The Holy Quran

Author: Koran English Yusuf Ali 2003
Publisher: Goodword Books
ISBN: 9788178981413
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To know this is to hold the key to all the treasures in life: He who possesses this key gains all; he who loses it, loses all.

Arabic Literature To The End Of The Umayyad Period

Author: A. F. L. Beeston
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 131602525X
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Printed at the Rowjees Press, Adoni. Pp. ii, 138, 4. [1929] Sarwar. Translation of
the Holy Qur'ân from the original Arabic textwith critical essays, lifeof Muhammad,
complete summary of contents, by AlHaj HafizGhulam Sarwar.First edition.
Singapore: the author. Pp. cxix,377. ... The Holy Qurān: an interpretation in
English, with the original Arabic text in parallel columns, a running rhythmic
commentary in English, and full explanatory notes. By 'Allama 'Abdullah Yusuf 'Ali
. Lahore: Shaikh ...

English Translation Of The Holy Quran

Author: Maulana Muhammad Ali
Publisher: A.A.I.I.L. (U.K.)
ISBN: 1906109079
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In clarification of certain points, I have consulted not only the 1917 edition of the
Maulana's English translation but also his Urdu translation with extensive
commentary known as Bayan-ul-Quran. I would also mention that in case of
some verses I have ... be somewhat less precise than those which they replace.
Maulana Muhammad Ali had also produced two editions of his translation without
including the Arabic text and with much condensed footnotes, in order to make
available ...

Muhammad Is Not The Father Of Any Of Your Men

Author: David S. Powers
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9780812205572
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Ahmed Ali, S. V. The Holy Qur'an; with English Translation of the Arabic Text and
Commentary According to the Version of the Holy Ahlul-Bait, with Special Notes
from Ayatullah Agha Haji Mirza Mahdi Pooya Yazdi on the Philosophic Aspects of
Some of the Verses. 1928. Karachi: Sterling Printing & Publishing, 1964. 4:12b: [
A]nd if a man or woman leaveth (his property) to be inherited by (not the lineage
but) any side relation and he or she hath a brother or a sister each of these two ...

Centenary Of Maulana Muhammad Ali S English Translation Of The Quran

Author: Zahid Aziz
Publisher: A.A.I.I.L. (U.K.)
ISBN: 1906109656
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As is obvious, this makes the process very elaborate, and has increased the price
of the work; but because the calligraphy of the text will be very handsome, those
readers who know Arabic will be much pleased with Arabic writing all done by
hand. ... B., has prepared, after a labour of about nine years, an English
translation, with necessary notes and commentary, of the Holy Quran, which has
been printed in England and has just come out after unavoidable delays caused
by the war.

The Islamic Quarterly

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Alama's work (PartI–III) was reviewed by no less a person than Pickthal who said
that this translation “is in better English than any previous English translation by
an Indian”. - Allama Yusuf Ali's tendering first came out, as stated above, between
1934 and 1937 under the title: The Holy Quran: an interpretation in English, with
the original Arabic text in parallel columns, a running rhythmic commentary in
English, and full explanatory notes. When the second edition in two volumes was

The Abdullah Yusuf Ali Memorial Lecture

Publisher: The Other Press
ISBN: 9675062193
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21 Exhibition: A journey through English translations of the Qur'an A selection of
titles displayed at the exhibition of English translations of the Qur'an, in
conjunction with the Abdullah Yusuf Ali Memorial Lecture, 14 December 2008. 22
Abdullah Yusuf Ali Memorial Lecture • 2008 23 Exhibition The Koran: Interpreted
Arthur J. Arberry Arberry was a Professor of Arabic at the University of London
and Cambridge. His translation is direct, formal and hits a mid-point between
poetry and ...

Demystifying Islam

Author: Harris Zafar
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442223286
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49. The Holy Quran with English Translation and Commentary, vol. 4 (Islam
International Publications Limited, 1988), 17:24–25, pp. 553–54. 50. Karen
Armstrong, Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet (Harper Collins, 1993), p.
190. 51. Lord Headley, Three Great Prophets of the World: Moses, Jesus and
Muhammad (The Islamic Review, 1923), p. 58. 52. Ronak Husni and Daniel
Newman, Muslim Women in Law and Society: Annotated Translation of al-Tahir
al-Haddad's Imra'tuna ...

The Ahmadiyya Case

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The Maulana has translated the Holy Quran into English, and written a three-
volume Urdu commentary on the Quran as well. The English translation was very
important at that time because, probably, only non-Muslims had translated the
Quran into English up to that time. The Maulana's decision to bring out another
edition of the English translation without the Arabic text is also praise-worthy,
because we consider this to be necessary in translating and spreading the Quran
in other ...

Book Industry In India

Author: Vinod Kumar
Publisher: New Delhi : Federation of Publishers & Booksellers Associations in India
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Quranic Advices— Arabic text with translation in English by Mar- maduke
Pickthall and Urdu translation by Maulana Fateh Mohammad Jallendhri 10.00 2.
The Renaissance of Islam by Adam Me/, ... The Hedaya — (Commentary on the
Islamic Laws) translated into English by Charles Hamilton 150.00 5. Cultural Side
of Islam by Muhammad ... The Holy QuranEnglish translation with
Commentary, Notes and full Arabic text by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. 3 Vols. set In Press
2. Mishkat-UI ...