Disaster Nursing And Emergency Preparedness

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SUPPORT. SYSTEMS. Decision Support Systems (DSS) are a special class of
information system intended to support or guide the activity of decision makers
situated at different levels on a chain of command. In effect, a DSS is a means of
guiding individuals through a complex decision-making process by bringing
together their judgment, normative processes (protocols, models, rules), and
situational information. While the term has a long history and may be broadly
understood to ...

Geographic Information Systems In Business

Author: Pick, James
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The “DSS capabilities” variable refers to the different types of support offered by a
DSS. They suggest using Zachary's taxonomy (1988) to classify the types of
support. Based on general difficulties people face when making a decision,
Zachary (1988) identifies six DSS support functions: process modeling, value
modeling, information management, automated and/or semi-automated analysis
and reasoning, representational aids, and judgment refining/amplification.
Process modeling ...

The Support Of Decision Processes With Business Intelligence And Analytics

Author: Martin Kowalczyk
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2.2.1 DSS Background and Technological Conceptualization Although BI&A are
the most current technologies for supporting managerial decision making,
research and systems in this area have evolved over several years. One of the
earlier reviews on ... Thus, the focus of BI&A can be related to process models for
modeling and predicting real-world processes, choice models for supporting
decision making, analysis and reasoning methods, as well as information control

Web Data Mining And The Development Of Knowledge Based Decision Support Systems

Author: Sreedhar, G.
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The traditional functions of DSS are applied to enhance managerial decision
makers in semi-structured and unstructured decision situations for enlarging their
enterprise capabilities but not to replace their judgment (Turban, Aronson, Liang,
& Sharda, 2007). The leading intelligent ... The DSS applications which are
embedded with intelligent decision support components can improve the
traditional DSS concerning the processes of learning and reasoning in AI (Jantan
et al., 2010).

Multi Level Decision Making

Author: Guangquan Zhang
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A typical choice model is the multi-criteria decision-making model. Information
control techniques provide support to information processing by helping with the
representation, manipulation, access, and monitoring of bodies of data and
knowledge. Typical techniques include data retrieval techniques, data
warehouse approaches, and data mining techniques. Analysis and reasoning
techniques support the application of problem-specific expert reasoning
procedures, such as linear ...

Dss 2 0 Supporting Decision Making With New Technologies

Author: G.E. Phillips-Wren
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Individuals themselves are not always aware of their ability to do this, and are
frequently subject to errors and misconceptions in the reasoning underpinning
choices that they do make [26]. However, we reflect that even acceptance of the
status quo by an individual represents a choice. Crucial to the process of
decision making is choice of who is, or should be, involved. On whose behalf ...
How are judgment and selection processes and criteria chosen, and by whom? It
is not difficult to ...

Computational Intelligence And Multimedia Applications 1998

Author: Henry Selvaraj
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A CB-DSS acts as an “intelligent” advisory system to support decision making
processes by recalling past decisions and adapting similar cases to novel
decision scenarios. It has been claimed that a combination of quantitative
information processing and qualitative reasoning better supports decision-
makers faced with incomplete information about a problem2. The cases stored in
the case base of a CBDSS must be indexed so that they can be reused in related
decision situations.

An Empirical Investigation Of Information Evocation For Probability Assessment In Decision Analysis Tasks

Author: Glenn Jefferson Browne
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44-53. Browne, G. J. "Supporting Decision-Makers' Reasoning and Judgment
Processes With DSS: A Research Agenda." Working Paper 92-06, Management
Information Systems Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1992. Brule, J. F.,
and A. Blount. Knowledge Acquisition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1989. Budescu,
D. V. and T. S. Wallsten. "Consistency in Interpretation of Probabilistic Phrases."
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 36, 1985, pp. 391405.
Byrd ...

Recent Developments In Decision Support Systems

Author: Clyde Holsapple
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Authors (Year) Research Purpose Research Focus of Decision Aiding Results
Strategy Research Techniques Pracht and Courtney Effect of graphics-based
Lab Input- Representational Field independent subjects with (1988) DSS on
problem Experiment Output Aid DSS had superior performance structuring Chu
and Elam Assess the influence of Lab Process Choice Model Subjects with DSS
followed an (1988) DSS use on decision Experiment incremental decision
making processes ...