Sons At War

Author: Jane Sweetland
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781542617659
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While this is true in many respects, resurgent nationalism suggests that we revisit the lessons of history. In Sons at War, Jane Sweetland tells the story of two young warriors driven by love for their homelands.

Killed In Action The Story Of Robert Holly

Author: David Kohler
ISBN: 1576386481
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found. farmhouse It was garage neatly in Northwestern packed into a shoebox,
abandoned in a Indiana, and destined for the trash ... He was somebody's son. ...
He did what many other young men did—worked hard, played hard, maintained
his family relationships, and ... On June 20, 1944 he was dead— the victim of a
tragic midair collision over Kiel Bay in Germany ... He is one of those countless
thousands of real people who went away to war never to return; gone without a


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Unlike Vahram, who died in a car-crash at the same age as Jesus on the cross,
the latter knew he would die soon. ... And yet a man of Mr. Vahian's life-story
could be forgiven for making a pact with the Devil; he has lived through more ...
survived the horrors of the two world wars, Vahian was yet destined to lose his
charming wife whom he dearly loved, and ... Arab civil war, M.r. Vahian, this poet
of total suffering, receives the news of this time his son's accidental death, a
young man of ...

The Publishers Weekly

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... indeed really dead), his real identity and the truthfulness of the young man who
introduces himself as Carlos Perreira, Carl's son ... The author weaves fact with a
fairy tale touch in this historical romance, which follows Napoleon's rise to power
as it ... Julia"—Lafferty is a - therapist on Riker's Island who carries her parents'
early deaths in a car crash like a wound. ... The story hinges on two stu:) () O 5
dents, both full-ride scholarship orphans, who form an unlikely partnership after
six ...

Arkham Nights

Author: Glynn Owen Barrass
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 4902075946
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After two awful years of blood and mud and death I came back only to find that
things just weren't the same between us. I wasn't the same; the war and the
things I'd seen having changed me to a different man from the one she married. ...
but this is relevant to the rest of my story, so hear me out. ... And as a man who
likes to be in control of every facet of his life it's a real curse having to suffer these
nightly confrontations ... I guess you could say there was no happy ending
destined for us.

The Spectator

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For a man to speculate freely in the region which philosophers affect, and not
come into collision with the rigid dogmatics ... who nevertheless find in reading a
way, not for employing, but for killing time, and for such multitude there seems an
... When we say that it is the story of two girls brought up after what is popularly
known as Belgravian fashion, and that ... which would not have been much, but
beyond all but a few of her contemporaries, and pious with a true fervency of

New World

Author: Park Benjamin
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Little doubt seems to exist that, by party-manoeuvring and the obstinate folly of a
few hot-headed Whigs, the same bill will be ... “It is true,” says Story, in his
Conflict of ... What superhuman civilization was that which supplied a great man
to command, an architect to conceive, a sculptor to ... “death or conquest” are the
words That cheer him in the war. ... "Twas thus the rover lived, my boys, 'Twas
thus his course was run— Oh! a rover's life for me my boys, Such death for
freedom's son : ...

Something About The Author

Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 9780787652067
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During each of my hundred visits to Nancy, there I'd be, at the end of two-and- a-
half hours, back at the gate, making the most ... By then the Second World War
was in its third anxious year, with Nancy in one fighting service and I in another.
... My life as a statement or as a whole has centered upon young people, though
my family may not have believed it or given ... to the sound of Grandadl But
Johnathon and I never met: Johnathon, Robbie's second son, died on the day he
was born.

Best Sellers

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"The Beauty" is a clever little tale showing the wisdom of the Chinese women in
manipulating their men. ... "Beyond Language" accomplishes this by depicting
the subtle way in which Wu Liang's father saves his son's marriage. ... moving
from a story about a Communist Commander and a Commissar to the story of the
young American, Tim, home from the war, ... The two men, destined from the first
to clash, first meet in 1942 at South Minster, Massachusetts, and their initial
antagonism ...


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A well-crafted story, but the abridging turns Jeffrey Archer's own plain style into
something stilted and jog-trot. Michael ... The two young men become implacable
enemies; each is destined to become immensely successful in business. ...
Sussex antiques. literary reputations, confidences honoured since the Spanish
Civil War; and a man possibly wrongly accused of ... cassettes; 3 hours; abridged
) opens with the aftermath of a tragedy, Julia Piper 5 loss of her young son in a
car crash.