The Price Of Everything

Author: Russell Roberts
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400820283
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What multiple of 1900's median income would they need to make them equally
well-off as they are today? ... The number of books published in 1900 is taken
from The Annual American Catalog, 1900—–1909, ac- cessed on Google Books.

Gorham Design Library

Author: Brown University. Library
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Includes all 19 annual Gorham production catalogs published between 1880 and 1909.

Frank Merriwell And The Fiction Of All American Boyhood

Author: Ryan K. Anderson
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 1610755715
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Sanchez-Saaverda, “the anglo-american Pulp Wars: edwin Brett vs. Frank leslie,”
103–17. 41. Johnson, Edward Stratemeyer and ... The Annual American Catalog,
19001909, Volumes 1–3, 624. 45. Patten, Frank Merriwell's “Father,” 188–93.

Literary Research And The American Modernist Era

Author: Robert N. Matuozzi
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810862371
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Woodress's work, American Fiction, 1900–1950, is part of the same Gale series
mentioned above in the Brier and Arthur entry. ... through 1866, and its successor
, the Annual American Catalog, addresses materials from 1900 through 1909.

Catalog Of Copyright Entries

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Evening Post. 1898–1900 ... New York Evening journal, and various issues
entitled: 1897–1909 New York Journal, New York American, New York American
and Journal, New York Journal and American, New York Journal and Advertiser.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Author: Donald Langmead
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313319938
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1900-1909. 1900 Books, monographs and catalogues 033. Chicago Architectural
Club. Annual of the Chicago Architectural Club, ... The catalogue illustrates the
Wright studio, Moore house, and several unbuilt projects: McAfee, Eckart, Devin
and Waller houses and All Souls Building. The exhibition is announced in
American Architect and Building News, 68(14 April 1900), 12-14, and reviewed in
Inland ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series

Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress
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26th annual ed. 211 p. Prev. reg. All 827 H. C. Hugh A. Johnson; ll.Apr's li;
A527260. A527 261. The Lincoln library of sports champions. Vol. 1 - 14. ...
Analytical guide and indexes to the Colored American magazine, 1900 - 1909.
Vol. 2. 221 p.

Catalogue Of Copyright Entries

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8, 1909. FINANCIAL review, annual, Feb. 1900. 180 p. folio. [6559 William B.
Dana co., New York, N. Y. A 2265.83, Jan. ... 12, 1909. American laws. A 233744,
Mar. 16, 1904); 2 c. Mar. 19, 1909. Crown princes who have actually abandoned