The Big Balloon Race

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Ariel almost causes her famous mother to lose a balloon race and then helps her win it.

My Little Pony The Big Balloon Race

Author: Jennifer Frantz
Publisher: HarperCollins
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Daisy Jo wants nothing more than to win this year's Big Balloon Race. What will Daisy Jo do when Butterscotch's balloon gets snagged in a tree? Daisy Jo shows that good friends are always winners.

The Big Balloon Race

Author: Duncan Searl
Publisher: Learning Links
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Novel-Ties study guides contain reproducible pages in a chapter by chapter format to accompany a work of literature of the same title.

The Big Balloon Race Book And Tape

Author: Eleanor Coerr
Publisher: HarperFestival
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" 'BL. A Reading Rainbow Selection Now the beloved characters and adventures from this popularline of books come to life with I Can Read Book & Cassettes.Each package includes a best-selling beginning readerstorybook and a lively audio ...

Science Through Children S Literature

Author: Carol M. Butzow
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BALLOONS The Big Balloon Race Eleanor Coerr New York: Harper & Row, 1981
(Reprint: Viking, 1987) Summary Carlotta the Great had just lifted off for a very
important balloon race when she discovered her daughter, Ariel, was a stowaway
. Despite the problems of extra weight, Carlotta won the race — with a little
ingenious assistance from Ariel. Science and Content Related Concepts
Balloons, buoyancy, lighter-than-air gases, heating and cooling of air, winds,
directions Content ...

The News Hounds In The Great Balloon Race

Author: Amy Axelrod
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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"Let's get some opening footage. "Intro, Piney Woods, take one," said Jake,
counting down. Isaac began: "This is Isaac reporting at the scene of the Great
Piney Woods Balloon Festival. Tomorrow's schedule of events will include a
parade of hot air balloons, an obstacle course, and the thrilling Ring Grab — the
heart-pounding race that makes the crowd go wild, Some call it a flying free-for-
all, where the halloonists lift off, together and race to grab the golden ring off a
twenty-foot pole.

Teaching Strategies K 2

Author: Barbara J. Phipps
Publisher: Council for Economic Educat
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For your family newsletter: Your child participated in a make- believe trip in a hot
air balloon where we "visited" sights around the world. Because we experienced
a scarcity of space in the balloon, we made decisions about what items we could
take with us that fit into a duffel bag. Discuss with your child some of the choices
that your family must make because resources are scarce. Children's Literature: •
Adams, Adrienne. The Great Valentine's Day Balloon Race. New York: Macmillan

The Great Valentine S Day Balloon Race

Author: Adrienne Adams
Publisher: Aladdin
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Sid*. i*."/ ,*'-. >• / <^/he Easter egg artists, Mother and Father Abbott and their son,
Orson, were coming home from a trip. Orson looked out of the window and yelled,
"What is that down there?" His father and mother looked, too. "That's a balloon,"
his father said. "I heard there's going to be a big balloon race on Valentine's Day.
Maybe they're practicing." "I want to be in the race, too!" Orson said. His mother
and father looked shocked. "But-but-but!" Mother Abbott said. "We have a heap of