Best Of The Old Farmer S Almanac

Author: Judson D. Hale
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9780679742647
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Celebrating the bicentennial of "The Old Farmer's Almanac," this retrospective collection of wit and wisdom from the popular magazine contains a selection of feature articles, recipes, lore, humor, and more And much more, including the ...

The Old Farmer S Almanac

Author: Robert Bailey Thomas
Size: 54.27 MB
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You'll delight in reading each of the 15 chapters which include over 200 historical
photographs, woodcuts, and cartoons — 244 pages of pure reading pleasure! In
Part I: The First 200 Years, you'll read about the beginnings of The Old Farmer's
Almanac in "Begun When Washington Was President" and about Robert B.
Thomas, founder and first editor of The Old Farmer's Almanac. In Part II: The
Greatest Moments, you'll chuckle and be amazed when you read: •" The Seeds
Your ...

Thunder Lightning

Author: Lauren Redniss
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0679644725
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See also: Judson Hale, The Best of The Old Farmer's Almanac: The First 200
Years (New York: Random House, 1992), 46. “How to get through life”: Richard
Anders, “Almanacs,” “Mild” or “wet” or “
frosty”: Judson Hale, The Best of The Old Farmer's Almanac, 43−44. “You request
the actual number of snowflakes”: Robb Sagendorph, Old Farmer's Almanac (
Dublin, NH: Yankee Publishing, 1949), cited by Hale, The Best of The Old
Farmer's ...

The Best Of Guerrilla Marketing

Author: Jay Levinson
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 1613081650
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The second sentence states the single, best competitive advantage you offer to
motivate people to take the act you nudged them toward in that first sentence. We
assume you offer several benefits ... You'll find all the 200 guerrilla marketing
weapons at your disposal starting on page 81. It's a lush selection for a guerrilla.
... What feature of the Old Farmer's Almanac made it vastly more popular than all
its rivals for more than 100 years in the rural U.S.? Answer: The Old Farmer's
Almanac ...

The New England Farmer S Almanac

Author: Thomas Green Fessenden
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If other circumstances permit, it may be best to place a barn in such a manner as
to defend the dwelling house from the force of the coldest winds. * roR THE New
ENGLAND FARM ER. ... In the year 1790, I was anxious to hire hands to cut and
peel hemlock logs for a log barn in the fore part of summer, before the bark set
fast, but was advised by an old man from Rhode Island, to adjourn cutting such
logs until the bark would again peel in the month of October, with the fall of the
sap; ...


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The story may be apocryphal ; but philosopher Thales, who edited the world's first
Farmers' Almanac, did havea reputation for rustic clairvoyance and the ancient
Greek thinkers were quite capable of putting their abstract thoughts to practical
use. The Greeks invented complicated engineering ... We have played that game
with such increasing efficiency that our life has changed more in the past 200
years than in the previous ten thousand. Now, poised between immeasurable
good ...

New England Farmer

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Our old fruits are running out, they are subject to constantly increasing diseases.
— They must have been all first obtained by seedlings, and when a good variety
was thus procured, it was propagated by grafts. Thus it has been ... In Worcester
and Berkshire it would probably not succeed, except in some favored spots; but if
the horticulturists of Paris have waited 200 years since they were introduced into
Spain, it is not surprising that we have so recently brought them into experiment.

The New England Farmer

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Not only have several farmers who have obtained this kind of hogs stated to me
their disapprobation of them, but the gentleman who first brought them into this
region has in a degree lost his confidence in them. ... He states to me that he
slaughtered half a dozen of them last spring being then about a year old, neither
of which weighed 200 lbs. and some of them fell far short of it. He has now got rid
... Clover I find on lands in good case in blossom at three or four inches in height.
Ice lay ...


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The following paragraph, from the editorial columns of a contemporary, reads a
good deal like an extract from the Old Farmers' Almanac: "Prepare your selling
talks and advertising for pancake and other flours should be in demand ere a
Buckwheat, maple similar articles will have () atmeal great while. and their ...
Every dealer ought to understand his business well enough to push this he
should do at all times of the year, giving particular attention to those which pay
the best profit.