Art Of The Japanese Sword

Author: Yoshindo Yoshihara
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462909965
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With 256 full-color pages, this sword book illustrates in meticulous detail how modern craftsmen use traditional methods to prepare their steel, forge the sword and create the unique hardened edge.

The Craft Of The Japanese Sword

Author: Leon Kapp
Publisher: Kodansha International
ISBN: 9780870117985
Size: 24.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From raw steel to tempered blade, this text presents a visual account of the ancient craft of swordmaking as practiced in modern Japan.

Japanese Swords

Author: Colin M. Roach
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462915752
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Many important swords and family heirlooms were displaced overseas or lost
entirely. The artisans who made swords were forced to stop practicing their craft.
With the Japanese economy depressed after the war, and the prohibition of arms
manufacture, the techniques and skills needed to produce a sword were nearly
lost. In 1950 two important events happened that would set the stage for the
revitalization of sword crafts. The Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art
Swords, ...

Living National Treasures Of Japan

Author: Jan Fontein
Size: 59.41 MB
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efforts of many concerned persons, it became possible in 1953 to make swords
with the approval of the National Commission tor Protection of Cultural Properties
(the present Agency for Cultural Affairs). In the following year, 1954, the Society
for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords held an exhibition for the display of
sword making craft. Japanese sword makers thus recovered a means of
exhibiting their work. In 1955 Sadatsugu TAKAHASHI, who studied under
Sadakazu GASSAN ...

Swords Of The Samurai

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In fact, swordmaking was an activity in which samurai, court nobles, and even
some of the Emperors themselves could, and did, honorably engage. As a
consequence, for over a thousand years in Japan the finest artisans were
engaged in metalwork, while the second best worked in pottery and the
remainder in printmaking. They elevated what we in the West would call a minor
craft, metalwork, to the premier art form. In every culture a mythological origin is
ascribed to all renowned ...

Behind Japan S Surrender

Author: Lester Brooks
Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill
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The cult of the sword stretches back into the misty prehistory of Japan, when the
Sun Goddess presented a sword to her grandson. One of the three sacred
treasures of Nippon was and is this sword. ... The swordsmith was required to be
of highest character and absolutely dedicated to his craft. The sword was
emblematic of purity and justice, and it was ... There developed, naturally, a fine
appreciation of these works of art. The Japanese army officer's dress uniform was
incomplete ...

Arts Of Asia

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Leon Kapp, the author of the article on the appreciation of the Japanese sword in
this issue, has reminded me to acknowledge the assistance of Kodansha
International in providing some of the illustrations that they published in The Craft
of the Japanese Sword (first edition, 1987) by Leon and his Japanese wife Hiroko
, in conjunction with Yoshindo Yoshihara, a tenth generation sword- smith at
whose forge Leon studied sword making. We are sure to be hearing more about
this art in ...

Gateway To Japan

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Potters, sword- smiths, and fanmakers have been honored alongside painters
and sculptors, and their work was esteemed for seamlessly fusing practical
function with spiritual and esthetic qualities. To this day, craft secrets are treated
as sacred ... Many artisans abandoned their trades. In the 1920s, Yanagi Soetsu (
1889-1961), who thought machine-made objects were esthetically and spiritually
impoverished, led a revival of Japan's crafts with his folk-art movement. Soetsu
coined the ...