The Business Of Naming Things

Author: Michael Coffey
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"Among these eight stories, a fan of writer (and fellow adoptee) Harold Brodkey gains an audience with him at his life's end; two pals take a Joycean sojourn; a man in the business of naming things meets a woman who may not be what she ...

Semantics In Business Systems

Author: Dave McComb
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 9781558609174
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The Savvy Manager's Guide : the Discipline Underlying Web Services, Business
Rules, and the Semantic Web Dave McComb. some of the time, and some of us
all of the time, naming something changes it. You might call a Mitsubishi Expo a
car, or a station wagon, or an SUV. You probably wouldn't call it a truck. It wouldn'
t matter much to Lincoln what you called it. But it does matter to Mitsubishi, and by
extension to you. Trucks, in the United States, are exempted from many of the ...

Genesis One Commentary In Light Of Modern Science

Author: J.A. Merritt
ISBN: 1300609036
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And it became dusk, and it became dawn. —Day One. INTERPRETIVE God
named the [sun]light Day, and the darkness He named Night. And the end of an [
epoch] came and the beginning of a [new epoch] came. [This was] Epoch 1.
VERSE NOTES God called the light Day We notice once more that God defines
our reality and that He sets the rules according to His own counsel. He
pronounced the lit portion of the earth “day.” God is in the business of naming
things, such as the stars, ...


Author: Thorsten Pattberg
Publisher: Thorsten Pattberg
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Sure, he must assume that law and some form of regulation will some time catch
up with him, but until that happens he is free to roam about and re-name
everything he sees after his own likings. As with all "markets", and the business of
naming things is certainly a business like any other - that are not yet regulated, or
are only minimally regulated or badly enforced, a sort of mafia-structure will soon
emerge that offers protection and pseudo-legitimacy. Such a "mafia-structure"
can take ...

Javascript Domain Driven Design

Author: Philipp Fehre
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 178439114X
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There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and
naming things. Phil Karlton When working with applications, it often is a problem
to create a shared language between developers, product owners, as well as the
business people in general. It is often stated that naming things is one of the
hardest problems of computer science, and it is true that having a describing
name makes many things easier. It is also often the case that a clearly named
object is easier ...

Wittgenstein S Lectures On The Foundations Of Mathematics Cambridge 1939

Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022630860X
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Only the model just doesn't go on. This shows the numerical equality of classes
only if the numerical equality is an internal property and not an external property.
You may say: That the number of sides of these two triangles .2 / / is equal is an
internal property of the triangles. For we make the number a criterion for the
triangle, and the triangle a criterion for the number. The business of naming
things and correlating names depends on knowing when you have to repeat the
same name; ...

Quality Murders

Author: Dan Shine
Publisher: BlackOpalBooks
ISBN: 162694427X
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Of course, as he perfectly well knew, the business of naming things had
advanced further in the medical world than almost anywhere else. Back in
Chicago, Amir had attended Ida and Joseph for four years, studied nightly in
Seymour, and eaten his lunch, the warm days, sitting on woodslatted Fred or
otherwise in Pearl, who was open late. Nor did pity suffer this naming to stop
there. Amir's last clinical teacher in Chicago, the Sexton R. Halberstam Associate
Professor of Rheumatology, ...

The Business Of Android Apps Development

Author: Mark Rollins
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430239433
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That Shakespeare guy could have been talking about naming your Android
application when he said that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
In the same manner, it isn't always necessary to name your application the
obvious one. The true test of a name is discovering one that is catchy and
memorable. I'm sure you are all familiar with Google, a company name that we
commonly use a verb today. Before we were all “googling” stuff we wanted to
know more about, we ...

Service Oriented Architecture Soa For Dummies

Author: Judith Hurwitz
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470469941
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To avoid chaos, you have to have one common way of naming things related
toyourbusiness.Here's aquick butelegant example:Most companies have
something theycallacustomer, right? However, each department or division of
that company mightcallthe customer by different names.In the accounting
department, a customer might be called account; in the sales department, the
customer might be called customer name. Which one is right?Ifthe accounting
department doesn't talk ...

Burden Of Proof Using Known Concepts To Reveal Eternal Truths

Author: Brandon Russell
ISBN: 1365487423
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name? Names are everywhere! Names are how we identify things and literally
how businesses and governments function. A more modern term for naming
things is called branding. Think of your favorite drink or sports team, the name
carries more of a connotative meaning than a denotative one. The Dallas
Cowboys are not literally cowboys who live in Dallas but are a professional
football team that many consider America's favorite. In business, selecting a good
name or brand goes a ...