1992 93 Illinois Law Enforcement Media Resource Center

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Crime scene and forensic data show what bullets do to bodies. DEADLY FORCE
LE 86124 29 min ... FIREARMS, SELF DEFENSE, THE LAW LE 91351 100 min
1990 *VHS Reviews laws defining when a firearm may and may not be used
legally as self defense. Dramatizes an incident demonstrating ... DEATH
PENALTY LE 86127 29 min 1984 *VHS Examines, in debate form, the opposing
points of view (legal, moral and practical issues) on the death penalty. Crime File
Series #7.

Video Sourcebook

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A Guide to Programs Currently Available on Video in the Areas Of: Movies/
entertainment, General Interest/education, Sports/recreation, Fine Arts, Heal
Thomson Gale ... Original "Dragnet" 7 The Original "Dragnet" 8 OthelloA Out in
Fifty Outside the Law The Painted LadyA Pair of Aces Paper Bullets Parole,
Probation, and the Police Partners in Health Care Series Past Perfect Past Tense
Peace Is Our Profession Pendulum Perception of Danger Phoenix P.I. Private
Investigations Piece ...

Buyer S Guide

Author: William White
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... endangered eagles, but police receive no such protection from armor-piercing
bullets. Guns are one of the few products sold in the United States that do not
come under regulating power of a specific federal agency. The debate will end
only when this is corrected. Fairness requires that this book be on the shelf next
to the NRA literature. — John Broderick, Stonehill Coll., North East on, Mass.
Vaksberg, Arkady. The Soviet Mafia: A Shocking Expose of Organized Crime in
the USSR.

Ab Bookman S Weekly

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Buzan. Brain User's Guide Boyd. Gentle Infantryman Brautigan. Revenge of
Lawn; So Wind Brodsky. Memories of Leningrad Brown. I Buried My Heart At
Wounded Buckingham. Bloodlines Burroughs. Microphone: Design & Applic.
Carnegie. ... Houses, Palaces, & Cities Donovan. Tumultuous Years Elliot. Elliot's
Debates . Ency Britannica. Recent edition pref Enfante, G. Three Trapped Tigers
Faulkner. Sound & Fury; Mansion, early ed. Finkel. HT Write a Broadway Musical

Readers Guide To Periodical Literature

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11 N Y Times M p6-7+ Ja 18 '42 CONCORDATS Colombia debates concordat.
Inter Am 2:8-9 Ja '43 Concordat, Rome's bulwark. Romulus. Christian Cent 58:
1607-9 D 24 '41 ... 11 Pop Sci 140:68 Mr '42 Balloon houses designed for
defense workers. 11 Life 11:34-5 D 1 '41 Cape Cod in concrete. 11 plans Bet
Horn & Gard 19:24-5+ Ag '41 ... Science 96:172-4 Ag 21 '42 Tracer bullets of
science. 11 Pop Mech 77: 62-3+ My '42 We need more physicists, por Scl Am
166: 224-6 My '42 ...

Library Journal

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The debate will end only when this is corrected. Fairness requires that this book
be on the shelf next ... Directing their advice to the layperson, they offer a
practical step-by-step plan, beginning with what to do in the "First 30 Days" (e.g.,
move out, handle joint accounts, gather financial facts). Worksheets help in
analyzing assets versus ... PARAPSYCH Atwood has produced a self-help guide
to the Native American spiritual growth process. Each chapter opens with a
vignette describing ...

Scientific And Technical Books And Serials In Print

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(Growing Guide Ser.). (Illus.). 86p. 1986 pap. 9.95x (ISBN 0-88192-064-9).
Timber. Armitage, F. B. Irrigated Forestry in Arid & Semi-Arid Lands: A Synthesis.
160p. (Orig.). 1986 pap, text ed. 12.00 (ISBN 0-88936-432X, IDRC234, IDRC).
UNIPUB. ... (Great Debates in Philosophy Ser). 200p, 1984, 29.95x (ISBN 0. 631-
13212-0), pap. 15.95x (ISBN 0-6311343.3-6). Basil Blackwell. Armstrong, David
A. Bullets & Bureaucrats: The Machine Gun & the United States Army, 1861-1916