Research In Education

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Descriptors— 'Amharic, 'Grammar, 'Instructional Materials, 'Language Instruction,
Phonetic Transcription, Phonology, 'Reference Materials, Writing This reference
grammar presents a structural description of the orthography, phonology,
morphology, and syntax of Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia. The
Amharic material in this work, designed to prepare the student for speaking and
reading the language, appears in both Amharic script and phonetic transcription.
See ED 012 ...

Investment Guide To Ethiopia

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There is no restriction on the amount or kind of foreign currency, travellers checks
or letters of credit brought into Ethiopia. Foreigners who bring travellers checks
with them can exchange them at the National Bank paying a 0.75% exchange
commission. Business Languages The businessmen in Ethiopia are mainly
Ethiopians, Indians, Arabs, Greeks, Armenians and Italians most of whom speak
both Amharic and English. For business purposes knowledge of English is very
essential ...

Owen S Directory Business Travel Guide

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There are two daily papers, Addis Zemen in Amharic and the Ethiopian Herald in
English. The Ethiopian Broadcasting Service broadcasts in Amharic and a
number of vernacular languages. Radio Voice of Revolutionary Ethiopia also
based in Addis Ababa, broadcasts externally in six languages. Banking Since
1975 all Banks have been run as nationalised institutions although a few retain
Italian connections and the Addis Ababa Bank Share Co. corresponds with the
National and ...

Der Punkt

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Ina ist überzeugt, nicht malen zu können. Als sie es trotzdem versucht, macht sie eine erstaunliche Entdeckung. Ab 5.

World Survey Of Education

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When Ethiopia regained her independence in 1941, it was necessary to rebuild
the educational system from the foundations. Teachers had to be found. School
buildings and furniture had to be retrieved or improvised, and somehow adapted
to meet essential immediate needs. At that time textbooks in Amharic were
practically non-existent; the importation of textbooks in English (which had been
decreed the second official language of the country) was extremely difficult
because of war ...

The Galla Of Ethiopia

Author: George Wynn Brereton Huntingford
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NOTE ON ORTHOGRAPHY Since there is at present no accepted standard
orthography of Galla, and since the Amharic alphabet is sometimes used in
Ethiopia for writing Galla, an attempt has been made to reconcile the different
modes of spelling the language 1 by reference to the Amharic form of
transcription. This has been done, in particular, when there is any doubt as to
whether k or q should be written (k represented by the Amharic letter kaf, q by qaf
), an important guide being ...