The Gospel In Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Gerard Manley Hopkins
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Seamlessly weaving together selections from Hopkins's poems, letters, journals, and sermons, Peggy Ellsberg lets the poet tell the story of a life-long struggle with faith that gave birth to some of the best poetry of all time.

Gerard Manley Hopkins And The Poetry Of Religious Experience

Author: Martin Dubois
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316851672
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Joseph J. Feeney suggests of Hopkins's sermons that 'His contests are, as it were
, with the over-familiarity of Gospel stories, with the dull sermons his
congregations have suffered through.'6 The danger here was that
uncommonness in the ...

The Contemplative Poetry Of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Maria R. Lichtmann
Publisher: Princeton University Press
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When Hopkins speaks of “realising . . . his ignorance” that he may “reach the
reality of the facts,” he is echoing Newman, who said in the Grammar that the
purpose of meditation on the Gospels “is to realize them; to make the facts which
they ...

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Angus Easson
Publisher: Routledge
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A close examination of Hopkins's theological development in relation to the
Christ of the gospel, in the Church ... living, permeating Hopkins's poetry, as
through his passion and resurrection, 'Christ enters the whole field of man's
interests and ...

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Robert Bernard Martin
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is probably this whole-heartedness of response that makes his poetry so
attractive to readers. This is a highly autobiographical poem, and Hopkins once
attempted to justify it to Bridges, who did not like it, with that feeblest of critical
statements, that it had actually happened to him: 'I ... the voel, a vein Of the
gospel proffer.

Poems Of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Gerard Manley Hopkins
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Gerard Manley Hopkins. But roped with, always, all the way down from the tall
Fells or flanks of the voel, a vein Of the gospel proffer, a pressure, a principle,
Christ's gift. ... dappled-with-damson west: Since, tho' he is under the world's
splendour and wonder, His mystery must be instressed, stressed; For I greet him
the days I ...

Walking With Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Robert Waldron
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 1893757951
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Diary of Gerard Manley Hopkins. ... His ministry, Bamberger counseled, was one
of reaching out to people withthe message ofthe Gospelthrough his ... Like
Hopkins, Merton considered poetry frivolous when juxtaposed to his religious life.

The Poverty Of Radical Orthodoxy

Author: Lisa Isherwood
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630875805
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love and glory, not sin and hoMo sacer Preach the Gospel at all times and when
necessary use words. ... Gerard Manley Hopkins best expressed this view in his
poem “As Kingfisher's Catch fire” where he writes, “for Christ plays in ten ...

The Collected Works Of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Lesley J. Higgins
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199534020
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Two days after his arrival in Dublin on 18 February 1884, Gerard Manley Hopkins
sat down to write his annual birthday letter to John Henry Newman ... put the
Notebook to a different use, the first of many seemingly random entries: planning
the course of his meditation on the gospel (St Peter's confession of ... Copies of
poems were carefully preserved (by Robert Bridges) in separate scrapbooks (CW