The Quarterly Journal Of Prophecy

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pating, let us follow the narrative of the book of Judges. In ch. iii. 10, 11, we find
that Othniel had judged Israel forty years ; that was his day of judgment, or time of
rule ... This is a remarkable type of Him who shall one day judge all nations ; but
we are not now expounding types, but tracing the ... by the judges from Moses to
Samuel ; but now we may speak boldly, and sing the song of Hannah (1 Sam. ii.)

The Church Of England Magazine

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(the proper lesson for St. Stephen's Day) 6, 22, with the collect. (o) Or, if 1 Cor. vii.
were omitted at family or social reading, then chapters vUi. ... N.B. — The book of
Psalms, being read in the THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND MAGAZINE. 15.

The Church School Journal

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'Missiouary societies will find some chapters of it admirably adapted for reading
aloud. ... What would be the value to-day of sucha book as this written in the year
1800, and telling the story of the men who formed the Christmas Conference of
17 S4 2 ' The 1)o~veZo'z2mmt~ of Modern ... LESSONS FOR AUGUST, 1896.
Aco. 2. David's Kindness. '2 Sam. 9. 1-13. Ave. 9. David's Victories. 2 Sam. 1". 8-

Walker S Hibernian Magazine Or Compendium Of Entertaining Knowledge

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The writer says, that no man knoweth the sepulchre of Moses unto this day; this
narrative was therefore written long after the time of Moses. ... The inhuman law,
Deut. xxi, 18–21, is not in Exodus, In the book of Genosis, ch. xiv., 14, Abraham is
said to have pursued the enemies of Lot ... Compare jo/h. xv, 63; 2 Sam, v, 1 ; 1
Chron. xiv, The book of Ruth is an idle, bundling story, told nobody knows by

The Sunday School Journal

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BY REV. JAMES HOPE MOUI.TOX, M.A. [These notes are based on the Revised
Version.] 1 Kings 8. 13-16 (-2 Chron. 6. ... The LXX. inserts them after verse 53,
with a clause apparently attributing them to the national anthology known as the
Book of Jashar. Josh. 10. 13; 2 Sam. 1. 18. ... Comp. the recurring formula, chap.
11. 4; 15. 14, etc. As at this day. When the motive for consecration was so strong.

The Books Of Samuel Volume 1

Author: Cyril J. Barber
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
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Blaikie, First Book of Samuel, 423. ... For explanations of its usage see S. R.
Driver, Notes on the Hebrew Text 223; Mauchline, 1 and 2 Samuel, 188;
McCarter, ... K. W. Whiteham, The Just King: Monarchial Judicial Authority in
Ancient Israel (Sheffield, England: Journal for the Study of ... Miyyöm 'diser hayiti
lépáněkd, “from the day on which I was [first] before you," invites a critical
appraisal believing that ...

The Bible Treasury

Author: J. E. Batten
Publisher: Irving Risch
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Christian Magazine Volume 8, 1870-1 Edition J. E. Batten, C. E. Stuart, William
Kelly, John Nelson Darby. Moral mischief however not ... the testing of these days
. The scene between him and David in 2 Samuel xv. is full of touching beauty.

The American Journal Of Semitic Languages And Literatures

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The chapter concludes with David's lament over Saul and Jonathan quoted from
the book of Jashar (vss. 17 sqq.). The question ... 2 resumes the personal history
of David, and is, therefore, the immediate continuation of 1 Sam., chap. 30. He
leaves Ziklag ... 1-2:: (to "the third day "), a strikingly precise notice which does
not appear to agree with the situation represented in 1 Sam.. chap. 30. It has
probably ...

The Oxford Dictionary Of The Christian Church

Author: Frank Leslie Cross
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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J. Blenkinsopp, 'Structure and Style in Judges 13—16', Journal of'Bihlical
Literature, 82 (1963), pp. ... Feast day, 28 July. ... The two Books of Samuel were
originally a single Book, which was divided for convenience by the compilers
ofthe *Septuagint, who also grouped the ... due to the import— ant part played in
the opening chapters by the prophet Samuel, in the establishment of the
monarchy in Israel.