Summer In Napa

Author: Marina Adair
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Six months after leaving her cheating husband Jeff and returning home to California to start over, Lexi Moreau finds herself attracted to Jeff's best friend Marco, whose family's wine business is dependent on a deal with her ex-husband.

Napa Valley Historical Ecology Atlas

Author: Robin Grossinger
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520269101
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“Dry in Summer.” (opposite page) Sanborn insurance maps evaluated Napa
Creek as a potential water source for fighting fires downtown. This map shows
the Napa Opera House and other downtown buildings, several of which were
actually built across the creek. Sanborn Perris Map Company 1886, courtesy of
the California State University Northridge Map Library. Bale Mill. (below)
Perennial flow on Bale Creek powered the famous grist mill. Bale and
neighboring Ritchey creeks ...

Napa River

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Widening and deepening the Napa River to increase channel volume may result
in higher average salinity levels within the project area. Tidal influence can
currently be noticed as far upstream as Trancas Street, the upstream end of the
project. The level of TDS (total dissolved solids, an indicator of salinity) can fall to
zero for several months during the wet seasons of winter and early spring.
Conversely, during the dry summer months, the TDS at Third Street is only a few
thousand ...

Future Use And Operations Of Lake Berryessa Napa County

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Groundwater basins in Napa Valley are naturally recharged. Climate In summer,
Napa County is protected from the hot weather of the Central Valley of California
by the coastal mountain ranges. The Pacific Ocean provides a source of cool,
moist air in summer, and this steady flow of marine air holds temperatures at a
moderate level. Temperature and precipitation information from Napa and from
Pacific Union College at Angwin are _shown on table 15. The data in the table
were ...

A New Napa Cuisine

Author: Christopher Kostow
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 160774595X
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summer squash conserva The most underrated and misused vegetable on the
planet is summer squash. It is nutty, complex, and unctuous when properly
handled. In this play on canned anchovies, we cook down thesummer squash
slowly and then hang itto remove any excess liquid. We filla can with the
conserva and topit with lightly thickened olive oil, finishing it all with local
anchovies and summer herbs. SERVES4 SQUASH CONSOMMÉ 200 grams|
about 1 1⁄2 cups diced ...

The Wines Of The Napa Valley

Author: Larry Walker
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1845336259
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cool spring and summer with scattered rains at harvest. Anything left from this
vintage is dead on arrival. 1978: The drought lives on. Unlike '77, this was a
warm vintage, leading in many cases to wines that seemed lovely early on, but
soon faded, lost in a kind of lush limbo of jammy fruit and soft tannins. The best,
Stag's Leap being one, held well into the 19905, but there were few of those. In
general, a forgettable year. 1979: One of those years that if you know the
producer, you can ...

The Napa Valley Book

Author: Mick Winter
Publisher: Westsong Pub
ISBN: 9780965900010
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(Courtesy of the Napa Valley Conference and Visitors Bureau) CUMATE In short,
it's Californian — very Mediterranean. It's a great place to be a grape, and a very
good one to be a human. The Napa Valley is far enough inland to escape most of
the fog that lingers along the California coast during summer. Yet, unlike
California's Central Valley, it's close enough to the ocean to take advantage of
the cooling effect of that fog. It can get hot in the summer, but usually not too hot.
We can ...

Moon Napa Sonoma

Author: Elizabeth Linhart Veneman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1612386369
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Just avoid the park during the middle of hot summer days unless you're training
for a desert trek, because there are few trees and little shade. Golf The southern
end of the valley is where all the biggest and most exclusive golf courses are,
many of them not open to the public. Among those that are, the biggest is the 18-
hole Napa Golf Course (2295 Streblow Dr., Napa, 707/255-4333, www.playnapa.
com, call for tee times) at Kennedy Park a couple of miles south of downtown on ...


Author: Lauren Coodley
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738525020
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Jane Smith writes: "It was nothing to walk from Second Street out to the end of
Third Street, down the Silverado Trail to Monticello Road, to Vichy's, the only
swimming tank in Napa, to swim all day and walk home again, pink and raw from
sun burn." Some days they had to wait while the tank was filled. Smith describes
a Mrs. Briles, who "dispensed candy bars, drinks, gum, and rented rubber bathing
caps summer after summer after summer. She was judge, jury, mother, father, ...

A Mid Summer S Daydream

Author: G.B. Absher
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477149953
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NAPA EATTLE BEACONS AS the taste for long—distance driving sours. A
premonition: Taylor has obligations to the real world, and like that, visions of
Interstate, Vodoo Donuts, the Needle . . . they become nothing more than
hopeless pipe dreams, slipping through our hands like spring sand through a
sieve. Two days left. The constraints of academia and the weight on the mind are
brooding, a storm cloud's looming overhead. Let's get out of here. Spring break
was almost over, and ...