The Gospel In Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Gerard Manley Hopkins
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Seamlessly weaving together selections from Hopkins's poems, letters, journals, and sermons, Peggy Ellsberg lets the poet tell the story of a life-long struggle with faith that gave birth to some of the best poetry of all time.

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An evocative collection of poetry by the Jesuit priest and critically acclaimed poet is accompanied by a selection of spiritual writings from Hopkins's journals, sermons, and letters. Original. 10,000 first printing.

Gerard Manley Hopkins And The Poetry Of Religious Experience

Author: Martin Dubois
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The Gospel is eminently the property of the people.'47 The poetry written when
Hopkins was directly under Liddon's influence, before his conversion to Rome,
and at a time when he sought in Liddon's mode of belief 'an intellectual haven
from the threatening liberalism at Oxford', does not risk anything like the startling
juxtaposition of biblical and colloquial idioms seen at the end of 'That Nature is a
Heraclitean Fire'.48 It is only later that biblical language is brought into contact
with ...

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Robert Bernard Martin
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is probably this whole-heartedness of response that makes his poetry so
attractive to readers. This is a highly autobiographical poem, and Hopkins once
attempted to justify it to Bridges, who did not like it, with that feeblest of critical
statements, that it had actually happened to him: 'I may add for your greater
interest and edification that what refers to myself in the poem is all strictly and
literally true and did all occur; nothing is added for ... the voel, a vein Of the
gospel proffer.

Gerard Manley Hopkins And Tractarian Poetry

Author: Margaret Johnson
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more personal and more widely ranging than Dolben's para: an unfair
comparison in many ways, given the inequities of comparing an ode with a lyric;
but even beside only the first part of The Wreck of the DeutschlandDolben's poem
seems bloodless and superficial. Hopkins is not 'Another captive free' but a
willing participant in the perpetual pain and restriction which revelation brings
with it in the images of 'lightning and lashed rod.' Hopkins in The Wreck of the
Deutschlandis not ...

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Angus Easson
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... is James Finn Cotter's Inscape: The Christology and Poetry of Gerard Manley
Hopkins (1972). A close examination of Hopkins's theological development in
relation to the Christ of the gospel, in the Church Fathers, and in Scotus, leads
into a detailed reading of the poetry. Cotter, as other studies do, seizes on
Hopkins's undergraduate interest in the early Greek philosopher, Parmenides (
Barnes 1987:40, 129–42), and sees his influence in Hopkins's evolution of the
idea of 'inscape', ...

The Contemplative Poetry Of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Author: Maria R. Lichtmann
Publisher: Princeton University Press
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In this, as in his poetic theory, Hopkins is anti-Romantic, rejecting subjectivity and
personality, and choosing reality in all its concreteness and otherness. The
increased parallelism of ... (Sermons, p. I54). I am soft sift In an hourglass—at the
wall Fast, but mined with a motion, a drift, And it crowds and it combs to the fall; I
steady as a water in a well, to a poise, to a pane, But roped with, always, all the
way down from the tall Fells or flanks of the voel, a vein Of the gospel proffer, a
pressure ...

An Emerging Dictionary For The Gospel And Culture

Author: Leonard E. Hjalmarson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
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... of mindfulness ... a return to genuine practice, right effort ... need for the spirit.
Hang on to the clear light!3 merton was heavily influenced by some great literary
figures, probably the best known of which is Gerard manley Hopkins. merton
loved the poetry of Hopkins and wrote his master's thesis on Hopkins' work. in
Hopkins he found a concept borrowed from Duns scotus, similar to inner
landscape—thingicity, or thingness: inscape is the inner texture of a thing that is
derived uniquely ...

Teach What You Believe

Author: Michael E. Bulson
Publisher: Paulist Press
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M. Nouwen, Donald P. McNeill, and Douglas A. Morrison, Compassion: A
Reflection on the Christian Life (New York: Image Books, Doubleday, 1983).
Homily 7 2.Gerard Manley Hopkins, “God's Grandeur,” in Gerard Manley Hopkins
: A Selection of His Poems and Prose, ed. W. H. Gardner (Baltimore: Penguin
Books, 1953), 27. Homily 8 3.Raymond E. Brown, SS, The Birth of the Messiah (
New York: Doubleday, 1977, 1993), 420. 4. Roberto S. Goizueta, “Resurrection at
Tepeyac: The ...

Gerard Manley Hopkins Selected Poems

Author: John Gilroy
Publisher: Humanities-Ebooks
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Not only did Hopkins's degree seem imperilled by his decision, but also the
whole of his future life and expectations seemed likely to be compromised by his
conversion. As it turned out, however, Balliol College removed its penalisation of
... considered: My conversion is due to the following reasons mainly [...] (i) simple
and strictly drawn arguments partly my own, partly others', (ii) common sense, (iii)
reading the Bible, especially the Holy Gospels, where texts like “Thou art Peter” ...