Fairy Tales By The Brothers Grimm

Author: Gebrüder Grimm
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... daughter, who was just as beautiful as her mother, and had the same golden
hair. And when she was grown up, the king looked at her and saw that she was
just like this late queen: then he said to his courtiers, 'May I not marry my
daughter? She is the very image of my dead wife: unless I have her, I shall not
find any bride upon the whole earth, and you say there must be a queen.' When
the courtiers heard this they were shocked, and said, 'Heaven forbid that a father
should marry ...

The Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm

Author: Jacob Grimm
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But the king's daughter went up to him and took it off, and then his golden hair fell
down over his shoulders, and he was so handsome that all were amazed. 'Are
you the knight who came every day to the festival, always in different colours, and
who caught the three golden apples?' asked the king. 'Yes,' answered he, 'and
here the apples are,' and he took them out of his pocket, and returned them to the
king. 'If you desire further proof, you may see the wound which your people gave

The Truth Is In Dreams Stories And Fairy Tales

Publisher: dreams and fairy tales
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This would appear to be the foundation for fairy tales where the father remarries,
thus bestowing upon the child an ”evil stepmother”. The atmosphere prevailing at
home constitutes the child's inner reality. A child's release from the harmful
atmosphere of the home is dealt with, for example, in 'The Spinners at the Well'
by the Brothers Grimm. 'His Daughter and Her Daughter' is one of its Finnish
versions, which, after its model, could be also titled as 'The Spinners at the Hole
in the Ice'.

English Fairy Tales

Author: Joseph Jacobs
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
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And, More English Fairy Tales Joseph Jacobs Donald Haase. Nothing this time.
They had to do it; and when he came to the big stone, the giant said: “What time
of day is that?” Nix Nought Nothing said: “It is the time that my father the king will
be sitting down to supper.” The giant said: “I've got the right one now”; and took
Nix Nought Nothing to his own house and brought him up till he was a man. The
giant had a bonny daughter, and she and the lad grew very fond of each other.

The Fairy Tales Of Oscar Wilde

Author: Dr Jarlath Killeen
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409489833
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Here, the beautiful death of the Nightingale appears pointless, not simply
because the Student and his object of interest, the Professor's daughter, fail to
appreciate it (after all, the poor of 'The Happy Prince' fail to understand the
importance of what has been done for them either), but because God does not
intervene at the end to justify that sacrifice. Philip Cohen explicitly argues that '
God ... has deserted the nightingale's world' and believes that the story exposes
the Nightingale's ...

The Fairytales Of Brothers Grimm In Modern English Translated

Author: Brothers Grimm
Publisher: KidLit-O Press
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Then one day the queen was walking along the side of the river at the bottom of
the garden; she noticed a poor little fish that had jumped out of the water and was
fighting for breath, nearly dead, on the bank. She took pity on the little fish and put
it back in the river. Before it swam away it poked its head from the water and said,
“I know what you wish for, and as you were so kind to me you will get it; soon you
will have a daughter." The prediction of the little fish soon came true, and the ...

Complete Fairy Tales

Author: Jacob Grimm
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135142378
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“A boat which will go quicker on dry land than on water,” replied Hans, “and when
I have finished it, I am to have the King's daughter for my wife.” “Well,” said the
little man, “such an one shall it be, and remain.” In the evening, when the sun had
turned into gold, Hans finished his boat, and all that was wanted for it. He got into
it and rowed to the palace. The boat went as swiftly as the wind. The King saw it
from afar, but would not give his daughter to Hans yet, and said he must first take
a ...

Fairy Tales And The Social Unconscious

Author: Ravit Raufman
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 1782202684
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After that, the king became blind, and no doctor could cure him. One day, he met
a doctor who said, “There is one special tree, whose leaves may cure the king's
blindness. The king called his two rich sons-in-law, asking them to go on a quest
for the wonderful leaves, but they failed to complete the mission. Only the
youngest daughter's husband was brave enough to overcome all the obstacles,
bring the leaves and cure the 86 FAIRY TALES AND THE SOCIAL

The Golden Age Of Folk And Fairy Tales

Publisher: Hackett Publishing
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In “Snow White” the focus is more on the conflict between mother and daughter
and mother-in-law and daughter with regard to envy and beauty. The plot
develops in eight phases: (1) A queen wishes for a daughter with skin as white as
snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony. (2) After she gives birth,
she becomes jealous of her daughter because a magic mirror reveals that her
daughter is more beautiful than she is, or she dies and is replaced by a
stepmother, who is ...