Disaster Nursing And Emergency Preparedness

Author: Tener Goodwin Veenema, PhD, MPH, MS, CPNP, FAAN
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Decision Support Systems (DSS) are a special class of information system
intended to support or guide the activity of decision makers ... In effect, a DSS is a
means of guiding individuals through a complex decision-making process by
bringing together their ... Assist individuals in decision making for unstructured
and semistructured problems which cannot be solved through reasoning,
judgment, or using ...

Dss 2 0 Supporting Decision Making With New Technologies

Author: G.E. Phillips-Wren
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Crucial to the process of decision making is choice of who is, or should be,
involved. On whose behalf are decisions being ... How are judgment and
selection processes and criteria chosen, and by whom? It is not difficult to find
research and ...

User Oriented Decision Support Systems

Author: Robert J. Thierauf
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A decision support system should provide decision-making support for managers
at all levels as well as operating personnel in the newer work environments (to
be explored in Chapter 6). ... facilitation of the communication process and
motivation of employees, and (4) more effective control of a company's resources.
... DSS combines human judgment with computer output for supporting decision
making — that is, the system is an extension of the decision maker's reasoning

Systems That Support Decision Makers

Author: Mark S. Silver
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
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We see that decision-making needs can be used as a multi-level classification
scheme for DSS functionality. ... Analysis and reasoning aids support the
performance of problem-specific reasoning processes based on a certain (expert
) representation of a decision problem. 6. Judgment refinement/amplification
techniques support the quantification of heuristic judgment processes which may
be prone to ...

Computer Supported Decision Making

Author: Charles L. Smith (Sr.)
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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Biases can be alleviated through the use of prompts from the DSS. ... Have
decision makers study structured processes for decision making to learn how to
use a proper decision process. ... INDIVIDUAL JUDGMENT AND CHOICE
ASSESSMENT To make a decision, the decision maker uses decision rules,
either ... They consist of standard operating procedures, intuitive affect, and
reasoning by analogy.

Biometric And Intelligent Decision Making Support

Author: Arturas Kaklauskas
Publisher: Springer
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Decision support systems (DSS), as a kind of interactive computer-based
information systems, help decision makers utilize ... The data mining process
involves identifying an appropriate data set to mine or sift through to identify
relations and rules for IDSS. Data mining tools include techniques like case-
based reasoning, clustering analysis, classification, association rule ... The IDSS
bring together human judgment and computerized information providing support
to decision makers ...

Handbook Of Human Computer Interaction

Author: M.G. Helander
Publisher: Elsevier
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999 47.3 The Decision Support System Design Process 1001 47.4 Step 1:
Definition and Decomposition of the ... 1004 47.5 Step 2: Analysis of Decision
Situations 1008 Identifying Decision-Making Limitations and Constraints . ... 1019
47.11 Selecting Automated Analysis] _ Reasoning Techniques for the DSS 1020
Numeric Reasoning Techniques . ... 1023 47.12 Selecting a Representation Aid
for the DSS 1024 47.13 Selecting a Judgement Refinement/ Amplification Tool
for the DSS ...

Integrated And Strategic Advancements In Decision Making Support Systems

Author: Zaraté, Pascale
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466617470
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Decision making supports decision makers by giving them solutions for the
problem to solve. ... According to Roy (1985), decision making “is the activity of
those basing his reasoning on clearly explicit models but not ... The idea of DSS
emerged by opposition of Information Systems, which were not used by
managers. ... in their decision process for semi-structured tasks, 2) help rather
than replace decision makers judgement, 3) improve decisions effectiveness
rather than efficiency.