The Barefoot Architect

Author: Johan van Lengen
Publisher: Shelter Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 9780936070421
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A fully comprehensive guide to building in the tropical world, 'Barefoot Architect' covers everything from how to build in various climates, to the step-by-step practicalities of building homes that suit the local environment.

Training Of Barefoot Architects

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... and c) that the principal assistance to this process could be "appropriate
information" enabling people to materialize their habitat. The basic characteristic
of the "barefoot architect" (whoever he might be) lies in his mastering such
information. The barefoot architect is thus not necessarily a new professional:
each individual member of a community who is able to create his own habitat by
investing his labour, can be considered a barefoot architect. Mr Friedman said
that this workshop, ...

The Architect As Enabler Of User House Planning And Design

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How can architects deal with the complex problems of a large, ethnically and
economically heterogeneous group of people? One of the answers is bridging
the communication gap. The missing link, the mediator-enabler could be the "
barefoot architect", a concept the Bangkok students explored in this live project.
The "barefoot architect", recruited among the inhabitants, is an individual with a
good knowledge of the community, preferably someone with previous experience
in social ...

Barefoot Designer

Author: Carla Fernández (Fashion designer)
ISBN: 9786075161020
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The title of this book pays homage to the barefoot architect by Johan Van Lengen, published in 1981.

The Knowledge

Author: Lewis Dartnell
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448137381
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Lengen, Johan van, The Barefoot Architect: A Handbook for Green Building,
Shelter, 2008. Lewis, M. J.T., The Origins of the Wheelbarrow”, Technology and
Culture, 35 (3):453-475, July 1994. Lincoln Electric Company, The Procedure
Handbook of Arc Welding (ATL oA-115), Lincoln Electric Company, 1973. Lisboa,
Maria Manuel, The End of the World: Apocalypse and its Aftermath in Western
Culture, OpenBook Publishers, 2011. Löfström, Johan, “Zeer pot refrigerator',
2011, from ...

Islam Architecture

Author: Sabiha Foster
Publisher: Academy Press
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Barefoot Architects Barefoot Architects Barefoot Architects Barefoot Architects
Barefoot Architects, Barefoot College, Tilonia, Rajasthan, India, 1988 and
ongoing 'Never Let School Interfere with your Education.' — Mark Twain Barefoot
College is the only college in India built by the poor, for the poor. Between 1986
and 1988, men and women from poor communities were consulted on how they
would like to construct a college of their own How it was possible to use
traditional ...

The Barefoot Photographers Tilonia

Author: Barefoot College
ISBN: 9788174361080
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Where Tradition and Vision Meet Barefoot College. We tried out many new ideas.
A completely new one was to collect water in small earthen pots (normally used
for drinking tea in railway stations) lining the roofs. The roofs were linked to a tank
underground. The stage was built over the tank to save money and make it look
nice. " Laying the College foundations. i -$•" >'.•/. ftH .'A*' ^T**. | Bhanwar Jat |
Barefoot Architect. 96.

The Indian Architect

Author: Dwarka Nath Dhar
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In a Unesco-sponsored workshop in Bangkok in June 1983, a group of architects,
social scientists, community workers and others met in order to discuss what
could be done to train 'barefoot architects' in the third world. The barefoot
architects would be professional middlemen, and would be able to offer a variety
of professional services like construction, community development, land use
planning utility services and elementary management expertise in the rural areas
. Provision of ...

The Architect

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The directive must come from the people one is trying to help; 'participation is
more likely to be forthcoming when they know that you are trying to do what they
want, not trying to get them to do what you want'. At last year's conference in
Kingston, Jamaica, of the Commonwealth Association of Architects, reference
was made again to 'barefoot architects' by sociologist and anthropologist Lisa
Peattie, Professor of Planning at MIT. 11 To her the 'barefoot architect' is 'a
middleman, who not ...

Cities In Conflict

Author: John P. Lea
ISBN: 9780821304808
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CONCERNS WITH TERMINOLOGY At the Bangkok meeting, the use of the term "
architect," barefoot or otherwise, presented some problems because in many
European countries and in the United States, it has acquired a sort of sacred aura
, and any suggestion that the term be used in the context of these programs was
seen as debasing a somewhat exclusive profession. In Europe or the United
States, it is doubtful that the title of architect is appropriate today to describe
someone ...