did not subsume Chinese. Rather, both languages
existed side by side; ...

First Lessons In English Grammar And Composition

Author: Judson Perry Welsh
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The gingham dog and the calico cat Side by side on the table sat ; 'Twas half past
twelve, and what do you think ! Neither of them had slept a wink. And the old
Dutch clock and Chinese plate Seemed to know, as sure as fate, There was
going to be an awful spat. (I wasn't there, — I simply state What was told to me by
the Chinese plate.) And the gingham dog went "bow-wow-wow !" And the calico
cat replied " meow !" And the air was streaked for an hour or so With fragments of
gingham ...

Chinese Phrases And Grammar Made Easy

Author: Melody Lu
Publisher: Smart Learning Publishing
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Speak Chinese OvernightTM Melody Lu. Lesson 5 LESSON 5 PREPOSITION &
DIRECTION [A] 1. VOCABULARY English Pinyin/phonetics Chinese Analysis
flower /huā/ it. (hwah1) table /Zhuó Zi/ £-f #/zhuô/-table (dzWoh 1 dzuhs) +/zi/-stuff
box /he zi/ #+ #/hé/-box ... /mian/-side, face inside /li miàn/ £f #/i/-insdie inner (lee
? mee-ahn 4) [Hi/mian/-side, face – 69 – Copyrighted Material Lesson 5 English
Pinyin/phonetics Chinese Analysis at the right /you. Lesson 5: Preposition &