Author: Walter A. Davis
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Just as all matter is frozen light, every primordial image is a frozen agon: the call
to activate drama in the teeth of that which threatens the dissolution of drama. In
image soul-murder is fused dialectically with the possibility and beginnings of
resistance. The archaic and primitive characteristics of the image preserve that
connection. If the image is the first movement toward activity, it is so precisely
because the need for action arises only when there is an assault on our being so
powerful ...

Male Call

Author: Jonathan Auerbach
Publisher: Duke University Press
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Agon. in. The. Sea-. Wolf. The Sea-Wolf culminates London's intense drive for
prestige, expressed throughout his first decade's work in terms of various master/
slave power relations that threaten to thwart his quest for in- dividuation. The
tangled relations between mastery, subjugation, and identity, I have suggested
throughout this book, center for London on the problem of masculinity, which
manifests itself in his early writing by way of a number of formalized ideological
structures— ...

The Road To Rebirth

Author: Dean F. Wilson
Publisher: Dioscuri Press
ISBN: 1909356034
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Yet hope is kindled when the company find a way, however difficult, to restore the god back to life. The road to rebirth has many pitfalls, and there are some who consider such meddling with the afterlife a grave risk.


Author: Harold Bloom
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Gnosis never yields to a process of rigorous working-through; when the call is
heard, the hearer knows, and if the call truly is to him, then even a single moment
suffices. And yet this need not be considered either a mystical or a visionary
experience, since in Gnosis the knowledge is neither of eternity nor of this world
seen with more spiritual intensity. The knowledge is of oneself. But this is not the
Greek adage "Know yourself," since Gnosis is uncanny, very much in the
Freudian sense ...

Der Agon Logon In Der Antiken Literatur

Author: Walter Johannes Froleyks
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Selbstverständlich soll der Agon zwischen Elegie und Tragödie nicht sein
Schwanken in der Wahl der Literaturgattung symbolisieren - er schreibt ja schon
seit langem erotische Gedichte, worauf beide hinweisen -, sondern das Gedicht
mit der mahnenden Anklage der Tragödie, der Verteidigungsrede der Elegie und
der Antwort des Dichters stellt das Drängen des augusteischen ... He consented
to obey the call of the Dame Tragedy, but bargained for a short delay (111,1-67-

Creatures Of The Dark

Author: L. Alterman
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Aack - short Used to maintain distance Agon Screech Communicated over longer
distances when other Aack-long.loud animals were approaching - a "do not come
near" call Agon Screech Given commonly during breeding periods when many
Aack-long,soft animals were close by Mating/Dist Whimper Repetitive call given
by females during copulation; by young individuals trying to forage in a tree
already occupied by an adult; used during fights over food; and in direct
encounters ...

New Dictionary Spanish And English And English And Spanish Containing The Etimology The Proper And Metaphorical Signification Of Words Terms Of Arts And Sciences

Author: Pedro Pineda
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1. or according to Feius, in Honour of the God Agonius; Servius fays, they were
intituted by Auguffus after his Victory over Anthony; they were call'd Agonalia, or
Agonales Ludi, from the Greek Agon, fignifying Sports and Combats, or Strifes,
becaufe there was Wretling, Running, and other manly Exercifes. Agonía, f. f. an
Agony, the great Diorder a Man is put into by any Anguih, or Paion, or the Agony
of Death. Lat. Agonia. * Agonífia, f. m. the Peron who is in an Agony. * Agonizánte
, p.a. ...